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Sunday, April 08, 2007

3 Major Sins of a Muslim that has the Death Penalty.

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Narrated Aisha (Radhiallahu 'Anha) May Allah's Mercy be upon her;

Allah's Messenger Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam said:

"A Muslim may lawfully be killed only for one of three behaviours :
  1. A married man (or woman) who commits fornication, in which case he (or she) should be stoned to death;
  2. A man (or woman) who kills a Muslim deliberately, for which he (or she) should be killed;
  3. A man (or woman) who apostatizes from Islam and fights with Allah and His Messenger, in which case he (or she) should be killed, or crucified or banished from the land.
Reported by Abu Daud and An Nasa'i. Al-Hakim graded this hadith as Sahih (sound).

It is not permissible to kill someone who just once pronounces the Testimony of Faith.

A married adulterer, murderer and an apostate are however exceptions.

One Hadith states that it is permissible to kill someone in self defense in case he or she attacks somebody with the intention of life-taking.

This is the fourth one within the category of exceptions.

The words 'life' against 'life' which are mentioned in this Hadith clearly demonstrate that it is permissible and fair to kill (in retaliation) a man against a woman, a free man against a slave and a believer against a non-believer.

Even though there is a difference of opinions concerning this, the same sounds proper.

So those who say that Malaysia is an Islamic State, should wake up to the reality that there has yet to be anyone criminal guilty of all those crimes , being ever judged according to the Qur'an or the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet and be put to death as the crime merits.

Malaysia has never seen the Hudud Laws ever be practiced by the 'Shari'ah Courts' of this land at any one time since Independence.

The newspapers and the courts all hold proof of so many hundreds of thousands if not millions of such cases being judged according to the whims and fancies of the clearly going against the Will of Allah and the Hadiths of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam 'Syari'ah judges holding the gavels and punitively 'punishing' Adulterers, Rapists, Incestors, Molesters, Murderers, Robbers, Vicious Criminals and Apostates in this land.

So, till the Laws of God are actually being upheld and implemented by our 'Justice' systems, those in the MCCBCHST who are creating a whole ruckus out there ought to hold their horses and realise that the 'Syari'ah Courts of Malaysia' are only a lame version of what God actually prescribes to deal with the rising spate of such vicious crimes in Malaysia over the years.

Ponder on it.

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