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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sg Pangsoon at Hulu Langat, a pleasure to visit

After having lunch at a kampong Malay traditional food stall today at Hulu Langat, we proceeded to drive on to the rural areas of the hinterland till we reached Sg Pangsoon, an Orang Asli reservation area.

The river is still in its pristine state and the water is till clear and clean. I pray that the river will be left unpolluted and other rivers in the country which have been disturbed and unscrupulous parties have destroyed the environment, they will realize their mistakes and try remedy the situation.

We all drink water from the piped water to our homes but we fail to realize that the water is supplied from the riverine sources.

When the rivers are polluted and the sources destroyed, where else are we going to get clean water from?

Love our rivers. It is the source of our livelihood. May our rivers be always there for us. Amin.