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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lina Joy Case Follow Up - Let the hate games begin!

" Whoever declares that There is No God but Allah and becomes a Muslim has pledged a covenant with Allah and they aren't allowed to break it!" Period.

This uttering of Belief in Allah, God Almighty is not like making a date with your girl or boyfriend and then calling it off. You don't play play with God. Once you are a Muslim, you stay a Muslim, live as a Muslim and die as one.

There is no backing out of your covenant with Allah. Period. You who want to be Muslims better be a 100% sure of your faith and keep to your covenant with Him or stay out of Islam. You do not fool around with God.

Learn about Islam, your birthright from the authentic sources and do not get played out by those who have ulterior motives and just want to take you for a ride, literally as that idiot did in Singapore recently and the other Malay chap calling himself Rasul Allah!

These kind of devils in human form are always on the prey and will lead you to hell the minute you let your guard down and get duped into their deviant cults and beliefs.

Islam is not to be faulted for the screwup's that vermin like those do. Same goes for the others.

Actions of the demented few do not portray the true character of any creed or belief.

I envisioned that my reaction to the Federal Court of Malaysia's Landmark Judgment against Azalina binti Jailani @ 'Lina Joy' will surely bring forth a deluge of protests from those who were clamoring for her to be the first official murtad @ apostate here in Malaysia and I have not been proved wrong!

Blogger Antares has sent me a comment lambasting my rejoicing over the decision and as he puts it in his own word here as it came..unedited and as it is. Read on and see what kind of emotions this case's judgment has unearthed.

I am sure that many of Islam's enemies out there are feeling disappointed and will rant and rave for nothing about this.

The irony is that these Islamophobics fail to realize that we Muslims have every right to defend and fight for our religion and protect our fellow brothers and sisters as best as we can from falling into the way of the Devil.

Na'uzu billahi min zalik! May Allah Forbid!

I don't give a rat's ass to all these rantings. The Islamophobics can go fly kite as far as I care!

Especially those 'holier than thou' vermins who think that they are so much more better than those of us who just speak up for our faith and want to protect our fellow Muslims.
Those who come in and comment decently and state your views on an acceptable manner and decorum will be allowed to take part in discussing this matter. Those who just are full of shit can save me the trouble and keep it all to yourselves.
I swear to support this judgment against this 'Application to Apostate' and congratulate the Federal Court of Malaysia for saving the nation from unnecessary grief and turmoil that will surely erupt here in this nation if it had ruled otherwise!
Malaysian Muslims are grateful to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for this result!

Here is my first 'hatemail'. Let the hate games begin! I am all for Azalina remaining a Muslim!

Please state your religion before commenting if you have any valid grounds to comment here.
Antares said...

I find it incomprehensible that you would rejoice over this gross and grotesque violation of every human being's right to determine his or her own set of beliefs or unbeliefs. This is akin to spiritual RAPE, my friend - FORCING somebody against their will to embrace an institutionalized dogma! How enlightened is that, I ask you? Do you think this will win Islam (as it is practised in Malaysia by the Malays) more friends? Or will it merely make the rest of us shake our heads sadly and feel great pity for those whose mindsets are so narrow you couldn't possibly pass a rational thought through their braincells. I hope you can step back from your fanaticism and come to realize that you've created a cruel, bigoted, insensitive, tyrannical and twisted deity in your own image.

mahaguru58 said...

First and foremost, thanks for stopping by.

The thing is brother Antares, this is clearly an internal thingy between us Muslims and does not involve the Non Muslims or 'freethinkers'.

You see, as a Muslim, I have every reason to rejoice for the landmark decision by the Chief Justice of Malaysia to deny the apostate wannabe her decision to be 'Lina Joy'.

This is the rule from the Chief Justice my friend, not from any neighborhood Rasta Masta.

It also concerns the position of Islam, my faith.

I have yet to know you in person bro..but from reading your blog, I figure that you aren't a Muslim, hence I can understand where your views are coming from.

No worries bro. U just do what u feel is right FOR YOU and leave us Muslims to be as we are expected by Allah, God Almighty to be.

What might seem as fanatical to you is but realization of the truth in Life to those of us who do study and learn about our faith and not think that we just suddenly came into being or as a result of any 'Grand Poobah' sitting with a garland or two smoking a joint comes to conjure up, my friend.

I am a Muslim. I don't give a shit as to what those who know nuts about my faith or delude themselves to be tries to cry foul or what about things that do not concern them.

Islam is not a country club membership my friend where one comes in or goes out as one pleases.

