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Monday, April 09, 2007

Machap Bash Up by the BN and it's Implications!

If not for the intervention by the gentleman in the yellow T-shirt who called for help from the police, the DAP supporters would have been more seriously injured by the BN's MIC Youth Brigade who attacked them with the flagpole with the MIC flag rolled up!

It's the reality of the sinister elements of violence and physical intimidation that is employed by the powers that be to scare the voters there in Machap to return the BN to power!
This is the end result of years and years of continuous monopoly of power through the use of gangsters and hooligans to bash the Opposition up in Machap!

Machap is just another small town in the outskirts of Melaka that had been neglected by the BN all this while.

Now, I hear that roads are being tarred, drains repaired and cleaned, a new park being readied around the clock , streetlights installed and lit up overnight, and many other things that had not been given attention all this while to now being installed and implemented by the local authorities.
Isn't this a form of corruption? A blatant exhibition of political manipulation of the people's hearts and minds that will last only until the last votes are cast into the ballot boxes.

Once another landslide victory is announced and jubilation erupts at the polling station come this Thursday, Machap will once again be left and neglected by the BN to rot away till the next by election or General Election comes up.

This is an 'edited' videoclip by the DAP showing only the scenes they want you to see. Why the hell did they edit this clip? Show the clip in its entirety so that all Malaysians can see what really happened on the Machap By Election Nomination day?

This is a reason why the DAP always end up looking like a certain ethnic oriented party! If DAP really want to make inroads into the general Malaysian people's hearts and offer an alternative to the BN, then Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh better get their priorities right.

Malaysia is made up of all ethnicities. Not Chinese only. So do your homework and reach out to ALL the Malaysians in your campaigns.

Whether you like it or not, there are also Malays and Indians living in Malaysia, so get your act right.

Personally, I don't think you guys can win this election taking into account all the tough guys being sent to camp down and lockdown Machap which is gonna see another BN bash up of you.

Just make sure you guys return home safe and sound and in one piece. You know what took place on Nomination Day.

Whom can you depend on for your safety? None so to speak.

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