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Friday, May 25, 2007

Anwar Ibrahim - He just can't do a 'Nelson Mandela'!

I pity Saudara Anwar Ibrahim very much!
Not that the man is suffering any financial hardships or finding it hard to make a living or anything!

It's just that the poor guy is just getting himself mired down from one sticky mess to another due to his 'impatience' to be the CEO of Malaysia.

Yeah, he doesn't 'beat around the bush' about his aspirations. The reality is however that to be the Prime Minister of the Government and Kingdom of Malaysia, one needs to be the President of UMNO!

There is no way in the present political climate and scenario of our nation that the UMNO Supreme Council members or the Delegations of all the UMNO branches are gonna keel over and make room for him who has been banished from it's party to ever stage a comeback ala Nelson Mandela!

Anwar Ibrahim can never return to where he was before in UMNO! It's not only a matter that will be a 'Mission Impossible' ; it's more so a matter of personal integrity!

Anwar Ibrahim has so often declared that he will never return to UMNO!

The Malay saying of 'Kalau sudah berpatah arang, manakan boleh bertaut kembali?' comes to mind. Meaning ' if as a piece of charcoal is broken apart, there is no way it can be joined back to be whole again'.

Malays are known for their holding grudges and vendetta's against their enemies. Declared or kept simmering in their hearts. They may forgive but they surely will never forget!

After Anwar got sacked from his Deputy Premiership, he went around the country sharing his outrage and dissatisfactions against the many 'Brutus' he found amongst the UMNO Supreme Council members and his former mentor turned 'arch enemy' and 'nemesis' -Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, the PM back then!

Anwar spoke openly about many things that the ones responsible for his ouster from the 2nd highest seat of power in the government were guilty of and laid open some secrets that only he knew.

He was pissed off after being disgraced as no other Malaysian DPM has ever suffered at the hands of Mahathir and his forever kowtowing Cabinet (back then)!

His disclosures made them seethe in anger and the rest is history!

Anwar was the first VVIP Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister who was sacked unceremoniously and bludgeoned blue black by the then Inspector General of the Royal Malaysian Police, stripped naked in the Bukit Aman Police HQ cell, had his image and self respect destroyed systematically by the wily Tun Dr.Mahathir and accused to be a bloody filthy sodomite, not fit for office!

His trial was more like a 'kangaroo court' thingy and after being incarcerated for 6 long years under trumped up charges, the man was finally released from prison after the justice system ruled in favor of his appeal and acquitted him after Mahathir was no longer in power!

In a way, Anwar Ibrahim is indebted to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for not interfering with the judicial system in his case.

God knows as to whether Anwar is really guilty of all that he had been charged with and accused of but then again, my question is ' Is anyone of us really squeaky clean and free from sin?'

Mahathir remains obstinate to this day about his stand that Anwar is rotten to the core and a sodomite!

Why the hell did he remain quiet about him all those years that he groomed Anwar to be his deputy and second in command? What other proofs does he want to show to prove his allegations? Being who he is , there is no way that he can say he didn't know?

He had tabs on everyone in his Cabinet. He was the ultimate Commander in Chief of Malaysia and his intelligence unit was par excellente!

Is Anwar what Mahathir says he is? We will never know. All we have before us is what the courts have ruled and deemed to be the truth and nothing but the truth.

The reality is ...'truth' can be conjured up to be this and that and fabricated or conjured up to be whatever the 'powers to be' want and we know that anything is possible nowadays especially so when it is concerning power and position in the highest offices of this and any other nation on earth!

So, Anwar got his freedom finally and returned to his family. After spending his time overseas recuperating and had restorative surgery carried out on his spine, the 'Reformist' is now on the verge of being able to take part in the politics of this nation again after serving his sentence.

The problem with Anwar is that he is just too bloody excited and impatient to be back in power and it shows in the manner in which he was so carried out doing a 'jig' in the recent Ijok 'buy election'.

RTM, the main choreographer of the BN's mass media propaganda machine so cleverly exploited that scene of Anwar doing a 'bergencok' to the beat of the Indian drums accompanying his former tennis partner and long time friend Dato Nallakarupan on the election stage and unable to hold his excitement over the supposedly repeat of the PKR's win in Lunas in the last election there, screwed himself by that one moment of over anticipation!

Thus, that clip of him doing the jig was repeatedly broadcast over the prime news slot in RTM's TV effectively destroying any little feelings of sympathy or trust that the people came to have on him to be one whom they could trust again after his episode in prison and having his reputation sullied by the former PM and his 'yes'men.

It's not easy to recover lost trust and Anwar just spoilt his chances to make a comeback into the hearts of the Malaysian 'gullible' public when he lost control of himself over there that night in Ijok!

