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Friday, April 06, 2007

Ye shall know 'them' by the 'fruits of their labor'!

'Ye shall know them by their fruits of their labor' -so says God about us mankind with our deeds. The good, the bad and the uglies.

Well, in the case of our First Family, running the country with the battlecry and slogan which has been proved to be nothing more than just baseless rhetoric, here comes a gem of an expose by the nation's # 1 alternative news platform -Malaysia-Today.Net.

From the 50 million hit's most popular alternative website -Malaysia Today's exposes about how our Supreme Leader 'invests' down under in a mansion now being turned into a palace Down Under.

And we have them spew rhetoric about putting Malaysia first before everything else!
Ah...I forgot!

This is what Najib says about the Malays needing to be 'Melayu Glokal'!

Well, whatever...just sharing here with you what Raja Petra has published for the world to see about our 'Leaders setting an example'. And you wonder about all those poor folks whose homes were demolished in Kg.Berembang, Ampang in the rain and amidst all the tears.

That's Malaysia Boleh for you!
6/04: 34, Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park, Perth
Category: General
Posted by: Raja Petra
Malaysia's First Family's family home at 34, Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park, Perth, Australia is currently under extensive and massive renovation works.
A house bought by a non-permanent resident has to be renovated at a cost of more than half the purchase price.

The house comprises of the main block, the staff quarters and a swimming pool. The land area is about half an acre to an acre.

The scheduled date of completion of the renovation works is between December 2006 to March 2007 depending on the availability of skilled workers. The total value of the house on completion of the renovation works will be between Aus$8 million to Aus$10 million.

Side view of the house

Side roadside view of the house

Front view of the house

Front view of the house

Side view of the house

View from the house.

More pictures at Malaysia Today.




His Worship the Mayor, Dr. B. H. Moore,
A. E. Snell - Deputy Mayor,
R. A. Norris,
V. A. Melville-LevĂ y,
C. F. Chomley,
K. R. Gorman,
B. J. Moore.


Mr T. J. Harken - Chief Executive Officer,
Mr P. G. Anderson - Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Executive Manager Corporate Services,
Mr M. A. Glover - Executive Manager Technical Services,
Mr J. G. Humphreys - Executive Manager Development Services,
Mr B. G. Burnett - Manager Environmental Services,
Mr B. J. Pike - Manager Building Services,
Miss Valerie Booker - Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer.

4.3 Alterations & Additions to Existing Two-Storey Residence Lot 6 (No. 34) Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park (Wong)

4.3.1 Approval be granted to the proposed alterations and additions to the existing two-storey residence on Lot 6 (No. 34) Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park as per the amended plans dated received 19 January 2005, subject to:

1. Where cut and/or fill is required along a lot boundary common with adjoining properties and the angle of repose in accordance with the BCA cannot be achieved, retaining walls are to be provided concurrent with the construction of the dwelling or other buildings, to a specification satisfactory to the Manager Building Services.

2. The paved area abutting Memorial Drive is not approved.

3. Any obsolete existing cross-overs being removed and verges reinstated at the owner's expense, and new crossovers being constructed to the Council's specifications.

4. All services (power, water, sewer, telephone, gas and Council assets i.e. street trees, etc) that conflict with crossovers to be relocated or modified to Council's satisfaction.

5. No damage to or removal of existing street trees unless approved by Council.

6. The selection of roofing material to minimise glare in conformity with Council's policy on roofing material.

7. Any mechanical plant being installed so that the amenity of surrounding properties shall not be diminished.

8. All air conditioning systems, pool filtration equipment, motors, pumps and mechanisms shall be suitably located and enclosed if necessary to comply with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act and relevant legislation.

9. The proponent not causing or continuing to allow the occurrence of a nuisance to adjoining properties by the emission of dust or noise (which exceeds the limitations of the Environmental Protection Act) in conducting the land use or building activity which is the subject of this approval.

10. Submission of details on the proposed method of on-site stormwater disposal for approval prior to the issue of a building licence.

11. No boundary wall (including retaining wall) shall exceed 1.8 metres in height above natural ground level unless special approval is granted by Council.

