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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ulu Yam Rivers and Fraser Hill forests are being heavily polluted!

This is the sorry state of the Ulu Yam River in Hulu Selangor.

Untreated rubbish and all kinds of stuff are dumped into the river through the open drains.

At the rate this pollution is being let to destroy the ecology of the river system there, I dare say that the river will soon be a foul stinking open sewer within the next few years.

The local authorities of the country are the ones who are responsible over the preservation of our nation's environment and who have been neglecting all the rivers and water sources of this once beautiful and pristine peninsular that was the 'Golden Chersonese' to many travellers and seafarers who stopped by our once crystal clear rivers to get their water supplies.

Sadly, not that many of our rivers are safe to drink straight up without being treated in the first place. Click onto the picture here and see for yourself the extent of the pollution that is killing our river systems as a result of indiscriminate dumping of garbage by stupid Malaysians!

Yeah, let me repeat it ! MALAYSIANS IN GENERAL ARE BLOODY STUPID when it comes to knowing how to dispose off their garbage!

Most Malaysians do not teach their children basic civic etiquettes of how to care for the environment. They do not set good examples to their children because they themselves would not think twice about dumping their waste materials here and there as they please.

If you try to advice them, they'd either give you a dirty look or challenge you to do something about it! Sheesh!

Even educated parents let their offspring just chuck their waste onto the floors of restaurants, shopping malls, the nation's highways as they speed along without a care as to what happens to the trash they leave behind!

As we drove down from Frasers Hill, we saw a whole hillslope covered with garbage and a Majlis Perbandaran Raub garbage dumpster unloading more garbage down the slopes of a hill there!

What kind of garbage disposal methods is being carried out by the local council?

Is the Ministry of Environment full of sleeping idiots who do not bother to go stop these irresponsible destruction of our nation's forests and pollution of the supposedly protected forest reserves?

I believe Karam Singh Walia is the right person for me to notify about this atrocious acts by the polluters from the Majlis Perbandaran Raub Rubbish Disposal Department!

As usual, he is the only guy who gets the message across to the numbskulls warming their seats in all the local city councils until they get prodded in their fat asses by the exposes by Karam Singh Walia of TV3!


Friend from Texas said...

Yeah man...the damage is really bad. I still remember the rape of Frasier's Hill more than a decade ago that ruined a pristine waterfall, thanks to a golf course!

Sad to hear that both these places are now being turned into local rubbish dumps.

Anyways, glad to see all the progress you've been making with your business. Your hard work, I'm sure by now, is already beginning to pay off! Congrats man!

p.s. is that a "prosperity belly" I see in the KKB pic down below? heh heh!

mahaguru58 said...


That belly has always been so as long as I can remember.

Tis the result of gorging on to the pipe water at my school when I was studying in Jelutong English School from 1965 to 1970!

Most of the other kids had money to go breakfast at the canteen.

Enterprising budak kampong like me who didn't get more than 10 sens pocket money to spend at the school canteen used to sneak to the stand pipe that the gardener used to water the flower garden and drink to my heart's content from the pipe straight up!

Hence the 'prosperity belly'!

I used to be teased by my wealthier schoolmates as Zainol 'PaipsiCola'

Paip Besi Sekolah!

The resulting pot belly is somewhat permanently reminding me of my hard life back then.

Anyway, the piped water back then was cleaner and being in Penang, the water back then was among the tastiest in the nation.

Can't guarantee that it is still the same , what with the stupid State Government under Koh Tsu Koon just letting the island go to ruin!

Friend from Texas said...

Ah yes...I forget that you were a Penangite until relatively recent times. Hell, if I was a Penangite, given all that tasty variety of food, I will now be having a belly the size of Ayers Rock!

Well, looks like we have a love for nature in common!

Anyways, not sure if you've checked this out before, but if you do get a chance (and if they haven't been wiped out by development), do visit the firefly sanctuary in Kuala Selangor. I was fortunate enough to make a trip there many years ago and it was one of the most beautiful sights ever. The boatman who took us upstream kept reminding me that what I am witnessing is only a fraction of what used to be...many fireflies were dying from development. Not sure how those poor insects have fared with Mr. Toyo racing to make Selangor a "developed" state.

Also do check out Janda Baik...its close to the border of Selangor and Pahang. Nice place to just spend the afternoons relaxing by a cooling stream and river. Very clean. Went there about 4 years ago and not a speck of rubbish or development in sight.

Well take care. And enjoy your adventures in nature. Man (and woman) can't live on fumes of the big city alone ; p