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Sunday, April 15, 2007

By Elections in Malaysia - A Blessing in Disguise!

Well, the Machap By Election has already been won by the BN and the voters there have benefited from the instant developments and upgrading of the public amenities and infrastructures that were carried out by the BN Government's awesome machinery there.

Roads have been retarred, streetlights put up and working, drains and other infrastructures repaired, a park has been created and completed in a record time and many other promises made by the BN to the Machap constituents.

The DAP did not lose their deposit and managed to reduce the BN's majority in the votes garnered from the people even after bringing in Anwar Ibrahim to rouse up the election fever there.
A tactic that did not work out well for them as they wished.

Call it trying to galvanise the voters there to vote for them but the DAP will never learn that it's not that bloody easy to change the voters mindset overnight by bringing in just anybody whom they think might have 'star power'.

Bringing in those who don't have the means to affect change in any of those voters life's practically in the real life is just a poor attempt to do a quick fix there in the life of the Machap constituents.

Anyway, even if they do get to win that seat, does it change anything for the people of Machap? I don't think so.

Sure, the crowds jammed up the streets of Machap to see and hear Malaysia's icon for reform, the ex Deputy Premier of this nation during Dr.Mahathir's time, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim speak and spark fire and brimstones for that night but all the shoutings of his name and punching the air with their fists didn't transform into votes the next day to defeat the Barisan Nasional candidate in the polls!

So, the Opposition can't really rely on such shows of 'support' and enthusiasm exhibited by the Chinese masses despite all their gung ho and kick ass 'Chinese Opera' display!

The reality is that these by elections that take place after any Member of Parliament or State Assemblyman or woman dies, the people of the particular Parliamentary Seat or State Assembly constituency do get instant benefits in the form of the ruling party's sense of urgency in holding on to that area's political representation in the National Parliament or State Assembly.

Machap has already tasted some sense of being in the national limelight and got to be the BN's golden child for a while with the BN's top leadership save for Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi turning up in person to hug and kiss the cheeks of the area's babies or warmly handshake anyone who happens to be a voter there.

Now, the focus is going to be upon Ijok, Selangor where another by election is going to be held there on April 28 this same month following the death of Datuk K.Sivalingam, the BN incumbent from the MIC in Chennai, India recently.

So, Ijok residents, get yourselves ready to be feasted and toasted by the BN top politicians from now till the end of the month.

Get your wishlists updated and present them to your VIP visitors who will be camping there with you soon.

Be ready to travel on smoothly tarred roads, see better at night when all streetlights are put up and your drainage problems get rectified overnight by our boys from the Public Works Ministry and all other BN Government machinery who have now got orders from Putrajaya to see to it that Ijok remains in the hands of the Barisan Nasional.

As I said before, if things are to be , looks like it calls for these by elections to take place and the passing away of the incumbent Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen or women, no matter if they be from the BN or the Opposition.

I wonder if there are out there people who are praying for their area's MP's or SA's to drop dead soon so that they too will get to see development and progress take place at their respective constituencies? Hehehehehe....only God knows!

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