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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Taqwiyat -ul-Iman @ Strengthening of the Faith

In these turbulent times, the Muslim Ummah need to hold fast to the tenets of Ad Deen ul Islam by studying and learning about Iman and what it entails.

Those who are concerned about the erosion of Aqeedah amongst the youngsters of the Ummah here in Malaysia should step forward and reach out to these vulnerable generations of today.

Each and every Muslim no matter from whichever ethnicity they are from must seriously study our faith and learn about it.

Today, we are so much more gifted with all the benefits of having access to all kinds of knowledge and able to tap in to all levels of 'Ilm.

I myself never tire of studying and learning from all sources of knowledge and whatever I acquire , I check and recheck as to the source of it's authenticity by reconfirming it's roots back to the Qur'an and the Hadiths.

One particular knowledge that is very important for any Muslim or Muslimah to know is the subject of Tawheed.

Tawheed is the attesting of the Oneness of God and it is the bedrock of Belief in Allah.

The people of today need to learn about Tawheed and what it is all about. I am sharing here what I have come to learn of it and will write about the subject in stages whenever I have the means to do so.

Polytheism and its instances amongst the masses

In our multi faithed and multi ethnic society, we face amalgamation of social and cultural practices that at times takes place in the name of social events and the 'fostering' of relations between the multi ethnic society we live in today.

Many of our fellow Muslims today do not realize their actions and practices today are interspersed with acts of polytheism that are at times unrealized by them in the first place.

A contributing factor is the way the religious aspect of our social life is neglected by the general Muslim population of today in the name of social integration.

When permissiveness starts to permeate our everyday transactions and intermingling , we slowly but surely lose our high sensitivity to matters affecting the Aqeedah of the average Muslim.

Taking things lightly and not bothering to preserve and prevail above the tests of living in a multicultural and pluralistic society such as ours results in the latter day Muslims of Malaysia lose their contact with the true teachings of Islam over time.

This deterioration of the principles of Aqeedah amongst the Muslims here in Malaysia is quite noticeable by looking at the way the Muslims live their life's in this country.

Many no longer pay that much attention to matters concerning maintaining the principles of Aqeedah and the understanding of Tawheed.

Even those who have become husbands and fathers fail to understand what Islam is and what it is not and they end up as the confused leading the couldn't care less members of the Muslim community of today.

Many simply fail to even understand the meanings of Tawheed and Shirk. Tawheed is Monotheism and Shirk is Polytheism. On the surface they are Muslims but in reality they are unconsciously involved in committing the acts of Shirk towards Allah.

Therefore it is important for us to share whatever little we have acquired in these matters with you the readers so that you can pass on the message to those who might need to know them.

Here goes.

Holy Qur'an . Surah Yusuf [Chapter 12:106] And most of them believe not in Allah except that they attribute others as partners with Him!

In these difficult times and situations, many people call upon Wali's, Awliya's, Saints, Imams, Syaikhs, Mursheeds, Abuya's, Datok Panglima's, Bomoh's, Guru's, Djinns, Khadam's, etcetera for assistance in their worldly affairs ; make vows @ 'nazar's' to them, invoke them for the fulfillment of their many wishes and even make offerings to them so that their needs and wishes come true.

They wear amulets @ 'azimat's' on their persons, follow whatever they are told to do by those practitioners of the occult and are willing to just do anything as long as they get their wishes fulfilled.

By doing so, they are thus no different from all the polytheists out there amongst the Non Muslims and thus they unconsciously commit acts of Kufr and Syirk towards Allah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem.

This is the sorry state of affairs plaguing the Muslims of this nation today.

Just go to any restaurant operated by either the Malay Muslims or the 'Mamaks' @ Indian Muslims.

I guarantee you that there will be some framed posters of certain 'verses' of the Quran interspersed with certain scribblings and 'mantra's' prepared by some Bomoh's or Tok Guru's supposedly to ward off the evil eye and black magic acts against the proprietors of the cafe, restaurant or eateries.

Clearly, such acts are a gross violation of their Aqeedah in Believing in Allah as the Sole Protector and Sustainer of the entire Creation.

Whomsoever takes another as their Protector and do not have the utmost faith in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala are clearly guilty of Shirk!

This is what I mean are acts of Polytheism that are being committed by certain 'Muslims' of today who are no different from those who are clearly Unbelievers and Kaffir to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

These are those whom we can say are Muslims in Name Only. It also means that these are the majority of the people nowadays who outwardly profess to have faith in Allah but are in fact entangled in the quagmire of polytheism.

If someone were to point it out to them and question them as to why they have done such acts of polytheism, they would vehemently deny it and say that they were only doing some efforts @ 'ikhtiar' to change their destinies as what they misunderstand or choose to misinterpret a certain verse of the Qur'an in Surah Ar Raad where Allah SWT says that 'He will not change the fate of Mankind until they change it themselves!'

Some people can be real crafty and come up with all kinds of cock and bull excuses for their sins which they commit knowingly and willingly yet when confronted will testify that they are nothing but true committed Muslims worth their names.

Allah knows them best and whatever pretext they come up with today will not spare them from having to face their dues in the Hereafter when their true identities are exposed before all in the Yaum al Mahsyar.

Whatever it is, there is None who can intercede on His Behalf when their reliance upon the 'imaginary powers' of another deity or being in the form of all those whom I have mentioned before or in the supernatural powers of the charms, amulets or framed posters are to be considered as proof of their Shirk and acts of Kufr towards Allah SWT.

Beware of falling into the trap of Shirk and Kufr to Allah SWT by being unsure of the Rahmah of Allah Al Kareem by going on to seek the protection of others than Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

End of this part. To be continued.

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