It's a one way ticket to either hell or heaven, whichever one merits as a result of one's conviction or ignorance.

Those whom we get to teach and educate about what Islam is and what it is surely not, then have a choice to make. They decide where their future lies.

The problem is that as the Muslims of this land get neglected by an apathetic ruler or rulers over the years as to the state of their faith and religious practices which are actually not as individualistic as you perceive but more of a collective social obligation to look out for one another as Islam is a communal faith, they get waylaid by opportunists from other faiths and those who have no faith into apostatizing from Islam due to their ignorance.

I could actually say to hell with those who come in and try to teach me about my faith or whatever form of 'freewill' and all the crap that goes with it, but starting today, I am hereby declaring my stand to fight for my religion and defend it's Ummah to the best of my abilities and kick ass if I have to.

Brother Antares,

Best would be for those of you who aren't Muslims to just back off and let us be.

Any attempts to interfere with the Aqeedah of any Muslim here in Malaysia by any one of you is tantamount to declaring war on us collectively.

Azalina Jailani is my sister in Islam and no matter what she might think she is at this moment, the truth in Islam is that we give her her rights to be advised accordingly for a couple of times according to what has been prescribed in OUR FAITH...not yours or any other non Muslim out there!

The Syariah Courts have the AUTHORITY to judge over her not you or me or any other Tom, Ah Seng or Samy!

Instead of you trying to bedevil us Muslims, why not do the right thing and just stay out of this case?

It has nothing to do with you or your 'Grand Poo Bah' or whatever it is you venerate?

Just go on listening to the sounds of the jungle that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has created for us and be at peace with your dear self.

Got no quarrels with you bro except if you insist.

Have a peaceful day!And please spare me the labels .

I am not looking for any such brandings or wishing to be a deity as you infer above.

Allah Alone Knows me best bro..not you or any other creature here on Earth.


Rauff said...

Anteras idols are mostly dead people. Who in my opinion are bigots themselves. But hey he shouts for the human rights~ So I am shouting mine I have the right to uplift my religion. Haaahh.

To Lina Joy: I suggest that you faraway and don't come back....because if some quarters find you, you wont be able to lift or bat an eyelid no more.

Friend from Texas said...

Oh boy.

No, I wouldn't go so far as to call you an extremist. You're an OK dude, perhaps just caught up in the emotions as both sides are.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the MAIN issue here is that you guys do not want aa matter to do with Islamic legislation to be dealt with in a civil court (i.e. jurisdictional issue), is it?

[I'm just trying to figure this out...not a trick question in typical FFT style, promise].

While I understand the magnitude of apostacy for Muslims, is it true that the actual apostacy itself is a secondary issue to the jurisdictional one?

Peace out man. At the end of the day, she had due process in the courts, and I can respect that. (Bias is another issue, not worth discussing here).

But from my perspective, although she lost, it is inevitably Islam and Muslims who suffer from the blowback and assume the role of the real losers. The bloke who commented above me is also fulfilling one of the many stereotypes about Muslims and violence.

Anyways, summer is here. Time to go smell the flowers and sneeze.

mahaguru58 said...

Hahahaha dear ol' FFT!

Wondered when you'd be popping by and here you as as yours truly anticipated!

Hehehehehe...might give that Lillian Too a run for her money by my 'predictions'...hahahahaha...

Well, as you might have come to know me by now, I am not your typical 'frothing at the mouth ready to 'blow up' scimitar wielding bloke ready to slice you up the minute you sneeze in disagreement with me here...hehehehe.

I am all for interfaith discussions and all that but I truly feel that the Muslims and Islam in particular has been getting a lot of stick from the Islamophobes out there and being allowed to get away with it ...all these while.

Well, FFT, yours truly can just take as much shit from those kind and I believe that as a Muslim who loves my faith for what it is and not for what it has been misconstrued to be , I feel it's time to set the records straight.

You, of all people are bloody infamous for running down the Muslims in MT and as such are known by those who have come to despise you as the 'King of the Heap' there ...hehehehe

Myself, I know that beneath all that hype and BS you spew forth against the likes of those who can't do the 'samba' with you emotionally or intellectually, there is a rational soul in there amidst all that rantings and ravings and calling those poor blokes who can't duel verbally with you as camel humpers and the sorts that you so love to label them poor blokes with!

The thing is dear FFT, Islam is actually beautiful and just.

How do we define just when so many things seem so 'cruel' or constricting you might argue?

