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Thursday, March 15, 2007

My First Google Adsense Cheque Arrives!

My first Google Adsense Cheque was in our mailbox this evening after coming home from our dinner at Ampang Point!

Alhamdulillah! I really appreciate this extra funds coming in to help me out with some of my bills.

It might not be as much as what 'pro bloggers' out there are earning but to me it is good enough! In these times, whatever extra cash comes our way the halal way is really very helpful.

Thank you Google Adsense! You've made my day! May such cheques keep coming !InsyaAllah!


thegoz said...

Hahaha... u must feel really awesome right? I wonder when I'll make money through blogging. Congratulations...!

earl-ku said...

cool, this month's check is kinda late ... usually arrives on thr 4 - 5th ...

hmmm another 20 days to process it ... where u banking it in? i recommend CIMB, cheapest processing fees ...

LcF said...

Congrats! I recommend EVERY Malaysians who received their first AdSense cheque(or U.S cheque) read my post about local banks charges.

Personally, I use CIMB. Only RM10 for cheque less than USD1000

mahaguru58 said...

Thank you brothers!

thegoz, earlku and lcf!

Really appreciate all the tips!

lcf, I was wondering about that really! Thanks for letting me know that I can bank in the cheques to CIMB and not just to CITIBANK!

I have a savings account with CIMB! Alhamdulillah.

Have to learn more tips from you my man!

Xie xie nee!