12. For the purpose of the preservation of the amenity of the area and in particular, for the protection of residents from noise and disturbance, the hours during which any work may be performed on the site are limited to the following:

Monday - Friday 7.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday - 8.00 am - 4.00 pm
Sundays and Public Holidays - No work to be performed on the site.

Notwithstanding the above, works of a minor nature may be performed on the site at any reasonable times (in the opinion of the Council) provided that no noise is generated.

13. The placement of a sign on all sites advising builders that work should not commence before:

7.00 am Monday - Friday
8.00 am Saturdays
No work on Sundays or Public Holidays.

4.3.2 Approval be granted to the overheight residence.


Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's RM60 million home in Perth

Buktikan rumah RM60 juta di Perth milik Perdana Menteri – Khairy

Khairy kata rumah RM60 juta bukan milik Abdullah, tapi Kamaluddin

vandersar wrote: "hidup pak lah!!!hidup umno!!!hidup BN!!hidup pemuda!!!hidup khairy!!! rakyat malaysia pula...MAMPUUUSS!!!'fikir2 kan lah...
06/04 00:26:07

tehtarik wrote:

good finally a new palace in the making
06/04 00:31:09

anakjohor wrote:
RAJA PETRA......thank you very much for your complete pictorial update..... i am at a loss as to why Malaysians are still voting for this corrupted government..... i am at a further loss as to why so many component parties in the BN all kept quiet and allow such rampant corruption to carry-on with a word....
06/04 00:34:32

anakjohor wrote:
....without a word
06/04 00:35:04

anakjohor wrote:
the people of MACHAP please cast your vote on behalf of the people of Malaysia from Perlis to Sabah
06/04 00:36:28

Forglory wrote:

That's precisely the issue. How many people actually there to vote the opposition?

06/04 00:38:32

vandersar wrote:

raja petra...u had done a good job by exposing all the lies created by the current government.corruption is quite more rampant and daring in malaysia nowadays.a picture worths a thousand words.
06/04 00:43:30

kaojum wrote:

anakjohor: Never mind about BN keeping quiet over the RM60 milion house in Perth, RM30 million yatch, RM60 million private jet scandals of Mr Clean PM - even the Oppostion Leader and the DAP as a whole are keeping mum on Mr Clean PM's scandals.

If the Opposition Leader (Lim Kit Siang)can remains silence over so many scandals of Mr Clean PM - so it is quiet OK for the BN to keep quiet.

I really am very surprised that Lim Kit Siang, who has no policy except to take on popular issues, chose to remain silence!

A vote for the DAP in Macap is an indirect vote for Mr Clean PM. The reason being that you are voting for a Party that will protect Mr Clean PM. So think carefully.
06/04 00:43:49

kaojum wrote:

Madsalleh and the Budak-Budak TIngkat Empat. You all demanded the photographs of the PM's 6o mil;lion mansion in Perth. So now RPK not only published so many photographs but given the address too.

Despite Khairy, the de facto PM, came out with the denial on the RM60 million house,RPK still maintain that it is the PM's 60 million house in Perth.

Now what else do you (Budak Tingkat Empat) need?

Congratulation! RPK - you got them (the Budak Tingkat Empat) by the balls. So what else can they come out to deny. Unfortunately, the Mr Clean PM is still in his uasual state of slumber!

Mr Clean PM please tell us how you acquire so much wealth in such a short space of time. Mr Clean PM do you wnat o try to convince me with your famous reason: that you did not buy the mansion in Perth, it was Khazanah who bought it and lease it to you!!

Mr Clean PM, it would appear to me that you flourish when there are scandals on you and PM's office.
06/04 00:55:14

kaojum wrote:

Please take note that Mr Clean's house in Perth bear the number 34. This is a bad number for Chinese which pronounce as "Sam Seai" - means "Up and DIE. Very fitting for him. But WHEN???? The nation has had enough of him - so when he wnat to sea...

If I am Mr Clean PM I will sack theperson who was instrumental in buying the hosue for him wiuth bad feng shui that's why there are so many scandals.
06/04 01:11:41

semangat69 wrote:

finally RPK present us the good views of the old fox's Sarang.

Ops.. i notice the renovation worker has yet to set up the signboard Islam Hadhari Village in Perth.

