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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jering Tree right smack in Bandar Tun Razak, KL

Imagine my delight seeing a 'Jering Tree' right in the middle of Bandar Tun Razak.

The tree also had some bunches of ripe 'Jering' hanging around waiting for some adventurous types to go pluck them.

I always feel great watching such trees growing well and the trees being healthy and allowed to be where they are, unmolested by itchy hands ready to chop down trees at a minute's notice.

I love trees. The more trees there are around me , the happier I get.

What I would love to see is to have more fruit trees planted in suburbs and parks.

All along the roadsides, we see non fruiting trees being planted by the city authorities.

I mean to ask? What's the point of planting such trees which are of the non fruiting type?

Wouldn't it be better if the DBKL could plant , let's say rambutan trees, durian trees, mangoes, guavas, etcetera in the public parks?
Remember the story of Johnny Appleseed in America? I don't know whether that story is about a real person or just a fable?

But I like the context of that story. A man walking along the roads of America and planting an apple seed every few meters as he traveled along. The seeds he planted were said to have grown into big apple trees that gave endless delight and ripe delicious apples to the masses.

I'd love to do something just like that. Maybe I'd go around planting rambutan seeds hoping that they might grow and bring many of my fellow citizens years from now, much pleasure and delight in eating delicious, red 'longkah' rambutans during fruit season.

Back to reality, I would like to express my thanks to DBKL for letting that Jering Tree grow in Bandar Tun Razak.

Thank you for not chopping down that tree unlike the ones along the road in front of the shophouses.

I know that the trees were sort of too tall and maybe endanger the pedestrians if their branches were to snap off and fall on them.

The thing I feel is that maybe they could have just be trimmed off and not chopped away altogether.

Those trees were sucking in all the harmful carbon monoxide in the atmosphere around there and giving us precious life giving oxygen that we all inhale without realising it.

Now, they are gone. chopped up and carted away to God knows where. Sigh.....