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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



Subhanallah! Alhamdulillah! Wallahu Akbar! La haula wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil azhim!

Allah is the Greatest! Most Glorified is He! There is none more powerful than Him, the Most Majestic!

I received great news that the Federal Court has ruled that Azalina binti Jailani remains as a Muslim and her MyKad will remain as it is stating her religion to be so.

Click here to watch Brother Yusri Muhammad, the President of ABIM @ Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia and Chairman of PEMBELA, a coalition of Muslim Associations here in Malaysia speak about the results of the judgment concerning Lina Joy.

This is indeed a glorious day for us Muslims in Malaysia!

I have been praying that the application by her will be dismissed and the status of Islam here in this nation remains supreme and that the Syariah Court will prevail over this blatant attempt by her who has been misled by the Christian missionaries will be now brought to trial before the Syariah Court and judged according to the Syariah Laws now!

MENJ has posted about it too here.

I have been holding my peace about this case all this while because it is a matter that was before the courts and I didn't want to stoke the simmering passions and emotions further for not wanting to create any untoward incidents as a result!

Today, my prayers and all the other millions of Muslims in Malaysia have been answered and the Federal Court has administered justice to this case as it should!

I await the follow up on Azalina binti Jailani by the Mahkamah Syariah @ Syariah Court where as an apostate who has made her status known publicly, she is now guilty of a major sin in Islam.

She must be brought before the Syariah Court and charged with the crime of apostasy!

I want to see what our Syariah Courts are going to rule with? Man made lukewarm excuses of the laws of their own making or according to what the Holy Qur'an and Hadiths of Allah's Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam prescribes?

What is it going to be?

As for now, I am so relieved with this decision that if it had been in her favor, will see an eruption of emotions from amongst the concerned Muslims of Malaysia who will not be silent and passive anymore!

Islam and Muslims in Malaysia have been provoked times and times again by those who just do not know how to appreciate the freedom we have right here in this nation and we have been ridiculed, taunted and challenged by those who have a hidden agenda to undermine the supremacy of God's Chosen Faith for all Mankind all these while!

Well, I for one think the time has come to address and eliminate all these destructive venom that threatens to destroy the peace and harmony in our beloved nation by these elements who harbor ill will and anarchy towards us Muslims all these while!

Lina Joy needs to be charged in the Syariah Courts proper according to the Syariah Laws of the Kingdom of Malaysia.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has laid down the laws and rules for us Muslims and as she is a Muslim unless ruled otherwise by the Syariah Courts of this Government of Malaysia, she must be charged as such.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala give our leaders the strength and wisdom plus the courage to hold high the banner of Kalimah At Tauheed to reign supreme over this blessed land!

Syabas to the Right Honorable Chief Justice of Malaysia, Tun Dato' Seri Ahmad Fairuz bin Dato' Sheikh Abdul Halim (pictured above) and His Honor Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff for ruling in favor of Islam and the Syariah Courts plus the NRD's decision to deny the apostate wannabe her misguided wishes!

May Almighty Allah bless them both and give them their due rewards in the Akhirah! Ameen!

I can understand Justice Richard Malanjun's dissenting views and decision about the case. The missionaries will surely curse him like hell if he agrees with the Chief Justice on this.

Whatever it is, justice has been served and the nation has been spared a tragedy in the making if the judgment had been otherwise!

This day will be remembered forever in the annals of this nation's history as a momentous moment when Islam was put up for trial in the courts of Man.

Alhamdulillah, Islam has prevailed and will always prevail provided the Muslims start taking care of their faith and their fellow Muslims!

Failure to nip deviants and apostasy in the bud gave birth to the likes of 'Lina Joy' who surely today is a victim of the foul plays of the Christian Missionaries and the apathy of the Muslims in her life to help and support her when she was lost and fell prey to the advances of that Indian Catholic.

The apathy of the Muslims in Malaysia and the failure of the relevant authorities running the various Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri's and Persekutuan is the reason why cases like Lina Joy have come into being!

All the religious departments should take a cue from this landmark victory of Islam against this attempt to officially declare her apostasy to be valid and they must buck up and shape up!

