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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

'All Blogs' - Reason why some Bloggers fuss about it!

Myself sharing a laugh with Howsy, Politikus and Nathaniel Tan

I am following the 'heated discussions' taking place in Susan Loone's blog where Blogger Monsterball is raising a ruckus about why 'All Blogs' has yet to clear the air about these following things?

Indeed, this is the current picture now:
(1) All-blogs looks partisan (this is perceived by some)
(2) All -Blogs do not have any members (is that a fact?)
(3) All-Blogs cannot speak for all bloggers because it doesn't have a mandate to do so (that is a plea).
Excerpt from Susan Loone's blog.

Picture shows Pokku sharing his views in the forum.

Even Desiderata has to come in and defend 'All Blogs' and make an impassioned plea for the questioner to give some leeway for 'All Blogs' to at least take root first as it is only in the very early formative stage and nothing is final yet - (Read - " Pro Tem" )

Guess who's this tough guy? It's none other than the Mobster, of course!

It pains me to see 'politics' rear it's bloody ugly head in our Malaysian Blogosphere just when things are starting to come into being for those who so choose to come together as a body to defend the 'Bloggers' rights to free speech and freedom of expressions.

To me, I just do not wish to align myself to this or that even though I have stated publicly that I am all for PAS governing this country in the future!

But it doesn't mean or imply that I will support any unjust , unfounded attempt by any so called 'leader' to create an unhealthy atmosphere of fear and oppressive regime downtrodding on each and every Malaysian's right to live their life's at the expense of the truth, fairness and justice that is to be found in the actual teachings of Islam!

Hence, none should go assuming that I will just 'rubberstamp approve' of all that's taking place in PAS and support them blindly. I am all for fair play and justice to everyone. Period.

Maverick SM and Rocky with two young Bloggers whom I have yet to know.

'All Blogs' is headed by Rocky Bru and his fellow protem committee. Those who do not feel like rooting for him and his team can just choose not to be with the group.

No one's forcing you, are they?

You can continue to be as you are and not align yourself to whatever group is out there. Be free!

What I can figure out to be the 'root cause' of the dissension of the concerned Blogger's is the usage of the word 'All Blogs'!

That sort of gives a misleading idea that the 'All Blogs' bloggers grouping really represents all Malaysian Bloggers when it truly does not and can ever not!

This is what I perceive to be 'eating away' at the hearts and minds of those who choose otherwise.

Whatever it is, I truly hope that those who aren't happy about the way the 'All Blogs' committee are going about it , to approach the committee members personally and thrash it out with them in a more gentlemanly manner and avoid creating a 'tempest' whereas we are all looking for a sweet refreshing breeze of the 'fresh air of freedom' we all so desperately seek ... to be able to speak and share freely what's in our hearts and minds.

Isn't this what we all set out to do?
Here's an email from a fellow blogger who somehow wasn't able to post his comment in the comment box. So, I am putting his email up here instead. Click on it to see it in a larger view.

Wa'alaikumsalam brother. As you wish, it's here. But I do hope that you sign up with Blogger, then you'd be able to post your comments to any blog the normal way. This is just to fulfill your wish. Hope to hear from you again. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Whats in a name? The name All Blogs is taken. Whether All Blogs represent all bloggers is another thing.
If they do good by all means support them. If they go astray or deviate from anyones perceived right path stay away from them.

Heck I can register today a blog called Mother Of All Blogs and still it does not mean I represent everyone.

At the moment I support All Blog. Once I feel that they have ulterior motives or are being sponsored by someone undesireable (undesireable to me. I decide who is undesireable to me and no one else)or have deviated from the path of protecting blogger freedom, I will just leave. I can always blog on life and will not die if All Blogs members do not visit my blog.

mahaguru58 said...

Well Cikgu,

A name can make a whole world of difference to those who know what it implies!

Take the word 'Haram' or 'Halal'. Don't tell me that it makes no difference?

Same thing here with the misnomer of 'All Blogs'.

Anyway, I am not that worked up about it.

Just choosing to be independent!

You have your points, no doubt about it but in this case, it concerns a whole lot of people who are just being cautious.

Let's just leave them to it and see what takes place.