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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Behold! We are fast turning into a Fatwa Spewing Nation

It's bound to happen!

This nation is now being inundated by Fatwa spewing Maulana's and Know it All's. the way ; this has nothing to do with the 'Islam Hadhari' Mullah's in government!

I have been following the hullabaloo of the ferocity of the fatwa spewing know it all's with a concern for these 'sin free' Masters of Islamic Jurisprudence are sort of distressing those of us who are in the E-Commerce business.

One chap comes up with his own interpretation of the laws about doing business like this ; another fellow will counter propose with another law of his own.

The reality is that all these fellows are speaking out of their own individual perceptions of what is halal ; what is haram and what is in between.

All these recent focus on the legality of businesses being done using the internet as a medium is really a lame excuse for them to garner focus and popularity through creating a controversy for these chaps are truly afflicted with a severe case of verbal diarrhea and egoistic tendencies of wanting to show that they know better than the rest of the world.

You know that I am just stating the obvious! I am not uttering 'fitnah' upon them. Plain facts!

The irony is that the Fatwa Spewing 'Scholar's fail to address worse cases of Sin that are being committed right before their very eyes! Not one true blue standing up to all these cases :
  • Adultery @ Zina ,
  • Incest,
  • Rapes,
  • Molestations,
  • Widespread Fornication amongst the Malay Muslims,
  • Transvestites,
  • Homosexual Activities,
  • Lesbian and 'Pengkid' Activities,
  • Illegitimate Children being born to the Malay Muslims,
  • Drug Abuse,
  • Alcoholism,
  • Breakdown of the Family Institution,
  • Gambling amongst the Malays,
  • Widespread Corruption,
  • Criminal Breach of Public Trusts,
  • Outright Abuses of the Citizens Rights and Privileges,
  • Injustice,
  • Transgressions against Fundamental Practices and Aqeedah of the Muslims,
  • Deviant Practices,
  • Blasphemy against Allah and the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.
  • Murtad @ Apostasy,
  • Atheism,
  • and all other kinds of worse sins are all happening before these fully credentialed 'sin free' scholars WHO FAIL TO SPEAK UP AND ADDRESS ALL THESE BLATANT SINS BEFORE THEM!!!

These nutcases go after those trying to make a honest living amidst all these sufferings and challenges facing us and these useless crackpots try to come across as the 'Champions of Islam' when they are nothing but just hypocrites of the highest order!!!!

Are these jokers gonna be coming to pay our bills? Are they going to settle our dues?

Where the bloody hell were these idiots when we were facing dire straits due to our poverty and helpless situations?

They can go take a flying leap into whichever sewer befits them! The nation's full of them!

I for one don't give a rat's ass about these idiots who are just spewing rhetoric to gain attention from the media.

I don't care when they speak about this internet based business or that internet based business that doesn't have any products for sale or try to make money out of other people's money in an unjust way but if these bozos try to make unlawful of what is lawful before God Almighty, then just wait for a full frontal assault as best as I can muster!!!

I have been patient with these idiots far too long to just watch silently as they spew nonsense after nonsense day after stressful day!

These chaps are just asking for it! Wallahi wabillahi! I will be up in arms! Enough is enough!

That's a promise that you can take to the bank!!!

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