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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Diabetes Mellitus -It's Confirmed. I am a Diabetic!

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims reading this and May Peace be upon the rest! Ameen.

Well, it's confirmed. I am now officially a Diabetic.

I went to check the results of my Blood Test at the Lady Templar Hospital @ Klinik Kesihatan Cheras this morning.

The results show that I had tested positive for Diabetes, the dreaded condition that billions suffer from. All my years of drinking Coca Cola has finally come to this.

Hehehehe... Can I seek damages from the world's # 1 soft drink giant company? Any ideas?

I was fortunate to be seen by Dr.Razila Farra binti Razali, who was very pleasant in her manners and the way she took her time to explain to me my condition and how it came to be.

She also gave me some reading material about Diabetes , how to control it, my diet plan and advised me to start exercising regularly! I am so glad to have the good luck to be seen by a caring doctor.

Usually, we hear of doctors who are aloof and have a certain kind of dismissive attitude in the nation's government clinics and hospitals.

Dr. Razila was however a rare gem and truly a professional who made me feel comfortable during my check up.

She has prescribed me 'Metformin HCI 500 mg' to be taken orally half a tablet in the morning after breakfast and another half tablet after dinner. Prescription given for a month. Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT bless the good doctor. Ameen.

I thank the Ministry of Health for subsidizing the medical treatment for us the citizens and charge us just a ringgit for the consultation and prescription of medicine. If I had gone to a private clinic or hospital, the bills alone would kill me! :P

I know some folks would say that it's our money as we pay our taxes and it is just right that we get the proper treatments from the government medical centers accordingly.

Still, I believe we have to appreciate such services and the facilities we have being provided to us by the authorities and not just be a griping 'nitpicker' all the bloody time as some ingrates do!

Back to my health history. I had quit smoking in 1987 when I got married for the first time as a post marriage vow to myself.

Quitting smoking however opened up a craving for sweets and I had indulged myself very much since then.

Anyway, I am grateful to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for sparing me the complications of the condition that makes many lose their limbs due to negligence of not taking care of their ailments.

I also thank Allah the Merciful for giving me the chance to realize my condition now before I deteriorate into a much severe condition if I had been ignorant about my condition.

I have had the good luck of realizing my true health status as a result of my taking the blood sugar level test last month when I went to visit my sister at the Phang Oo Lang Treatment Centre in Kepala Batas, Penang.

I has tested a very high 18.8 for the blood sugar level then.

After taking the prescribed herbal medication which I obtained from the centre, I had tested as above in the result of the blood test done at the Lady Templar Hospital @ Cheras Clinic - 12 .0 (fasting) and 17.3 (after drinking a glass of very sweet glucose drink).

Alhamdulillah, today I have been tested again and the reading is down to 13.8.

This is after taking the herbal medications for the past two weeks now from the Phang Oo Lang Treatment Centre and eating normally albeit going easy on the drinks.

I now take the no calories Equal Sugar with my black coffee. No more sweetened condensed milk for me. Coke is out of the question altogether. No more sweets too...:(

Once in a while, I settle for a 100 Plus Isotonic drink just to satisfy my palate.

So, those of you who are healthy, do take care of yourselves and avoid ending up like me. Go easy on the canned drinks and reduce your intake of all the sweet but potentially deadly foods and drinks.

I have seen what Diabetes can do to our limbs when I was at the Treatment Centre in Kepala Batas. The wailing of the old Chinese lady still remains fresh in my mind.

Got to avoid ending up like that! Damn scary!

Best to be safe now and start changing my routine for the sake of a healthy tomorrow.

May Allah SWT grant me that! Ameen. All my best to you folks.


Friend from Texas said...


I am sorry to hear about this.

But stay positive. With medical technology and knowledge these days, this disease can be successfully managed.

I think the hardest part will be in terms of self-regulation; I can identify with that, having a very hearty sweet-tooth myself. But I think you're a strong chap and you'll pull thru the sweet temptations in one piece.

Take care man. And I wish you all the best.

mahaguru58 said...

Thanks for the comforting words FFT!

You sure brightened up my day!

Will do my best to control my diabetes from now on and live a healthier lifestyle!

Thanks once again for your wellwishes!

You take care of yourself too.