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Monday, February 12, 2007


Now, this is definitely an event not to be missed!

All you PAS haters and 'Cross my dead body' if you want to set up an Islamic state in Malaysia' slogan shouters best go book your seats at the telephone number given in this announcement.

Just click the picture here and it will come out in a larger view so you can see clearer!

Wonder if Karpal Singh will be able to make it to this 'dialogue'?'s been quite a while since we saw action at the Century Paradise Club after the last outing by Tun Dr.Mahathir. Hope he's feeling better now and will be in great shape and able to attend this latest 'dialogue' organised by none other than the main man, YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Raja, are you still sporting the 'Megat Komeng' look? I think it looks nice on ya!

At least if you get into a scuffle with any of the UTK fellows, they can't grab your head for lack of hair!!! Being free from hair has it's advantages too, eh?

Okay, so, I have registered my place at the Dialogue with the Organisers. Blogging 'kaki's' would do best to book your seat in advance for I can guarantee you that the place will be stuffed like sardines!

You need to arrive as early as 2.00pm to get parking space for your car at the Century Paradise Club failing which be prepared to park on the roadsides and walk a few hundred metres to reach the club!

I look forward to this event. Maybe we can liven it up by asking a few choice questions to the PAS bigwigs and also to the other Opposition taikors such as Lim Kit Siang and party whom I'm sure would turn up in full force!

Maybe Anwar Ibrahim might be there too, who knows?

Then the public can blast away at the 'Alternative Front' and ask them whether they have it in them to take over the Malaysian Government or is it going to be another round of empty rhetoric and a show of brimstones and hot ash spewing about for an hour or two and then all settles down as useless after effects of the haze that has set in Malaysian politics for nearly 5 decades?

We'll find out the coming Saturday, 3rd of March, 2007, won't we?

Well done Raja Petra! As usual , you always have an ace up your sleeve, so to speak!

Raja Petra for PM! Now, that would be the day!!! Hehehehehehe....

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