Not to mention this house will definitely installed with the very hi-tech security system as the owner will not be at home most of the time.

How many housemaid require to take care of the mansion or a Jean will do all the works.
06/04 01:16:43

tehtarik wrote:

PM: Ini rezeki anak saya, dia punya pasal.Kenapa libatkan hal rumah anak saya dgn politik?

06/04 01:17:24

docomo00 wrote:


How the hell did you acquire photographs from INSIDE the house?
06/04 01:18:31

Badaksumbu wrote:

Mahathir has made many mistakes when he was a prime minister but very often subdued by his shrewdness But of all the mistakes he made, appointing Abduallah Badawai as a prime minister was the mother of all mistakes
06/04 01:35:11

kaojum wrote:


Aiya! I am told that the person who did all the buying process of the mansion in Perth for Mr Clean PM is a CHINESE. I am told his nickname is "Pa...... Badawi". Is his true?

I am also told that this Chinaman is very close to Kamaludin and he loves taking over race course for a song! So who is he?
06/04 01:39:57

kaojum wrote:


Yes, you are absolutely right that Tun make many mistakes nad appointing Mr Clean as the PM is the mother of all mistakes.

So Tun is duty bound to put right what he did wrong to the nation. Of course, Tun cannot do it alone. THe rakyat must help Tun in order to get rid of the national pests!

So we all must do our parts to diseminate informations from Malaysian Today and other blogs like Rockybru amd etc to all our friends so as to ensure that they do know about the Mr Clean and his family and friend.
06/04 01:45:04

Paschendale wrote:

Why you all grumbling? This is the PEOPLE's home away from home. Next time you go for a vacation to Perth, you will have an already paid-for place for you and your family to stay. After all, your tax dollars paid for it. I am going to Perth end of the year, I'm looking forward to enjoying my tax dollars.

06/04 02:28:34

Beautiful Mind wrote:

What more proof do we need to tell the people of Malaysia what UMNo stands for.

I really hope they can look at these pictures and ask themselves....who is really the clown..deceived by the party they supported. The People of Malaysia have been blind-folded and they simply cannot see any wrong with UMNO. They work 9 - 5 with RM3000 wages and they thought that was mega bucks.

UMNO gave you RM$3000 a month but their families are cashing in RM$3 million.

Each time l see the selfishness and greed shown by these people, l went into a rage. I am so angry that BN and their leaders only think about themselves and themselves only..fuck the rest!.

RM$60 million can build schools and hospitals for the needy.

Houses for the homeless and charity for those who are deprived. It's a lot of money if the government really cares for the people of Malaysia.

There are people dying in the village because of diseases and shortages of hospitals and clinics. There are people living from hands to mouth...their parents earn hardly RM1000 a month.

There are mal-nourished babies, children who sometimes had to starve and fast themselves with a meal a day.

Have these people ever experienced living with rice and belacan and edible tree shoot?. UMNO nevere know what hardship is.

They have been lapping-up the good living and they do not understand the predicament and the sufferings of the poor.

That is why l truly believe, those of you who have experienced harship; brother Anwar, Raja Petra, Abuya, Hisham Tian Chua and many others who have been to hell and back are those who could get close to peoples' heart for they have been there as well.

Barisan Nasional is for them and themselves only. Their ambition and aspiration in this life is only to accummulate as much as they whatever means and screw the rest.

You still want to vote BN...?. Think again.
06/04 03:39:56

ValentineHIMSELF wrote:

If interviewed he will say the same silly thing as the airplane scandal..

something along...ini rumah anak saya, apa anak saya beli bukan dari kocek saya, saya hanya tumpang tinggal...

though it looks like an ugly seems to have enough rooms for more than just the anak's family...

memang PUUUI!!!!
06/04 04:13:33

Haji NoMoto wrote:

House in Australia.

Nasi Kandar business in Australia.
Is Aussie PR coming soon with so much FDI flowing to Australia?
06/04 04:26:42

ShameOnYou5 wrote:

A few bloggers ask for PROOF !!! Well, here we have it - once again RPK has done a good investigative job.

