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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Machap By Election - A Prelude to the General Elections

Everytime a Member of Parliament or State Assemblyman or woman dies, a by election is held.

All kinds of stalled projects or cancelled projects get revived and the entire area or constituency becomes the favored golden son or daughter of the BN Government.

The Barisan Nasional run Malaysian Government will spare no quarter to woo the hearts and minds of the constituents there and will reserve no sense of shame in hugging and back slapping anyone who is a registered voter there.

The usual modus operandi will take place and roads will be tarred, public facilities refurbished, installed, extra allocations be released to the constituency practically within overnight.

The Deputy Prime Minister just confirmed my statement here by announcing a RM200,000.00 allocation to build a new community hall for the Machap constituency yesterday.

A park has been built and created in just a couple of weeks and the Public Works Ministry is very, very busy setting it all up and touching up all other public facilities before tomorrow, the polling day.

WOW! If things are to be, some MP or SA has to kick the bucket, it seems!

Only then, will all applications get approved, all the big shots in the BN ruling party come sit and chit chat with you at the kopitiams and laugh boisterously with you as if you have been old friends.

Whatever it is , as proven by almost 50 years of BN ruling the country, the people of Malaysia can expect to see their constituencies be wooed and romanced very soon by the monopolizers of political power again.

In between, they'll raise our living expenses and say that it is inevitable. Other countries are so much more expensive to live in will be the same sorry excuse they thrash out to us after stabbing us in our wallets and grinning widely proclaiming 'Malaysia Boleh!'.

Same old story, year in year out.

The Opposition as usual will try as best as they can to win the hearts and minds of the people with promises to do this and do that if the people will give them a chance to beat the BN this time.

'Try lah!' was the battle cry of the Opposition as I remember in the last GE. They forget that to make an impact, they need to have the majority in the elections.

Just garnering votes to remain the Opposition doesn't do anything for the people.

Every allocation for any project in any constituency goes through the gauntlet of the ruling government. I know that the BN stalls indefinitely whatever allocation is due to be disbursed for any projects if the particular area is held by the Opposition.

Projects won't be implemented as smoothly as they are being done in Machap because this is their trump card time.

You vote for us, we will give you this and that. You vote for the other party, suffer until the next by election or GE.

That's the usual scenario which takes place in this country ever since Merdeka.

So, let's all sit back and watch the drama that is being played in Machap. It is sort of a prelude to what is going to take place in the next General Elections.

The BN is feeling hot under the collar this time around because the Bloggers of Malaysia are now a force to be reckoned with and anything that takes place is immediately posted in the internet without passing through any of the Media Manipulators as before.

This is one by election that might show us the difference of having the Freedom of Expression unlike all the past elections.

The oncoming General Elections might be giving the present power holders the shivers since the Blogging community of Malaysia are now much more active and even have the latest multimedia technologies to post video clips, footage of any fracas that takes place and even camera phones with live broadcasting capabilities to show the whole world as to what's happening in this land.

Times are changing and the way elections are usually run and won are changing as well.

I just hope that with all these developments, those who are in power and those clamoring for power will do their job honestly and fairly as expected of them by the people of Malaysia.

The people of Malaysia now have before them a moment in time to decide where this country is gonna be in terms of equal rights for all and who we want as our leaders.

Machap is just like a movie trailer before the main screening of the blockbuster. Difference is this is not something to just watch idly by.

This is our life and our future. Vote wisely and seize the day! My best wishes to Machap folks!

I sincerely hope no more bash ups take place there and everyone goes to the poll station and vote according to their hearts and exercise their rights as a responsible citizen. Ameen.

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