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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ijok By Election -Be prepared to dodge and duck!

The Opposition best be prepared to nurse bruises, suffer concussions and return from Ijok with scars as their trophy after running into the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional mobsters in leadership by example.

From the manner by which the N11 Ijok By Election is being carried out by the present government, I can just pray that blood will not be shed and life's lost because of the frantic desperation being showed by a ruthless gang headed by the likes of this 'champion' of the BN!

The terror being backed by the UMNO Goon Squad have already launched their bash them up campaign by assaulting the entourage of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate, Tan Sri Datuk Khalid Ibrahim at the 8th Mile, Kg Ijok, 3.00pm today !

A blogger cum journalist and friend of Jeff Ooi suffered broken spectacles and lacerations close to his eye when a mineral water bottle was smashed into his face through the open car window thrown by an UMNO Youth as reported by Jeff Ooi!

This rising tension and violent behavior spells mayhem and tragedy due to erupt into a devastating free for all if not nipped in the bud by this nation's police force and security forces!

Does Abdullah Ahmad Badawi want bloodshed to take place in Ijok by not issuing stern orders to all taking part in the By Election at Ijok to exercise restraint and behave themselves?

Why is he being silent on this matter even though he's in Namibia at the moment?

Surely he can make a statement to the media there and have it broadcasted over the main TV stations here?

I know that the Opposition members are not made up of sissies as most Keadilan members are made up of ex Umno tough guys themselves. It just takes something to trigger their equal responses. Don't you push them too far! They might just smash you back!

The thing is how much more can they take before they lose their patience and return what has been hurled and smashed into their midst?

Are the authorities letting things slide into a more severe stage and an all out bash up take place?

Is Malaysia deteriorating into a land where Law & Order flies out the door when such by elections take place?

Are the BN willing to go down in history as the ones who are responsible for any loss of life's that will surely happen IF the Royal Malaysian Police are to rest upon their laurels and let the goons slug it out all for a few measly ringgits?

Are we all not civil anymore? Do we have to go break some skulls just to prove that we are the tough guys of this nation and scare away the citizens who have the absolute rights to vote whoever they like to represent them?

Are we so bloody mad and hungry for power that we forget all these position and wealth is just a temporary possession?

Death can come to any of us at anytime as we all know. This By Election is now possible because the incumbent State Assemblyman passed away in India, right?

Did he even expect to pass away overseas? Surely he didn't!!!

I am so pissed off to see these atrocities take place here in our nation, currently being the Organization of Islamic Countries presiding Chairman, yet the authorities fail to conduct this election in a manner befitting it's honorable position.

Is this gangsterism state sponsored? What the hell are the SPR and the PDRM waiting for?

Someone to die or be critically injured before they step in and stop this rot? Damn!!!

We Malaysians are watching what's taking place there in Ijok. The way this by election is being run will determine where the BN or the Opposition will be in the coming GE in 2008.

In the meantime, I ask that members of the public attending the events there in Ijok take safety precautions when being in crowds and to watch out for the agent provocateurs who would be spoiling for a fight or start one just to spoil the overall atmosphere of the electoral process.

Be prepared to dodge and duck or wear crash helmets or body armor underneath your clothes!

May Allah the Most Merciful protect those of you present in Ijok from the manipulations of those who are devious in their ways and forget that He oversees everything! Ameen.


Friend from Texas said...

Is it just me, or do you also notice that the most vicious behavior from the BN has always been reserved for Keadilan?

It really betrays the fear that BN politicians feel when confronted by Keadilan. It is indeed a party with great potential: Malay dominated to represent the majority demographic, but it sincerely does not engage in racial politics and has a good representation of all Malaysians among the leadership.

The non-Malay faction in Keadilan need to have their attitude adjusted for bitching and moaning over the fielding of a Malay candidate for Ijok. I don't consider him a Malay, to me he is a Malaysian candidate from a truly Malaysian political platform.

If this election sees the BN winning, without even a dent in their majority by Keadilan, then we can all just resolve ourselves to the fact that nothing is really going to change in Malaysia.

I really hope Keadilan wins this, and also wish that PAS and DAP can bury the hatchet at least for a while and go all out to rock the ground for their ally (conspiracy theories of these two being "trojan horses" notwithstanding...heh heh!).

mahaguru58 said...

Spot on bro!

Keadilan poses a direct challenge to the BN's trumpeting of being a multi ethnic based coalition of race based parties for in Keadilan, it is ONE party having multi ethnic and multi faithed members.

The only thing Keadilan now needs to prove is whether it is capable of practicing justice to all it's members as what it's namesake stands for?

If it can pull this off, then the BN is in for a formidable challenge from the Opposition in the coming GE.

As for PAS and DAP, they ought to be sincere in their stand towards each other for if they are willing to prostitute their principles and have a one night stand just to win the GE, I don't think such a hypocritical union will last a week!

Governments set up under such dubious arrangements will fall apart very soon for the basic understanding and spirit of 'esprit de corps' wouldn't be there.

PAS and DAP must settle their differences in a manner befitting their individual party's constitutions and learn to come to a lasting compromise and seal that binding agreement to one that stands the test of Time.

That is important if the BA wants Malaysians to take them seriously and be able to take charge of this nation.

As long as they aren't ready to sit and thrash out their differences professionally and each understand and respect each other's stand on things, the Opposition will remain just that.

Friend from Texas said...


You know what? I'm almost tempted to suggest both PAS and DAP stepping aside for the next GE and let Keadilan give the BN a run for its money. One on one.

Wishful thinking, I know!

But it will also be the ultimate test...not for Keadilan or BN, but for the Malaysian voters. Are we all mature enough to move away from race-based politics?

mahaguru58 said...

That's not gonna happen overnight.

Even America took hundreds of years to reach today's Democrat and Republican 2 party democracy.

Underneath all the freedom of this and that propaganda that runs riot in the USA, the Americans still discriminate against the Non Whites or Caucasians to this day.

The feeling of one race being more supreme and dominant over the others still prevails there ; what more here?

The Malays will never allow what you wish for.

The change in our mindsets are already taking place but racial discrimination and bias will always remain as part and parcel of this nation till the Last Day.

We can only work towards a more bearable sharing of power but till Qiyamat, the nation will remain as it is.

It will be either UMNO that presides over the other ethnic based parties or PAS and PKR amalgamated entity.

This is what I think will be till Doomsday.