This is a HOME away from HOME - Vacation HOME, Holiday HOME - only for the RICH and IN-POWER PM/MINISTERS !!!

Mentality of the RICH - even if there are many poor people in Malaysia who lives in Kampungs without bare necessities - so what ? So long as we the UMNOputeras have everything we need - that is all that matters...

We the UMNOputeras will continue to senyum at the Rakyat as long as they continue to fill our pockets with money !!!
06/04 04:36:22

007zain wrote:

After this, the house is gonna be sold - FAST!!
Cik Badawi & family decided to SCRAP THIS!!.. & Cheaply, too!

Any takers??.... YM RPK?? :-)

06/04 04:57:35

amalku wrote:

BN[busted Negaraku]
06/04 05:00:13

tokioRain wrote:

I am crying from the greed of Badawi and gang. My God, this is unbelievable. The malays I used to know are GONE.
06/04 07:24:41

KopiO wrote:

34, Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park, Perth - Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang.

Freehold? UMNO. Dahulu, kini dan selama-lamanya.
06/04 07:49:45

weRscrewed wrote:

People Power...People Power.....well we know what it means. Macap resident...proof it
06/04 07:50:59

KopiO wrote:

Our country not good enough meh? Why buy a residential property overseas? Then why all the propaganda about Malaysia has got everything in the world? "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" or "Duduk-duduk Australia?" !@#$%^!
06/04 07:53:38

manaboleh wrote:

Don't we all dream of owning a mansion like this .... you bet!

So we Malays must dream and work hard ....including making friends with those people who can help you succeed in biznes [not necessarily life : in this case you should seek the wise words and guidance of True Authentic Scholars and Friends of God].

In biznes you may have to "belanja" all kinds of people, and if you have a father, mother, brothers, sisters or cousins, nephews, nieces, or IN-LAWS and OUT-LAWS who can help you take advantage..... bila lagi

In biznes, friends and friends-of-friends too play an important part ... as they may possess, hold, own, "things" that you to trade with ... with cash, bribes, sex, shares, FAVOURS, etc etc etc ...

So, you exchange FAVOURS and RIGHTS ... such is the life of biznes

so, you prosper and able to buy mansions ....that's what MBAs , DBAs from Harvard teach you ...

[UKM, UM,UPM, UTM UiTM etc .. they teach a lot of CRAPPY things ... Professors simply dish out what the American are writings in the text books ..]
06/04 07:54:43

KopiO wrote:
Another Menteri who was said to have a Australia PR is Ng Yen Yen. After being questioned by DAP in and outside the Parliament, she said she applied it before she became Timbalan Menteri. But never said whether she has withdrawn the PR status or not.

All these BNputras are robbing the rakyat, impoverishing the country and making exit plan to move out from the shithole they have created.

I cry for you, Malaysia!
06/04 07:58:36

weRscrewed wrote:

well, looks like this Menteries are sucking Malaysian blood and when it dried they will eject themself to the countries where they stashed all the cashed and got elected each and every time.

Well done Malaysian.
06/04 08:05:05

sree wrote:

Is this true? or another imagination of the bloggers in here? Do you honestly think PM will buy a house in Australia and hope that no one will find out about it?

Something tells me that this is not the truth.. There is somehing we all do not know...Just hope Pak Lah will come out in the open and tell us the truth
06/04 08:34:06

darah dah naik wrote:

saya tak tahu....
06/04 08:46:23

SBennit wrote:

so someone grabbed the banana RPK was dangling - Great!

was it you zoozing??..or ladyjane??

34 Bay View Terrace has a horrible fence ...... looks more suitable for a prison.

Netcitizens might want to express an opinion on the fence to:

Mayor Ron Norris at .au

You may also wish to contact the Police at the web site below and say something like, 34 Bay View Terrace could have been bought using illegal funds...... they might then keep a close watch on the house.

The intention here is to sabotage Badawi’s ill gotten assets as much as possible. He will then have to spend quality time protecting it. This way, he’ll have less time plundering the country to build up more personal assets.

Its patriotic and the duty of all peace loving Malaysians to protect the country from Mugabe wannabes.
06/04 08:52:59

dwen wrote:

watch this paklah!

