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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ijok PKR Candidate's Mother of all Bloopers! Damn!

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim screwed his chances of giving the BN a run for their money by committing the Mother of all Bloopers that a contesting Election Candidate can ever do!!!

What the hell was he thinking when he endorsed the people to vote in the Barisan Nasional in the coming election in Ijok???

Hahahahaha! The guy might be wearing a Parti Keadilan Rakyat badge on his shirt yesterday but his brain cells are still all BN!!! He must still be living in BN Bolehland in his mind when he was absent mindedly speaking to the people of Ijok!

RTM are having a field day by broadcasting repeatedly the clip of the PKR candidate openly endorsing the BN candidate!!!

There goes his credibility as a viable candidate against the BN's Parthiban! Talk about shooting himself in not only the foot but also in his mouth!

No need to waste anymore energy on this then, Tan Sri! You've just thrown in your towel!

You have just committed the cardinal sin!!! Not focused!!! Hence your Mother of all Screw ups!

Won't ask you what were you thinking? You weren't! It's just your basic nature taking over!

Once an UMNO man, you'll always be an UMNO man ; your entire self must be permeated with UMNO cells right through your bone marrows!

So, no matter that you have been nominated to stand as a PKR candidate, deep within you, still thrives the spirit of the BN diehards! Without focus, your mind just went astray to BN land!

That's why without you realizing what you were saying, you spewed out that support for the BN and dropped the guillotine upon your political ambitions! You just decapitated your chances!

That's what I see. With this self destructive slip of your tongue and mind, you are now history!

I don't see how you are gonna redeem yourself with the PKR leadership and supporters after this?

'Terlajak perahu boleh tarik balik Tan Sri! Terlajak sokong calon BN, lupakan sajalah nak bertanding! Tak de guna dah!!! Kredibiliti untuk bertanding dah punah!!! Hancur sudah!!

1 comment:

MENJ said...

I was told that RTM aired an edited video of the Tan Sri's statement, it was edited in such a way that the word "tidak" was missing from the video.