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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Anwar Ibrahim withdraws from contesting PKR Presidency!

Fearing the Registrar of Societies threat to deregister the Parti Keadilan Rakyat if he goes ahead and stands for election as the candidate for the post of President in the PKR 4th National Congress now taking place at the Chung Hua High School, Seremban, Negri Sembilan, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has withdrawn himself from the elections.

He remains as the Special Adviser to the PKR.

The other contestant Abdul Rahman Osman, the former Treasurer of the party also withdrew himself from the elections and as a result , the incumbent PKR President, Datin Seri Dr.Wan Azizah retained her position uncontested.

Dr.Syed Husin Ali, was returned unopposed as the PKR Deputy President.

In a sense, the PKR has been saved from further turmoil as a result of cool heads prevailing at this crucial stage of their party facing so many challenges from both within and outside the party especially when the General Elections are just around the corner.

Anwar Ibrahim needs to hold his horses and bide his time till he is totally free to return to actively take part in the nation's politics in April, 2008.

Till then, he can do his part in smoothing out the framework and operations of the multi-ethnic and multi-faithed party that came into being solely for the reason of fighting to free him from prison.

I mean, if he is really sincere in wanting to do something for the people of this nation, I am sure that he doesn't need to be the President of the party just yet. Anwar Ibrahim can work towards carrying out more beneficial charity activities and help the poor and downtrodden of this nation.

Sometimes, people like him who are educated and have a religious background from his ABIM days, forget that to be able to achieve anything when working with people, they first need to capture the hearts and minds of the people before running for whatever positions they so desire.

But then, I remember a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Salalahu Alaihi Wassallam who forbids the giving of public office to those who ask for it. I will post it later here to add to it's authenticity.

Anwar Ibrahim should take his time now and strengthen his party's operations to really stand up to it's declaring to be the 'Justice Party of the People'.

At the moment I am typing here, I read that the Indians in the PKR are quitting the party one by one headed by Dato' Nallakaruppan, Anwar's longtime friend and who also suffered imprisonment as a result of the actions against Anwar whereby the police raided his home and 'discovered' unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

Well, it really doesn't matter when such folks want to leave. PKR should be a party that practices what it preaches. Members should be free to leave the party and only those who are serious and committed to their struggles should remain.

Do not simply take in any Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy who desert their places in UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and any other of the coalition parties of the ruling BN when they can't get their way or secure projects from their positions and connections there and try to mosey over to the PKR intending to be a 'big fish in a little pond'.

PKR must also set a certain standard in not taking in those who have vested interests or hidden agendas and are just coming in to become 'remora's' and stick to Anwar's butt and try to curry favor with the party leadership in order to further their own personal causes!

When Anwar was incarcerated, many of such types deserted ship and left the party. That's a clear sign of their true colors and exposes their true intentions to the reasons of why they entered the party.

Whatever it is, Anwar faces a monumental task ahead in trying to stage a comeback in his political adventures in Malaysia.

I wrote earlier as to why I think Anwar won't be able to do a 'Nelson Mandela' just yet due to all the restrictions and legal roadblocks being put by the ruling BN in his path back to the top?

As one who was very supportive of him whom I thought to be the best candidate to run this country after Mahathir back then, I still haven't washed off my hands in wishing him all the best in his attempt to be the comeback kid in this nation's political arena after all that he has gone through. I just wish to advice him to watch out for all the potholes and 'booby traps' such as the one the ROS has warned him of in his desire to be the President of the PKR.

I am sure Anwar wouldn't wanna screw up his chances this time around. Be safe than sorry, bro!

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