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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Uptrend Business Builders - Being the best U can be!

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims reading this and Greetings to all others. May Allah the Most Merciful grant us our needs provided we work for them. Ameen.

I sincerely hope that you are in the best of health and God willing, on your way towards achieving financial freedom. If you remain complacent and leave your life to chance, chances are you will be just as you are right now. Nothing will change in your life, believe me. I know it.

Things might even take a turn for the worse. Can you afford to face the scenario of being not only down but out? I know I can't let things be. I know I can and I am making things happen for me.

Alhamdulillah, after joining Uptrend, I now have a proven to be true, reliable source of making continuous good income and have started to pay my bills, one by one. Eventually, I will be free from my financial problems in about a few more months.

Those who are facing problems keeping up with paying your bills as many others around us, must seriously do something extra now to change your situation.

To me, who has been working since 1978, and have practically spent my entire working life , enriching my past employers now have discovered a brilliant way out for me from my financial dilemna's.

Working for a salary and then barely scraping by after paying the ever present and almost unstoppable piling up of bills at the end of every month through the years, really makes me yearn for the day when I'd have so much income coming in that I might even be able to pre pay my bills in advance and be able to live life as I have always dreamed of.

Now, I believe I can do just that by building up my business networks in Uptrend Network.
In just 2 months time, I have now managed to have 41 business partners in my Team ZAINKING and have 132 registered business networks in my team.!

With every new business registration which I personally sign up, Uptrend pays me Introducer bonuses and when my team signs up their business partners, I too get paid by the company for every pairing of business that takes place in my account in the form of Business Pairing Bonuses.
I have also been paid from the Plan B monthly income bonuses and also redeemed quality Health supplements from the points that my business has accumulated.

I have redeemed a pack of Trimm Up for my spouse, a bottle of MUDA for us, an anti ageing health supplement and a bottle of OMEGA chewables for us , for the brain and which has in fact quite improved my vision.

I can see clearly without having to rely on my glasses for farsightedness. When I drive, I can do so with comfort without having to wear my glasses. Alhamdulillah.

This business has rewarded me with coming into contact with very good success oriented dynamic individuals such as my Grand Upline Multi Millionaire Master Ahmad Amiruddin Mohamad, Master Norhaidi bin Nordin and other key leaders of Uptrend such as the ever positive Tuan Haji Roshdi Sabdin, Uptrend # 1 Millionaire Nor Azmi, Hj Shahairy Amir, Benjamin, etc.

My business team also has wonderful people and many are doing what they need to in order to be the millionaires they aim to be.

Some are as usual caught up with their daily tasks and at times get so engrossed with their schedules that building their business gets a bit too much for them to handle.

The realities are that if they want to achieve financial freedom, they have no other choice but to focus on their business buildings.

There are no two ways about it. If you do not go and speak / present this business opportunity to others, none will come sign up under you and your dreams will remain just that. Lala land.

I am here to help those who want to help themselves. We can do anything we want if we set our hearts and minds to achieving it.

All the monumental achievements of mankind over time weren't achieved or came to be built by just dreaming about it. The blood, sweat and tears that were shed by the people before us are the core ingredients that went into building all there is today before us in this life.

The realities of needing to have money is not something to be 'pooh pooh'ed' away by any sane individual in this life.

Humanbeings need to work and earn income to pay for all that we need and desire. Just empty talk without concrete affirmative and correct actions on our part will not put food on our plates and feed our hungry stomachs.

We need cold hard cash or the swipable plastic cards that have the bucks in our accounts to pay for all our needs. No money ; no honey!
A classic phrase that rings a bell to all around the world!

No matter what, we need to have money to pay for our basic necessities and also to indulge in whatever we fancy on luxuries if we can afford them.

Who wouldn't want to lay back and relax on a comfortable lounge deckchair by the crystal clear blue waters of a swimming pool, under the shade of a pool umbrella, sipping a refreshing tall cool glass of fresh orange juice, watching our loved ones enjoying themselves, playing in the pool, safe and secure in our own bungalows and mansions, living life as best as we can ever enjoy?

All that can only be achieved by sheer hard but smart work by becoming rich and wealthy.

Religious obligations can be carried out with a more contented and grateful heart and soul of a successful, rich, wealthy businessman or woman, and be able to focus on our prayers and amals.

To launch your own successful journey towards a world of fantastic opportunities and abundance that is available to those who work for it, come contact me at 6-016-3969881 or visit my website to find out how you too can be amongst the leaders of Uptrend Network which is expanding internationally by the day as we speak?

Click on the card to see it clearer in a new window. Call / sms me to learn more.
Life can be great if we do something positive and correctly by grabbing opportunities as they come our ways and to me , this Uptrend business is definitely just that!

The thing is that to be successful in Uptrend, you must sign up under the right leader and many, many people out there who are Uptrenders themselves are now contacting me and asking to be transferred to my dynamic kick ass growing team ZAINKING!

Tch tch tch...A bit too late, eh? But still, there are ways to do just that. Will share with you in person.

To those who want to join me, come get in contact with me by phone, sms or make an appointment. I am here to help show you the how's, explain to you the why's and show you the ways to success.

This is Zainol Abideen and I am the Leader of Team ZAINKING! Join me to make money!

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