06/04 08:55:58

franklyspeaking wrote:

maybe the house was purchased by son as a gift to step-mum to stay... to much gossip in malaysia so lady jean need some peace and quite... and dad can come and release himself without have to worry about the "khalawat-busters" some knock at the door during high-org! at least this guys got taste. eat your heart out! if you are not happy show BN at machap.
06/04 09:07:13

sunduvan wrote: nice house. Where did he got the money from? Gaji Pak Lah berapa banyak? Any info about that?

06/04 09:07:59

dbuccaneer wrote:

another showcase by the PM's family to show how wealthy they are after the father become Prime Minister.

06/04 09:20:38

kerangkai wrote:

Khairi said that it is not Dollah's but Kamaludding.... To me it is still the same... Kamaluddin will not be able to afford such thing if not via/for Dollah.
06/04 09:28:47

artchan wrote:

1....Actually I don't have the 60 miilions to buy the house. I have some friends willing to lend me money, and considering it is creating so many bad aspersions on the credibility of the govt, I will return it to the seller and forego the downpayment and make a loss

2...It was not bought by me. I was there just to look at the house.

3 Ini semua berita karut....ZZZZZZZZZZZ....snore snore......zzzzzzz
06/04 09:29:45

wisemansayso wrote:

franklyspeaking, frankly speaking, you may be right. That MF doing just that...

!@#$%^& hell. mannn.....

06/04 09:31:39

Counterpointer wrote:

And the punchline of this whole story is that these people who clearly do not need it are still living off the handouts of the NEP while all the abject poor are not getting their fair share.
06/04 09:35:12

scout7272 wrote:

If this is being built with taxpayers money - are we not entitled to a timeshare deal on the house....

Can I book to go there in July?
06/04 09:44:13

shardik wrote:

It`s not taxpayer`s money. It is through the nepotism in Petronas which answers only to the PM in supporting the PM`s ex-condom [at Sime Darby] salesman son.
06/04 09:50:11

shardik wrote:

Thanks to MT for the pics. Now I can get to work on distributing them.

06/04 09:51:18

xgovtservant wrote:

Pak Lah says " This is not my house. It is bought by the Government to be used by all Ministers and High Officials while on official duty down under. You know the hotel charges are very high here and the government can recoup the capital . It is also a good buy and will appreaciate in value"
06/04 09:52:28

Pardon wrote:

Just go on in life. If we think the PM is corrupt, just remove him. If we think it is not wrong to own a house of such a high value, then let him continue doing his job. Can we just stop been petty? If you have the evidence to justify the PM cannot effort such a house or even the son with his millions could not afford to do so, then prove it! The TAXman able to audit our abilities to own property or even life style and then act accordingly. So likewise use the same method. Stop using this method of propaganda on innocent persons. This is fitnah and a grievious sin against God and mankind.
06/04 10:07:07

joeawk wrote:

Now, now, now, xgovtservbant,

if indeed badawi said that, then he must be stupid, very stupid, just like the murderer of the mongolian lady.

Almost everyday, somebody got killed but the culprit was not traced.

Every other day, somebody bought a house will ill-gotten money and nobody knows about it.

How did the mongolian and perth house become public knowledge.

Perhaps, the Perth house has taken a leaf out of the Shah AS;lam Resort for the S'gor executive councillors.

Gross misuse of public office. A case of going bonkers when in position of power.

Carry on, Islam hadhari.
06/04 10:14:32

Kang Mas wrote:

Pak Helah had chosen the right site for his abode. It had a majestic view overlooking the river to enable Pak Helah to appreciate Cobra King moored on the Swan River.

See how proactive Pak Helah is.
06/04 10:15:00

DontPlayGod wrote:

C'mon fellars, one has to prepare for one's retirement. I too would like a mansion with a swimming pool in a safe, quiet environment, unlike in Malaysia where crime is on the rise, and anyone who is anyone will get robbed, killed and raped. AAB has made a wise choice.
06/04 10:35:14

Kapten Bersara wrote:

Well done RPK

This is definitely investigative reporting at its best. We used to have some reliable tabloid and dailies. But now most of them are good only for apple polishing Imam Hadhari and his sidekicks.