It's time to seek and destroy all the enemies of Islam who are waging a covert war against us and masquerading as fighters for 'human rights' and seek to infiltrate and convert as many Malays from Islam into Christianity with their many guises.

It's also time for the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration to spring clean the Jabatan Kemajuan Islam from the deadwoods and parasites who have failed to perform their duties as entrusted to them.

No more excuses or just demotions. Sack the incompetent ones and replace the lethargic Heads of Departments who are just idling their times away at the expense of the government's reputation and reformat the entire Islamic Department to be an effective, pro active and efficient force! Abdullah Badawi can do it if he so chooses! May Allah SWT guide him so!

Congratulations to all Muslims in Malaysia and throughout the world for this day! I'm so glad!

Takbir!!! ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! Syukur Alhamdulillah!

Wabillahi taufeek walhidayah. Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh!


Antares said...

I find it incomprehensible that you would rejoice over this gross and grotesque violation of every human being's right to determine his or her own set of beliefs or unbeliefs. This is akin to spiritual RAPE, my friend - FORCING somebody against their will to embrace an institutionalized dogma! How enlightened is that, I ask you? Do you think this will win Islam (as it is practised in Malaysia by the Malays) more friends? Or will it merely make the rest of us shake our heads sadly and feel great pity for those whose mindsets are so narrow you couldn't possibly pass a rational thought through their braincells. I hope you can step back from your fanaticism and come to realize that you've created a cruel, bigoted, insensitive, tyrannical and twisted deity in your own image.

mahaguru58 said...

First and foremost, thanks for stopping by.

The thing is brother Antares, this is clearly an internal thingy between us Muslims and does not involve the Non Muslims or 'freethinkers'.

You see, as a Muslim, I have every reason to rejoice for the landmark decision by the Chief Justice of Malaysia to deny the apostate wannabe her decision to be 'Lina Joy'.

This is the rule from the Chief Justice my friend, not from any neighborhood Rasta Masta.

It also concerns the position of Islam, my faith.

I have yet to know you in person bro..but from reading your blog, I figure that you aren't a Muslim, hence I can understand where your views are coming from.

No worries bro. U just do what u feel is right FOR YOU and leave us Muslims to be as we are expected by Allah, God Almighty to be.

What might seem as fanatical to you is but realization of the truth in Life to those of us who do study and learn about our faith and not think that we just suddenly came into being or as a result of any 'Grand Poobah' sitting with a garland or two smoking a joint comes to conjure up, my friend.

I am a Muslim. I don't give a shit as to what those who know nuts about my faith or delude themselves to be tries to cry foul or what about things that do not concern them.

Islam is not a country club membership my friend where one comes in or goes out as one pleases.

It's a one way ticket to either hell or heaven, whichever one merits as a result of one's conviction or ignorance.

Those whom we get to teach and educate about what Islam is and what it is surely not, then have a choice to make. They decide where their future lies.

The problem is that as the Muslims of this land get neglected by an apathetic ruler or rulers over the years as to the state of their faith and religious practices which are actually not as individualistic as you perceive but more of a collective social obligation to look out for one another as Islam is a communal faith, they get waylaid by opportunists from other faiths and those who have no faith into apostatizing from Islam due to their ignorance.

I could actually say to hell with those who come in and try to teach me about my faith or whatever form of 'freewill' and all the crap that goes with it, but starting today, I am hereby declaring my stand to fight for my religion and defend it's Ummah to the best of my abilities and kick ass if I have to.

Brother Antares,
Best would be for those of you who aren't Muslims to just back off and let us be.

Any attempts to interfere with the Aqeedah of any Muslim here in Malaysia by any one of you is tantamount to declaring war on us collectively.

Azalina Jailani is my sister in Islam and no matter what she might think she is at this moment, the truth is Islam is that we give her her rights to be advised accordingly for a couple of times according to what has been prescribed in OUR FAITH...not yours or any other non Muslim out there!

The Syariah Courts have the AUTHORITY to judge over her not you or me or any other Tom, Ah Seng or Samy!

Instead of you trying to bedevil us Muslims, why not do the right thing and just stay out of this case?

It has nothing to do with you or your 'Grand PooBah' or whatever it is you venerate?

Just go on listening to the sounds of the jungle that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has created for us and be at peace with your dear self.

