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Thursday, May 17, 2007

All Bloggers Need to remain Non Aligned from both the BN or the BA

I refer to the recent All Blogger's Protem Committee's visit to the Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Special Advisor, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently.

Blogger KTemoc expressed his worries in his blog regarding such a visit and it's implications upon us Bloggers as a whole whereby the present BN Government with it's 'cry wolf' ministers are already creating a fuss about Bloggers this and Bloggers that!

The Abdullah Badawi government although having promised not to censor the Bloggers as per the MSC Internet Users Charter are now giving way to idiotic calls from their ministers and deputy ministers to curtail the freedom of expression being enjoyed by Bloggers and are just awaiting their go ahead from the powers that be to clampdown upon those of us who blog.

The All Bloggers visit to Anwar Ibrahim gives way to those in the BN government who are itching to block the only free platform left for us to speak up for ourselves and our rights to 'Freedom of Expression' by way of official intervention through legal by laws.

I echo Brother KTemoc's thoughts and viewpoints about the need for us Bloggers not to be aligned or slanted towards either the BN or the BA.

As a Malaysian Muslim Blogger who writes and speaks my mind as to the many issues and matters affecting myself as a citizen of this country and to help defend my faith against unwarranted attacks or to speak up about any issue worth my time and attention, I feel the same way as Brother KTemoc does about the All Bloggers Pro Tem Committee visiting Anwar Ibrahim.

Such a visit will have it's implications upon us Bloggers and seen to be pro the Opposition and anti the BN.

We do not oppose the BN or the BA per se. We are just speaking up for our rights and demanding a fair, just and responsible government.

Whether it is the BN or the BA, if both do not practice what they preach, it leaves us back at square one.

Politicians will always twist and turn to make their mark.

The advent of the Blog as an individual's platform to voice out one's opinion without fear nor favor ought to be kept as neither pro nor quo.

Yes, it is the right and choice of any Blogger to champion whatever political party they align themselves to individually but I think that the All Bloggers Alliance should stay non aligned as an entity if it is supposed to represent all of us as a body.

I may be all for PAS ruling this nation but if any of the PAS's leaders screw up and expect us, who are their supporters to seal our mouths and remain silent, they can dream on.

All Bloggers need to take our feelings into consideration and do not assume that they speak for the entire Malaysian Bloggers Community without taking a referendum as to where we stand on any such issues especially when it involves our liberties to be able to blog as we please.

In this context, I stand with KTemoc on his views here.


bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Salamun 'alaika

Aku tiap2 hari mai sini, nak cari tajuk baru nak list dalam Malaysiakita.

Aku silap la. Selama ini aku sangka hang ni Umno. Tak silap, blog ni ada link dalam KMU.

But this one really shocks me!:

"I may be all for PAS ruling this nation...."

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree with you on many things regarding the freedom of bloggers but like it or not many bloggers already have a pre-disposition. Even the com members are not trully non sympathisers of a or some political parties or a or some political personalities. It can be said that amongst those who visited Anwar, not many if any are his admirers. Some are known to be sympathisers or at least aligned to Anwar's arch-enemy, TDM.

What I am getting at is that as long as All Blog could be objective and professional in going about their visits and interviews, there should not be a problem.

We should treat everyone as an individual no matter what party they come from or which way they are inclined to lean. Let bloggers decide how to filter. I believe bloggers are wise enough to show the world that they are mature enough to decide from what they read. They decide what is bull-shit, what is hogwash and what is truth.

All I ask for is that All Blog be neutral when they pay these personalities a visit and report them as they are without any slants under All Blog. What members of the committee want to write in their own blog should be made clear as to represent their own personal view.

I think many bloggers would like to hear things right from the horses mouth, BN or BA.

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum Saudara Bakaq,

Secara dasarnya, saya ni taklah lorat sangat pasai parti ini atau parti itu.

Saya sebenaqnya lebih suka kalau sesama Islam dengan saya bersatu dibawah satu panji panji.

Sebagai seorang Muslim yang tetap yakin pada Allah SWT, saya berusaha sedaya saya menyeru penyatuan semula umat Islam ditanahair ini dibawah satu jamaah.

Jamaah yang menegakkan yang makruf dan mencegah yang mungkar.

Justeru itu, saya nyatakan terus terang bahawa saya menyokong perjuangan para Ulamak yang ikhlas dan akan menentang mana mana pihak yang bertopengkan agama dan membiarkan maksiat bermaharajalela dibumi ini.

Saya tidaklah memusuhi UMNO atau sesiapa sahaja. Saya akan menentang sesiapa saja yang memerangi Islam.

Bukanlah saya beranggapan bahawa semua yang mengaku Muslim ni suci tara mana. Setiap insan ada baik buruknya.

Kita kenalah tapis satu persatu termasuk yang paling utama diri kita sendiri.

Nawaitu saya adalah untuk melihat umat Islam di Malaysia bertaut kembali menjadi satu gagasan.

Tegor menegor diantara satu sama lain demi kebaikan.

Tuan ada cara tuan sendiri. Begitu juga saya.

Yang penting adalah kita tidak terbawa bawa emosi dan ego kita sendiri didalam perjuangan kita mencari keredhaan Ar Rahman, Insya Allah.

mahaguru58 said...

Cikgu KTN,
I believe that we are amongst those who are independent Bloggers and choose not to be associated with this or that.

I choose to remain independent and non aligned to any grouping for my own personal reasons.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Really appreciate it.

Take care. I hope your brother gets well soon.

One of my sister's just had her left foot amputated because of diabetic complications.

I can understand how you must feel for the condition of your brother.

Let's pray for our sibling's wellbeing and for all others suffering the same. Ameen.

sebol said...

1. Bukankah KTemoc perempuan?

2. blog saya partisan juga, tetapi tak semestinya saya tulis "cerita-cerita indah" PAS sahaja.