As loyal UMNO member and BN supporter I am very hurt and disappointed. This Imam Hadhari will go down under (did I say down under?) with disgrace and hurt, as much he has disgraced and hurts the Malays and UMNO. God willing.

Keep-up the good work Pete. Don’t worry much about the registration threat. We will rally behind you all the way.

If they insist, we will give them the taste of what “people’s power” is like.
06/04 10:50:04

Corrupsian wrote:
Waaah... now we know where our Klang Councillor got the idea.

Sell satay - build mansion.

Sell nasi kandar - build palace
06/04 10:59:49

blphee wrote:

It does not make sense to me, that the house could be valued at AUD$25m, even with the renovations. Land cost even for that suburb is not that high. WE should be rationale about things like this and not be tempted to join a lynch mob without having all facts at hand.
That said, great work getting the scoop and the photos!
06/04 11:02:06

smeagroo wrote:

JOm Hari Raya kita semua pergi Perth for Open House celebration with a difference cos Phak Lah will serve us Nasi Kandar.
06/04 11:10:10

cinakueh wrote:

Simple folks of Machap will still foolishly vote for corrupt BN/MCA.

All misdeeds covered up by Govt. controlled news media!
06/04 11:12:20

taktaksombong wrote:

wow so nice ... good location and good feng shui overlooking lake. bravo... u got taste man. for a guy who is noted for being boring u certainly got taste.
06/04 11:18:55

Nochan wrote:

AAB is preparing for his future when the country is stripped bare and he can have PR status in Australia.
06/04 11:25:31

bumi non malay wrote:

These Corrupted UMNO-BN racist Scums ..... What about Daim, Dr. M, Rafidah, Taib, Samy, Ong Kah Ting....etc
Unfortunately people are still not Hungry or angry......need to wait a bit longer for Chaos 2007 or Boycott all illusion-delusion Election in Malaysia.....dumb to take part in UN-democratic illegal election and hope to Achieve Democracy ...... DOH!!

akin to eating NON-Halal food to achieve Halal status....double DOH!!!
06/04 11:28:11

wawasan2o2o wrote:

blphee: the house itself dun worth 25 million AUD of course.. do you read the article carefully? RENOVATION for NON-PR must be at least half of the cost house!!! The house can be cost around 17million AUD + 8million AUD renovation. Read pls before comment
Furthermore do your research house price in Western Australia went up at least 100% for the past few years.. imagine he brought it for 8 million now the house might worth 16 million AUD. Especially near Swan River.. only those special rich ppl can afford. Go to PERTH once then you will understand why PAK LAH choose Perth. Btw.. who cares i am already Aust. PR.. running away from all the suffering in Malaysia.. i am as smart as PAK job also entitle me to travel domestically in Australia. HAPPY ME!

ONLY u all dumb dunno how to use PEOPLE POWER of VOTING. SO shut up... and blame your ownself.. not voting or voting the wrong party. SERVE YOU Rite! AND STOP bitching.. it wont help. I am sure the main thing bloggers in Malaysia is trying one key point.. to make the READERS open their eyes and realise.. with the real news and hoping you all can do something.

And to The Hon. RPK,
Yang Mulia but i rather call you Pete cos i hope you can treat me as a friend one day. My utmost respect to you for your fighting spirit and letting us know the news with no holds barred. Great powers come with great responsibilities.. and you have done well. Same reason why i left Malaysia, cos i dont want to be in the 'DIRTY CIRCLE'. May God bless you and your family. Keep up the good work and Happy Easter.
06/04 11:29:23

sapuhabis wrote:

Rumah..? rumah apa kat mana..?? tak tau..!!
06/04 11:32:38

SugarPapaKL wrote:

Thaksin got outsted in Thailand!Malaysia..wat r we waiting for!
06/04 11:38:43

bzz wrote:

AAB - Final Destination
06/04 12:00:46

birdbrain wrote:


TDM is trying very hard to get rid of AAB and then, what? He will put the right man to become PM. What makes us think that the next PM after AAB is going to be any better?

Success breed success and corrupts breed corrupts!