Got no quarrels with you bro except if you insist.

Have a peaceful day!And please spare me the labels .

I am not looking for any such brandings or wishing to be a deity as you infer above.

Allah Alone Knows me best bro..not you or any other creature here on Earth.

Wilson said...

you can win her physical body, her religious status on earth, but her heart remains a Christian.

And that's what counts most rite?

Trashed said...


You are right - "Islam is not a country club membership where one comes in or goes out as one pleases."

Dalam Malaysia ni, kita kena lahir dalam kelab ni,cam Hotel California le

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
relax, said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!

Tapi, what if I didn't ask for membership ?

mahaguru58 said...

Brother Wilson,

I will update you on that if I get to interview her.

As we can understand with her situation, that might not be easy at the moment.

When I do, I will ask her about all that we are concerned about.

As to whether she is a true 'Christian' or just at the crossroads, it is a matter to be decided later if I ever get to see her.

As for now, her status is only known to Allah, God Almighty.

mahaguru58 said...

Blogger thrashed,

One of my all time favorite karaoke songs too...hehehe

You can check out any time you like but you can never leave....exactly!

Now, that question about not having asked for membership is not ours to fret about not happy ...ask Him when you meet Him the hereafter.

As for choices, God gives us the faculty of reasoning and the freewill of choice.

Remember the Prophet's Migration?

Malaysia not to anyone's liking?

No one's stopping anyone from seeking other pastures where there is more freedom to do what you wish!

Well, that's what I think.

BrightEyes said...

"""It's time to seek and destroy all the enemies of Islam who are waging a covert war against us and masquerading as fighters for 'human rights' and seek to infiltrate and convert as many Malays from Islam into Christianity with their many guises."""

I guess you need a hobby for your spare time when you're not building pyramids.

Remember... always say "KOSONG" when ordering drinks, teh-tarik especially.

mahaguru58 said...

Ah my visitor from Indonesia,

Welcome. Nothing too special except what the Syariah Laws prescribe for her case.

Whether it is seen to be implemented is up to the rulers.

If it is up to me, I'd treat her with much care and compassion, which has been denied her through the apathy shown to her at the stage when she was most vulnerable.

We are enjoined to share with our fellow human beings the truth about Islam and use our wisdom to do so.

Islam is not what you misconstrue it to be my friend.

We are just looking out for one of our own.

Don't start about us being so gung ho about chopping off her neck or what although that is the penalty called for apostasy in both the Christian and Islamic Laws.

Problem is there has yet to be any Christian put to death for apostasy as far as I know.

Muslims are a bit more committed to our faith and if the law of the land is practiced as per what the Almighty Commands, such cases like these will be rarer.

Anyway, why should you fuss about it as it doesn't concern you ; being a Non Muslim?

This is an internal affair of the Muslims here in Malaysia.

From your writings, it shows that you are weirdly fixated in zooming in to Malaysian affairs.

Indonesia ain't exactly perfect in all areas bro..but as good neighbors, we don't pry or become nitpickers.

We here in Malaysia may not be perfect but we have been living in relative peace save for that chop up thingy in 1969.

We all know what took place in Ambon and the Moluccas recently, so let's not go over there just yet.

Try to improve life for your fellow Indonesians bro. You seem to be a very concerned bloke about such matters.

You should do your bit for the folks back home, not worry your head off about us, Malaysians.

Don't fret one's gonna chop off Azalina's head just yet.

Pray for her as we do. Insya Allah.

mahaguru58 said...

Not so bright after all bro, to insinuate that I have so much spare time as to go build pyramids.

I'd leave that to you engineers. Hehehehe.. betcha u can't come close to out do the ones in Giza!

Anyway, thanks for your advice regarding my dietary fluid intakes.

Sorry, I am no teh tarik drinker bro.

I am a coffee drinker and sorry to disappoint you, I have alternatives to cane sugar. I'm sure that u have heard of Equal . That's just as sweet as sweet can be. Anyway, appreciate your concern.

As for my search and destroy statement, it's more to do with the missionary activities and not yet grown to the stage of actual physical confrontation with anyone from the Bible Thumpers Society.

As much as the Christians are so keen to see more Malays be with them, I and my fellow Muslims are gonna counteract with our Dakwah al Hasanah. Fair game. Agreed?

