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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Intimidation Tactics by the BN Goliath at Machap By Election

These chaps from the DAP are sort of lucky to have got away alive from their brush with the BN intimidating machinery now camped at Machap for the by election this weekend!

From the looks of the BN battalions now converged in the Machap area, these fellas must thank God for not getting whupped more severely by all those imported muscle especially those menacing black t-shirted tough guys from the Klang UMNO.

These chaps got bloodied by the MIC Youths who as always are easily riled up and naturally following their menacing leader Samy Vellu who exploded in the Malaysian Parliament recently warning off the Opposition leader from DAP, YB Lim Kit Siang with a manner that is just alike a gangster!

What can we expect from someone who overbears over the MIC and scares away anyone trying to challenge his presidency?

No wonder the DAP fellows got beaten up by the MIC party members. They were just following the way of their leader!

It's always the grassroots who gets bloodied and suffer unnecessarily whilst the party leaders usually are protected by their bodyguards and hired security personnel.

The reality is that politics has always been dirty and over here in our nation, the Opposition has always been like a cucumber, terrorized by the BN durians.

Here are some of the MIC Youths walking away after the nominations.

When young people and opinionated elders gather in large numbers, all riled up by the frustrations welled up in their hearts all these while, naturally the situation could be as tense as a powderkeg ready to explode with the slightest heat!

Politics mixed with heated sentiments and boisterous heckling accompanied with insults and challenges naturally can and will turn into a free for all!

The human ego is just as it is today as it was in the ancient times.

We might dress differently, speak differently and seem to be more 'civilised' and hold all these elections in the name of democracy but in reality , human passion remains highly volatile and easily influenced by emotive statements and cajolings by agent provocateurs in such crowds of opposing parties.

Here are some UMNO Klang Youth members sporting menacing black T shirts with the intimidating phrase 'HARDCORE ' Pemuda Klang emblazoned across their backs and with a red scorpion image on the front.

I wish that this by election and the other one due in Ijok will be held in a peaceful, respectful manner befitting our nation turning 50 this year.

At 50 years of age, this nation is still quite young compared to other more established nations.

The powers that be ought to remember that whatever happens today in our nation will reflect the system of democracy we have here and will go down in history as a testimony of the type of government we have here.

May justice prevail in our land. Amin!

More pictures of the Machap By Election Nomination Day here.

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