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Monday, March 26, 2007

Are you ambitious? Join me in Uptrend Networks!

Click on the banner above to view a dynamic Flash presentation of this Uptrend business!

Lately, many people have been contacting me to find out more about Uptrend Networks.

My mobile phone inbox needs to be cleared every now and then due to the incoming SMS's asking me about how to join the business? How to start the business?

How to make the extra bucks that I have been talking about in my blog here and over at my ZAINKING blog in Malay?

So, I have decided to share it here so that those who are keen in making those extra ringgits or US Dollars ( Uptrend pays us in USD as it is an international company established here in Malaysia but now having branches in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, India, Pakistan and in the USA (Nevada).

First and foremost, you need to sign up as a member with Uptrend. You need to have a sponsor.

The one time Lifetime membership fee is just US$10.00 @ RM38.00

You then choose the package that fits your budget.

The packages here are inclusive of the Lifetime membership fees so if you sign up for the RM456 package, that means you already have paid for the lifetime fee.

Having paid for the Global Business Entrepreneur membership entitles you to own your online Virtual Products Package.

That Virtual Products Package is your own online virtual office where you can run the business from the comfort of your home or office or be mobile from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

The more packages you own will open up more sources of income for you. Just like a Franchise business but unlike franchise businesses which costs you constant capital outlaying, with Uptrend , you only come up with the initial capital payments once.

After you have successfully recouped your investment capital, the future payments coming into your accounts are all pure profit from your product packages sales.

These are the bonus statements of one of our top leaders in this business. I have removed details of his address and phone number for reasons of his personal safety.

This is an example of how he has built up his business networks to such a stage where he is now earning a daily income that most people can just dream of. Just imagine your name appearing there instead of his. It can be a reality if you too join me in this business.

The opportunities are all here. It is we who decide which package we want to start our journey to financial success with?

Those who sign up for more than the Bronze package will get Physical Uptrend Health Supplement Products that you can choose at the time of your registration.

We who have been in this business for a few months now can vouch for the efficiency of the products.

We do not just speak about our products, we are consumers too and as such can testify as to their effectiveness.

I have been taking the Omega Chewables tablets and have got a better vision since taking them. My eyesight has improved and I feel more energetic too. You can find out for yourself the healing qualities of all other Uptrend supplements when you purchase the Product Packages.

Once you are properly registered by your Introducer Upline, you can then start your business networking by introducing it to others.

I have seen with my own eyes how Uptrend has and is improving the quality of life for so many Uptrenders who are building up their business networks and how their commitment is rewarding them with more daily and monthly income and how top leaders like Cikgu Amiruddin and Cikgu Norhaidi are enjoying a better lifestyle due to their focus and perseverance in Uptrend Networks!

I am going for Platinums and will stay focused to get what I want for myself and for my team members who do their part in reaching for and achieve our goals and dreams in this life!

Come join me today by calling or sms'g me at 016-3969881! We can be millionaires in Uptrend! All we have to do is to let other's know about Uptrend!

To know more about the details of the business, do make an appointment with me or email me. Where there's a will, there'll definitely be a way! Our way!

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