Take care Bright Eyes. Put on some shades. Hehehehe.


Nkdwz said...

Dearest friend, I think that this issue involves both Muslim and non-muslim. And as far as I am concerns,Lina Joy case is a current hits news all over the globe. As a legal person, honestly I think that the decision by our honorable judges ( except the one and only ) are in line with our law. Bear in mind that Islam is the religion of the land. So, it is binding through out the Federation. So, anybody who feels that Malaysian law is rubbish, I think they better check their own legal system and see whether theirs are better or not.

I am overwhelmed by the decision made by the Palace of Justice.

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum Puan nkdwz,

It's heartening to see your dedication towards Islam and your compassion for your fellow Muslims.

It is young minds such as yours that will be amongst the policymakers of the future.

I wish you all the best in your studies and pray that you will excel as an outstanding Syarie lawyer, soon.

May Allah SWT bless you and shower you with the best of this world and the next, Ameen.


Jakartass said...

Oh dear, Mahguru.

You say: "God gives us the faculty of reasoning and the freewill of choice.

Yet your "faculty of reasoning" denies Lina Joy her "freewill of choice".

Surely this means that you are going against God's will.

I pray that you will soon receive true enlightenment.

Wan Zafran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said...

The superficiality of "Islam upholders" has only been augmented through the Lina Joy case. I am not saying Islam is a bad religion. I respect your religion. It is just that I do not think that this is really a goodway to "uphold Islam."

However, what all of you are doing to Lina is like a megaphone... it is as if those of you supporting the case are saying that Islam is about a name on one’s IC, a surface statement of “I am Malay and Islam”… What about the spiritual context that also encompasses personal choice and decision? Has that nothing to do with anything?

Lina has already declared she is Christian. SHE HAS EMBRACED THAT RELIGION PUBLICALLY. SHE HAS REJECTED, RENOUNCED ISLAM! In other words, SHE IS NO LONGER ISLAM. What is the use of retaining the world Islam is about the name on her IC?

I may not believe in the Allah you speak of, but follownig your belief, wouldn't Allah punish her already in the after life? Wouldn't she be guilty of sin already? Isn't it the faculty of her free will and decision, that God granted Adam and Hawa since the begining. God allowed Adam and Hawa to sin than punished them justly, he did not withhold them of the ability to choose to do wrong.

Tell me, did propher Mhd ever agree that a person was Islam by document, or by acceptance and belief of Allah that encompasses the soul and spirit?

Ironic that students today are forced to memorise on of the 35 moral nilais-”Kebebasan untuk Beragama”.

Remember, I do not put down Islam in itself. Islam is a religion I respect, but the way the Lina JOy case is being handled I do not agree with.

Farah said...

Is not forcing one into faith an oxymoron of sorts?

Noble Verse 2:217 "... And if any of you turn back from their faith (Islam) and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and in the hereafter; they will be companions of the fire and will abide therein."

Lina Joy has publically renounced Islam. You and I have no say over her faith. It is between her and Allah swt. Refusing to change Lina Joy's religion in her IC does not change the fact that she does not believe in Islam anymore.

Forcing religion unto others will only reflect badly on Muslims. The Islam I know and believe in does not do this.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear Michelle,

Very fair comments I might say from a Christian's perspective.

Personally, I don't really advocate keeping apostates in the faith by force as it is being practiced here in Malaysia.

The administration of Islamic Laws here is basically just lip service as I see it.

True Islamic Laws aren't being implemented here in Malaysia.

What we have before us is a diluted, self concocted version of laws that they pass off as the Syariah when it isn't!

I am going to write and publish a comparative study about what true Syariah laws are and what is being passed off as Islamic laws here.

Azalina Jailani is a MURTAD clearly and she must be judged according to the laws of Allah SWT and not by the laws of man.

What we were rejoicing wasn't really about her being denied the change of data in her IC but the ruling that her case must be heard before the Syariah Courts!

As a Muslim, I naturally will root for the Syariah laws to prevail but as I have stated above, the version of laws they have here in this nation is what I am not that happy about.

As a citizen, what can I as an individual do?

I have this platform of blogging to share my views and state my standpoint but where does that change anything?

