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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Secret to being well and surviving chaos in this life.

'Assalamualaikum'. This phrase means 'Peace be upon you!'.

Beautiful way of greeting someone, won't you agree?

This is the form of greeting that we greet each other as Muslims. Wishing someone to be at peace with him or herself is such a pleasant manner of expression and is in fact a prayer.

A prayer that if uttered in sincerity will be granted by Our Maker, Allah, God Most Supreme, Most High. If you meet someone who is a Muslim, please greet the person sincerely. Do not just say your salaams as a form of customary social habit.

Do know that; that salaam is the very same salaam, put to practice by all of Allah's Prophets and Messengers and even used by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to greet His Beloved and Greatest Final Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam when the Chosen Prophet was in audience before Allah Azza Wa Jalla in the Israq and Mikraj.

'Assalamu alaika aiyuhan nabiyyu warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!' meaning ' Peace be upon you O Prophet with the Mercy of Allah and His Baraqah!'

Hence , the need for us to know not to take the salaam in vain. We must also know not to take this life that God has given us in vain. We wouldn't be here if our existence is by a fluke!

Each and every one of us is uniquely created by God and given our special unique abilities or appearance no matter whether we are created as beautiful as a perfect specimen of being a human male or female.

We are all special in our own certain way but the way we think of ourselves is what we allow ourselves to believe and come to learn of our qualities.

We are who or what we think ourselves to be. This is a process of self realization. Some are driven to believe that they are not perfect and they try to go solve that problem by applying all kinds of treatment or to the extreme of cosmetic surgery.

That is the physical aspect of this wanting to be 'beautiful' or 'handsome' externally.

The most important aspect of wellbeing however lies in the mental department of oneself.

Many out there today suffer from a severe case of self denial or self depreciating thoughts.

Too many of us today waste precious hours and days of our temporary life's here on Earth worrying about what so and so thinks of us?

What good does that do us? What is the point of worrying about what A , B or C thinks of us when we really need to ponder on what we need to do in order to living this life well and be as best as we can be!

Be at peace with yourself. Remember that yesterday is past and gone but tomorrow can be what you make it to be.

So what if you are back to square one in life ? Life can now be what you decide it to be.

I lost all that I had when I had to divorce my ex. I lost my kids . I lost every sen that I had when I divorced in 2001 at the age of 42.

God gave me a better spouse to live the rest of my life with and 5 years down the road, I am so grateful to have her still and succeed in life with her I will!

I decide whether I want to be gloomy or cheerful as I can be. I call the shots. I decide.

With Allah's full permission, I can be the best leader that I can be , both for myself, my family and my team!

It's all up to me to be what I want to be. All I need to do is :
  • Take control of my own luck
  • Keep the right company
  • Discipline myself
  • Get rid of my failures
  • Motivate myself by motivating others
  • Listen to good advice when it is given...especially by my wife! :)
She has been my guiding angel. At times I get so pissed off by certain things or people who shoot off their mouths speaking as if they are so holy moly, I just wanna go wring their necks and kick them in their balls...but my gentle wife always soothes the savage raging temper in me with her soothing always cools me down...but still I seethe inside....taking care not to alarm her and let her know that, as the ancient Malay parable goes .....

" Ular menyusur akar ; takkan hilang bisanya " meaning ' a slithering snake going by the roots will not lose it's venom'.

As a man, I have it in me to kick ass when needed to but in these times one does not have to go primitive unnecessarily....unless the circumstances call for it!

Last time I had to kick ass was way back in 1988 for which two thugs ended up with injuries needing stitches and me having to attend court on and off for 7 years.

Found to be just defending myself and acquitted without being discharged. To me it was all survival. Was either them or me. Prefer it to be them! Hehehehehe....

Back to my topic. Be good to yourself and forget about impressing others. Be well ; live happy!

" If they gave a reward for finding faults, some people would get rich quick! "

Live your life well and stop to smell the flowers and taste the sweetness of honey by being with good quality people and join me in making money!

Hehehehehehe...couldn't resist that ! It rhymes .... the honey and money ....:D

Have a nice day folks. We all need it.


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