It's true that the poor man did no major sin in dancing to the rhythm and beat of the Indian drums...but to the ordinary villager being brainwashed repeatedly of the scene showing Anwar 'bergencok' it came across as a sign of arrogance and raising doubts as to whether 'this is the man that they want to support?'.

I am speaking from my heart as I see where Anwar slipped up and destroyed any slim chances that the PKR had in winning that by election.

The chances of the PKR clinching the votes of the people of Ijok was further dealt another 'boo boo' when it's candidate Tan Sri Khalid had a slip of the tongue in asking the people to vote for the Barisan Nasional when he was standing for election as the Opposition's candidate!

Whether it is true that RTM manipulated the videoclip and had it edited to come out like that, the damage was done and the results of that election again saw the PKR's hopes and dreams evaporated and dissipate away into the night.

Do not underestimate the awesome power of multimedia! With today's state of the art advancements in technology, anything can be done to turn the truth into false and false into the 'truth'.

They can turn a 'saint' into a sinner and vice versa!

Now, I hear Anwar is accused of interfering with the way things are taking place in PKR's internal politics and he is said to have denied his friend Nallakaruppan the candidacy in Ijok which he had promised to him in the first place before asking Dato Nalla to relinquish his place and had Tan Sri Khalid nominated to stand for election there where he lost due to all the above stated factors.

Anwar is also accused of interfering in the PKR Youth Elections and his contesting for the party's Presidency against his own wife, the incumbent PKR President, Datin Dr.Wan Azizah, who sacrificed so much for him and against another candidate and old timer in PKR for the seat.

Talk about them being power crazy! Even when Anwar has received more than 120 nominations from the entire PKR divisions ; his wife and incumbent PKR President has received 20 and the other challenger only 10, none of the two challenging him wants to back out and let him be the President of the PKR!

What does that tell us about politics? It's all about power and position. Money, fame and an ego trip!

The husband taking on his wife and the wife still adamant to hold on to her position and not give way to her husband, the very man for whom she fought for all these while and sacrificed so much!

Now, do you wonder why some dinosaurs from Mahathir's Cabinet still clampdown onto their seats of power? It's all about money! Power and position!

We are talking billions and millions of cold hard cash here or is it now just a matter of figures stashed away in offshore and foreign banks?

Samy Vellu asks ' who can do a better job in taking 'care' of the Works Ministry if not him? The man speaks as if he is an immortal! He just lost his younger brother. My condolences.

Anyway, back to Samy.

Does he think that if he was to drop dead today, the nation is going to go under? All the bridges, highways and infrastructure gonna implode the second he kicks the bucket? Humbug!!!

'Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut'! Every living being will taste Death! None is gonna be here forever save Almighty Allahu Ta'ala.

Same goes for Keng Yaik, Rafidah Aziz, Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal! All seem to be so bloody reluctant to let go of power or their positions although they are all past their due dates!

RTM today in it's TV News slot had it's news anchor ( the Malay lady in the 'Sharizat Jalil style' tudung ) smear another new insult upon Anwar when the usage of the word 'wahyu' @ 'divine revelation' was uttered by the newscaster attributing it to Anwar's 'meddling' in the powerplay taking place in the PKR!

Really devilish of RTM to stoop to such low levels of character assassinations of the BN's opponents and in which RTM now seems to excel so unabashedly!

Does Anwar have any chance to ever stage a comeback to the seats of power when faced with such dirty rotten tricks of the trade and having to deal with the BN's SEDIA GEMPUR' thug squads further strengthened by their mass media mega propaganda machine under the tutelage of it's Information Minister , a former journalist and staunch Mahathir 'hero worshipper' in the person of Datuk Zainuddin Maidin?

It's impossible! Anwar just can't do what Nelson Mandela did. The circumstances and situations here are just not the same as in South Africa where even after suffering from the injustice of apartheid, the people there still managed to have a change in government and now enjoy a sense of freedom to choose whom they please to lead them in government.

Over here in Bolehland, the only one's who can 'Boleh' seems to be the BN. The Opposition are just too disunited and disorganized, constantly squabbling amongst themselves over issues such as the Bumi, Non Bumi matters, Race and Religion differences and remain as they were since Independence way back in 1957.

In my opinion, Anwar Ibrahim just can't stage a comeback ala Nelson Mandela. Period.


Sagaladoola said...

Hi there,

To add to the Nelson Mandela attempt....

I would say Anwar cannot pull it off here because majority Malaysians are too scared and unconcerned for that.


mahaguru58 said...

Yeah. We both know whom to blame for that sense of fear and 'tidak apathy'.

Abdullah Badawi during his first few months promised us a freer atmosphere and some improvement in the freedom to speak our minds thingy...but as we all know , it remains mere hype.

Anwar is as they say, an icon of the past.

He must learn to accept that his chances of staging a successful comeback will be nothing short of a miracle!