None but maybe just let the readers know my point of views.

It's hypocritical to keep apostates like her in Islam, thus I would call for her to go plead her case in the syariah courts as the civil courts do not have jurisdiction in her matter.

The thing is , will she dare to do that?

I don't think so.

The Justice Department here is unique in the sense that we have two different systems catering to Muslims and Non Muslims.

As one who was born into Islam here, she is bound by the national rulings of Islamic administration that they have in place here.

This is Malaysia, not America, Britain or Saudi Arabia.

Rules and laws are different from country to country; so do not expect the Malaysian Parliament to just follow suit the 'freedoms of the West especially in matters as sensitive as religion.

To your asking about the 'Original sin' of Adam and Hawa, Allah the Almighty allowed them to sin for a purpose.

If Adam and Hawa had not sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, they would have remained up there in Paradise and all of us, generations after generations of mankind here on Earth would not have come into being.

Allah would not have an excuse to bring them down to populate the Earth if they had done no wrong!

It's all part and parcel of Allah's Master Plan for us humanbeings.

Why did He create us into so many different tribes and ethnicities?

He created Our Father the Prophet Adam from earth taken from ALL parts of the world hence when Eve was created from Adam's rib, she too carried the natural elements found in all parts of the world.

Allah allowed Satan to be in Paradise for a reason.

If not for His Master Plan, all of us mankind will not have come to exist and we would not be here commenting about this.

Not many can comprehend why this and that takes place dear Michelle.

This kind of knowledge is incomprehensible to the layman and average Joe or Jane. This delves into the world of Tasawwuf @ Spiritual Knowledge and it is only fit to be discussed with those who share a common level of understanding about such things.

Why bring Prophet Muhammad into the picture about such documentations?

You and I know that during the Prophet's times, paper and documentation as we have now didn't exist!

Yet there was papyrus,deerskin, flat bones , clay tablets, etcetera which were used to record down ancient scripts and agreements etcetera to the agreements of that era.

Please be relevant in your statements.

Our life now and during the times of the Prophet aren't the same, is it?

Let's stick to the subject matter.

Malaysia is on it's own. The Malays are unique in that they have come to be ruled as such to be those who speak, practice and live according to the traditions of their forefathers and are deemed to be Muslims since Parameswara embraced Islam and the entire Peninsular Malays gradually embraced Islam from being Hindus.

You not happy with that situation, take your case to the courts.

I or any other ordinary citizen can do nuts about it.

I myself would love to see the apostates and the Muslims in Name Only be judged according to the Qur'an but you and I know that , as long as the Islamic authorities of Malaysia just rule according to their own interpretations of the syariah, things will remain as they are for all time unless PAS rules the land.

Then, we might see some action.

As far as the BN rules, Islamic justice will never come into being and you will see lots more cases like Lina Joy be delegated to the sidelines.

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Neither here nor there. Poor soul.

I rejoiced not for her but for the Syariah Courts. Let that be clear.

I pity the woman no less but she should know better than to go pull that stunt!

Whatever it is, thanks for your comments. Peace to you too.

mahaguru58 said...


Read my reply to Michelle here.

You do not know me enough to assume anything about me or have the right to say anything as to the matter.

I post as I feel and not to please you nor anyone else.

Nkdwz said...


Mahaguru, it's me again. Seems like those non-muslims ( as well as few muslims ) fail to understand the Islamic law regarding apostacy as well as our legal system. They have to know that in Malaysia we do not practice Hudud law and thus, contrary to popular beleive, Lina Joy will not be killed @ hanged in the public. Neither her hand will be cut-off because it is the punishment for other crime.

The court denies her right to delete the word Islam in her Mykad and as far as Malaysian law is concern, the decision is within its jurisdiction. But of course, the court could not control her faith and beleive. She can still go to church every Sunday and read the Bible. It is her choice and nobody can stop her from doing so. However, she cannot marry a non-muslim because of her status as a Muslim.( Correcr me if I am wrong )

The honorable judges had BEFORE making such contoversional decision, taking relevant considerations into account and they did consider the effects of their decision. Alhamdulillah, we win the case or else it will be binding upon the court. If it happens, anybody who feels like converting into other religion will just simply apply to the court to delete the word Islam in the ID card. It will be a disaster since nowadays, Muslims are easily deviated from the true path. That is the reason why we have to be united in order to protect our religion.

