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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese Muslims Mosques in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I refer to the recent denial by the Malaysian Government to allow the Malaysian Chinese Muslim community to build their own masjids.

I don't see why having mosques that cater to the Chinese Muslims in Malaysia is gonna be such a bloody problem for the 'Islam Hadhari' Government of Malaysia?

What are they scared of ? They have nothing to fear from the Chinese Muslims here.

For all I know, it's high time that we have such mosques that will enable the Malaysian Chinese Muslims to listen to the Friday Khutbah's in Mandarin.

The growing number of Chinese Muslims in Malaysia warrants the building of such mosques in every major city and town of this country.

Islam does not belong just to the Malays in Malaysia. Islam belongs to everyone who believes in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. It is not fair to restrict the building of Mosques in Malaysia catering just to the Malays, Indians and Benggali's.

In fact, the Chinese embraced Islam almost a thousand years before the Malaccan Sultanate! This is not a case of who became Muslims first but being fair to the Malaysian Chinese Muslims to be able to practice their faith and maintain their ancient Chinese cultural heritage.

Islam does not ask its followers to lose their own ethnic cultures. Anyone can be a Muslim yet hold on to their own cultural heritage and lineage. A Chinese or Indian does not have to 'masuk Melayu' to be a Muslim.

Those who embrace Islam need only not continue any practices that are contrary to the Aqeedah of Islam. Cultural practices that are not wrong from the Islamic faith are allowed to be continued and practiced by the Muslims.

If the authorities want to be seen as being fair to all Malaysians and that they truly practice what they have been preaching that Freedom of Religion exists here in Malaysia, then please do not sideline the Chinese Muslims here in Malaysia.

I for one hope to see the day when RTM will broadcast alternative Friday Prayers in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, Urdu and also in English from major mosques around the country.

Do not just use Masjid Negara or any of the other large mosques in the Klang Valley to broadcast the Khutbah Jumaat every Friday.

We have major mosques in the nation. Alternate between these mosques and allow the Khutbah's to be read in all major languages of this nation.

Let's have Chinese Mosques in the nation! I support Ustaz Haji Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's call a 100%!

The BN Government needs to listen to the people's wishes and needs if they are really sincere to all and will allocate and support the building of such mosques.

All the talk of muhibbah and cultural assimilation comes to nothing when all they do is just spew rhetoric at functions and public events. Walk the talk lah BN!

1 comment:

abuzuhri said...

Salam and thanks br zainol for supporting and understand our chinese muslim causes deep from a pure well spring of anak nusantara. If anyone who had visited the hui muslims in china will come back totally changed and refreshed, how deep our prejudices when seeing mandarin characters, colors of red, mosques looks like china old temples etc, but they are like garden within gardens !
Welcome to my new chinese muslim teahut at and sip a hot chinese tea with biscuits of zen koans, tao, rumi , master Izi and chuang tzu encounters.
Cai jian.