So obviously, the next PM (chosen by TDM again) after AAB is going to be more corrupted and more successful in stripping national assets!?

I rather stick with AAB. WHY?

If TDM is trying to get rid of AAB after putting him there, that means AAB is not not corrupted enough to become successful!

06/04 12:01:12

birdbrain wrote:

Tweeet! Tweeet!

06/04 12:03:43

jiranTUN wrote:

tak cantik pun umah anak pak lah.........macam banglo lama kat penang juai nasi kandar!..........aku tak berkenan.

06/04 12:13:13

SKC wrote:

Just have a discussion with my friend on this article, here is what we have come up with :-
Remember Tun's time, bloggers have never gain the popularity that they have gain todays, WHY ?

Tun has been keeping everyone too busy to even visit the website, let alone reading blog plus comments (Which is very long nowadays in Malaysia Today)
then post to voice your views, then defend your comment. (Do you know how long, or how much time this eats up everyday ?)

So if current ABB and boys wants to stop blogging, here is what Tun has done :-

Start mega project :-

KLIA, F1 Sepang, Twin Tower, Proton, pewaja steel, north south highway, west port expansion, bringing in electronic industry in a big way to penang then try to duplicate it in Kulim High tech, and many more :-

What is required for all these ?
1) Manpower.
2) Plans.
3) All relevant government, must go through the relevant paper work.
4) To select contractor.
5) Set budget.
6) Set deadline.
7) Who and how to manage.
8) Decide on building material
9) Source for new technologies
10) How much material should we specify to be source locally ? (To keep the major portion of the money in Malaysia)
11) etc etc.

Also continue the infrastructure development, as in the 6, 7 & 8 Malaysia Plan.

Here is how a Chinese will look at all this :-
1) How do I get a piece of the project ?
2) Who do I know that can help me get a piece ?
3) What do they expect out of it if I was given a piece of this or that project ?
4) Can I still make the profit I expect if I will to invest into a different thing ?
5) Who should I entertain ?
6) Where (What place) should I take them or him to ?
7) Which place is free from pak haji ?
8) Which place is control by the police so that we will not get raid ?
9) Should I also get my sales staff to take out lower ranking people also ?
10) The list is endless.

(Sorry forget about the "How do I do a Ali Baba case out of this ?"

Here is how an indian guy will look at it.
More or less the same as the chinese, except an additional, how to I make Sami and people happy so that I could get a piece out of it.

As for the Malay, also the same, maybe minus out the not so good entertainment and convert it to "Who should I ask to carry the suitcase of money and where should I sent it to and to be received by whom"

For the working people :-

Lots of new company coming in and all advertising for jobs.
Which one should I apply to, do I know them, maybe I should search the internet for the company name and see what they produce and maybe have a look at their company philosophy and see if it fits me.
Of all the reply(s) I get, which company should I actually attend the interview ?
After that, should I resign from current company and join the new one ?

Where then do we (Malaysian) find the time to blog ?

Here come the actual thing that ABB should have done :-

Have the boat, plane and house all build in Malaysia, at least u will spend the money in Malaysia for Malaysian. They will in turn spend it on their family needs, this is what make the country goes round.

But if you want to make more money, then see what do we import a lot of, then set up factories to produce those things we import a lot of, u will create job, (solve mat rempit problem), move the economy, do good for the country, and at the same time you and yours will have factories that is actually making profits for all you future generations.

Why spend 60 million in Australia, spend it in Malaysia.
06/04 12:17:32

MushroomUniverse wrote:

Pak Lah & his family members has gone too far.Spending so much on luxury yet Malaysians graduates are jobless.

Here in Malaysia,we have a Prime Minister who do not know how to lead and develope this country further.Pak Lah is screwing with Malaysians & our hard earn money for his luxurious lifestyle in which he and his families is currently potraying.

I don't think what Pak Lah is doing will benefit Malaysians nor is it in the name of Allah "Lillahitaala"
06/04 12:19:11

krisingh1 wrote:

Dr MBS, where are you? Why dont you post some proof that the house belongs to Dollah's son? After all this information originated from the Twisting Mamak who is known to exaggerate and lie! Some verification is appropriate and necessary.
06/04 12:24:25

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