For those who argue that Lina Joy's freedom of religion had been denied or think that there are interference by the executive or ever think that the decision is political in nature, my advice is read the case thoroughly and see whether the decision is bias or not.

To Mahaguru, no matter what they say,I beleive that we will stand still in our beleive. We win the case literally and technically. We will fight for our religion till the end of our life.

mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Mrs.Farid,

The apostate should just emigrate and go marry her Christian boyfriend and settle down happily as long as she lives in the West where they are waiting for her with outstretched arms and ready to shower her with all that she needs and craves for.

Why suffer in this 'intolerant' nation needlessly?

The Christians will rally to her cause and give her citizenship in any of those Christian nations in an instant!

Why fret over a 'useless' Malaysian MyKad where we rob people of their freedom to apostate, eh?

She should just get packing and leave for the Heavenly Paradise waiting for her in all those loving countries.

Malaysia is just so horrible, aren't we?

We deny the apostates like her to flip flop in faith as they please.

'Terok' kan kita ni?


Ape hal dok tunggu lagi kan?

Belah lah!....hehehehe!

Takde orang kan menangis le..

Selamat Jalan! Bye Bye! Bon Voyage!

KEGEWE said...

I am very curious as to you position on the state of religious affairs in the world.

You have stated that you have no problem with letting this woman Lina (I'll call her Lina, b/c that is the only name I know her as) moving out of Malaysia to a western christian country with her fiance and living a happy life.

I just don't understand what makes Malaysia so special in this regard. Is it only because there are Sharia Courts in place? Malaysia as a landmass is no different than any other landmass on the planet. It simply has different laws.

The desire to live with you own kind is an understandable one. However, in Malaysia there are many religious groups. Therefore, Malaysia can be said to be a pluralistic society. Of course there are western pluralistic societies that would be very happy to welcome her as a resident just as they would be happy to welcome you, Mahaguru85, as a resident. You simply would not want to leave your city or town, where it is easier to be a good Muslim due to the Sharia courts having some jurisdiction over the logistical affairs of your community.

So let us assume for a moment that part of you income is taxed and this money goes to fund the Sharia courts and their enforcement bureaus. Now let us assume that the Malaysian government passes a law stating that all the taxes that you pay will no longer go to the Sharia courts, but instead, will fund a general religious fund, and now not just muslims but all citizens of malaysia must pay this tax. So now, a portion of taxes from every citizen of malaysia is contributing to the maintenance of the Sharia courts in Malaysia. But at the same time, a portion of the taxes from all muslims contributes to all the other religions in the country. So your income is now supporting the Christian church. Now let us assume that Lina is living in malaysia in a non-muslim section of malaysia. She, as a person whose parents are muslim and refuses to practice the religion she was born into and rather decides that she would like to adopt a different religion, is also contributing to the Muslim way of life through taxes. She has been accepted by the christian community in malaysia and goes on with her life. She simply cannot officially be married to the man she loves and lives with. In this situation Lina could be considered a christian, because what is a christian except what other christians say is a christian. She could also be considered a Muslim for the same reason. I fail to see the importance of small printed line on an ID card to her, or to the government or to the Muslim community for that matter. The marriage issue seems to be the main issue for her. I assume that the Muslim community does not want to "give her up" and according to the laws of Malaysia, because she was born a Muslim, the Sharia courts have jurisdiction over her. However she continues to call herself a non-Muslim and does not believe in anything that Muslims believe in. What is religion aside from faith and a way of life. She has successfully rejected both this faith and this way of life from her living. Why then, would the Muslim community want to keep her. Are they scared that if she is successful, then other people will try to do the same thing, resulting in dwindling numbers of Muslims in Malaysia? If that is a real threat, then there is a larger issue here. The only thing that is being accomplished in this situation is the prevention of Lina's ability to Marry, and if Muslims are content with that as well as the Malaysian government, then so be it. But if mass conversions are the issue, then I believe that in Malaysia, the bigger issue might be education. Not only education about Islam, but also education about the history of the world, science, reason, philosophy, