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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fuel Up before you head up the Fraser Hill!

I forgot to post this reminder to those of you who are heading up Fraser Hill for the first time.

There are no fuel stations at Fraser Hill . Not one. When I drove up Fraser Hill last month, I didn't know that.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I found out that the only sources for fuel there was a sundry shop by the name of SM Store just a few metres away from the Fraser Hill Police Station and another restaurant nearby.

Another shocker was the price per litre that the old lady was charging?

Yup, there were riots and protests over the 30 sens per litre fuel price increase a year ago but folks at Fraser Hill have to fork out RM2.80 per litre if they want to buy fuel at SM Store!

You have no options but to fuel up if you wanna drive down home. So, be warned! Fuel up before heading up the hills! Have a safe trip people! I would advise you to keep spare petrol with you.


Camelia said...

Dear Blogger,

I have been to Fraser's Hill too.
I too bought the fuel from the same shop that you mentioned.

At my perspective of view, the old lady and the shop have saved my family. Without them, me and my family would have been in great trouble.

It is my mistake for not checking or finding out about the destination earlier that we are heading to.

Me, my spouse, 2 yr old daughter and 6 mths old son was stranded that evening, almost towards prayer time. The fuel meter was at E. It was too late to find out that there was no fuel kiosk in Fraser's. The nearest station is at 40KM.

Luckly after finding out from the folks there, we reached the small sundry shop that is run by this old couple. They were very kind to spare their own limited fuel storage which is meant for thier own use. The old lady explained that, it is just a little extra that they do to help people like my family.

For us, the fuel is pricess and the lesson that we learned got a price to pay.

I would have faced the following without their help:
1. Fork out additional money for hotel stay, approx RM200-300 per night.
2. My young hungry children already run out of food/formula supply that I brought, no extra change of clothes, diapers, etc. These things too not available in Fraser's.
3. To pay someone more to purchase the fuel at even higher price together with the labour charge after spending another day there.

Do not put the price on the scale to people who helped us is nothing compared to the trouble that you have to face or even a lost.

Till today, I never forget the shop and the old lady's help. When ever I visit Fraser's, I do make a point to visit them and give them the business.

As a person who prays, do look at things in the positive way and do charity, regardless in any form.

White Pegion.

MAHAGURU58 said...

I see your point White Pigeon. I concur with your views and accept your argument.

It is as you say. If not for them, you'd have to end up either sleeping in your car, pay for another night's accommodation, etc.

What's an extra ringgit per litre to us travellers?

No worries mate.

It is our responsibility to be prepared and fuel up plus carry spare fuel if we are to drive up Fraser's Hill?

All the best to you. :)