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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Malaysian Government ought to thank the Bloggers!

I have been thinking about this for quite some time.

All this current hullabaloo about Bloggers being this and that and the call for us to be registered and monitored by those who have nothing better to do ought to be viewed from a different perspective by everyone especially by the Malaysian Government.

The Prime Minister is often quoted as saying that he doesn't know this and that! You can't blame the man for he can't be expected to know each and everything that happens in this land. Really!

What the Malaysian Government should realize is that they are actually very fortunate to be getting all these extra sources of information coming from the feedback provided by the nation's growing number of concerned Bloggers.

All these while, they have been fed news and views which are at times moulded and shaped to please the top leadership of the nation rather than provide them the real account of what's taking place in all areas of government or local authorities.

Instead of the Malaysian Government feeling threatened or getting hot under the collar by all the exposes being done by the informed Bloggers , they can turn this around to be their gain.

Now the Malaysian Prime Minister can get feedback straight from the people of Malaysia and he can now say that he knows what's happening in the grassroots level.

I am saying this from my role as a Blogger who loves my nation and hopes to see a better more responsible leadership in the Malaysian Government from now on.

We all know that no one can be a 100% free from sin nor mistakes in living their life's what more when it involves political power at the very top of government.

Being the top leader surely has all the perks and benefits of public office yet it also involves being held responsible by both the people of Malaysia and by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala over this huge trust to take care of the nation and it's citizens.

It's not an easy job for sure but I sure hope that the present leadership will wake up and realize the benefits of now getting genuine unfiltered feedback from the Malaysian Blogging community.

We have no vested interest in the political arena except ask that our rights to voice out our opinions are respected and allowed freely and we just want to see a fair government taking care of all of us no matter what ethnicity we are and religion we profess.

Instead of hounding us and riling us up further, the Prime Minister and his cabinet can do better to appreciate the Bloggers for sharing with the nation unbiased information.

Investigate all you want as to the authenticity of each news that comes your way and if found to be true , proceed by all means to do what's right.

This power and position on Earth is just temporary and everyone knows that we will all be judged by the Almighty as to what we have done and are doing here while being alive.

Wake up and wise up before it's too late. Bloggers are just warming up. The era of Media Manipulation by certain parties is going to be history very soon.

With the Bloggers support, now the PM can proudly state that 'he knows!'

Now, won't that be so much more better?


KadidiaTerri said...

a salaamu aleikum Brother,

I think you make a very good point here! The government should hire/appoint someone whose job it is to read the blogs and report back about the real opinions of the people. I come from a so called democratic country and it is so incredibly obvious that our government does not represent us. Yes, if they only read the blogs, they'd have a clue, but they don't want to know what the people feel. That is my opinion.

I was misrepresented in a Malaysian paper and it hurt me deeply. I was chatting with a former student about it today and she said "...sis.. sometimes... we malaysians don't believe the articles in newspapers or magazines...we have to know who is the publisher or especially the reporter that wrote the article..u know.. melayu say..pura-pura...malaysian reporters...for the majority it's about business...making money..."

It's good to know that all Malaysians don't believe what they read. At the same time, I wonder whether my fellow citizens back home will ever figure this out AND force the media to be accountable.

won't hold my breath!
but miracles do happen

again, i appreciate your post
ma'a salaama

p.s. check out this post for another example of twisted media representation

mahaguru58 said...