The realization of what Islam entails is not very visible to most folks and that includes a majority of Muslims themselves.

The fault of these ignorance about the realities of Islam lies with the learned ones in today's Islamic world.

Too much bureaucracy and hype cloud their judgments and makes them fear Death and love this temporal life prostituting their principles and values for power and position , kowtowing to the corrupt and unjust rulers who fail to implement and uphold God's Laws as He Commands.

The result is the current Islamophobia and ignorance clutching at the life's and souls of the misguided ones such as Lina Joy and the many closet apostates we all know exist out there.

Please keep in touch with me if you have any stuff you feel like thrashing out at my address.

Insya Allah, will love to share with you what I have come to learn and know to be the truth and nothing but the truth.

As a diabetic, my days are numbered now my friend, hence , get back to me el pronto on this if you so wish.

May Allah lift us all to a better level of tolerance and give us the wisdom to uphold our rights to better quality of exchanges as decent humanbeings than succumb to our raging emotions that will just make devils out of us all! Ameen.

Muslims can be just as nice as me if you let them or allow them to be. :)

As you go smell the flowers, watch out for the bees. Don't want you to get stung! Hahahahaha!

Take care bro.

Malaysian Unplug said...

mahaguru 58

You should read the Al-Quran in its totality. If you do so, you will realise that Allah would have been more compassionate to Azlina Jailani than many self-proclaimed muslims.

Rejoicing at the suffering of any human being is not what the Al-Quran wants muslims to have.

Azlina Jailani has been a Christian for more than 2 years. She has been praying to Nabi Isa as a Christian, been eating pork.

Do you think you want her IC to have her religion as Islam still?

As one reader said on the internet, then we have a legal Muslim (on the IC) who goes to the Christian every Sunday, believes in the Holy Trinity and have been eating pork and other non-halal food.

What victory is that for Islam and for the Muslims, really.

What you are rejoicing is not for Islam, you are rejoicing at the Law of Malaysia. Nothing else.

Many Muslims, those who can think outside their own Islamic beliefs, still think the Federal Court's ruling is a disservice to Islam. Simply, it will not bring Lina Joy to become a Muslim back again. Her IC name is Lina Joy.

The way you put up your posting on verses from the Al-Quran to justify your view is, in my view, degrading the sacredness and sanctity of the suras of the Al-Quran.

I can understand the hurt of fellow Muslims of having someone leaving Islam, but I am disappointed with the way you react to the Federal Court's ruling. The ruling is not to the advantage of Islam. You should look read deeper in the Al-Quran, not just cut and paste the relevant verses because many of us can also quote other competing verses to disagree your point of view.

We should not disgrace the suras by cutting and paste those sacred verses to fulfill our prejudiced views.

We have to accept that there are others amongst us who will leave Islam, and this has been so throughout history.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear malaysian unplug,

It is not fitting for you as a non muslim to try teach me about my religion or to impose your views as to how I or any other Muslim should react and respond to this issue.

Why accuse me of copy pasting the Surah when you are a master of it in your blog?

Let's be clear about one thing.

We Muslim's don't have to submit to the whims and fancies of the Non Muslims.

We submit only to Allah, God Almighty and whatever folks who aren't Muslims want to rant and rave about anything does not worry us a jot!

When we all die, we shall know who's been right and who's gonna go to hell?

When we Muslim's protect ourselves, you call us prejudiced!!!

How more hypocritical can you be?

Don't come here and try to pick a quarrel with me sir; you stick to your ideals and I will to mine.

I end with this Hadith :

" Whoever seeks the pleasure of Allah in that which incurs the anger of the people, Allah will take care of him, so he doesn't depend on what the people have to bestow. And whoever seeks the pleasure of people in what incurs Allah's Anger, Allah leaves him to the people."
(Related by Tirmidhi)

Friend from Texas said...

Hahahaha! Lillian Too ain't got sh*t on you. You were 100% accurate (either that, or I'm too predictable these days!)

Anyways, thanks for your kind words on your assessment of my personality. You ain't too bad yourself, and that may probably go a long way coming from the so-called "King of the Heap"!

As for your comments pertaining to Islam; no I don't really believe Islam is screwed up. I think it is just misunderstood...even by Muslims.

On another note:
As a diabetic, my days are numbered now my friend, hence , get back to me el pronto on this if you so wish.

Listen dude, we're all numbered. The way I see it, you have more motivation to live each day more fully and will be inspired to appreciate more of each passing minute.

And stay away from the kuih muih! They're deadly! Even if you're not diabetic.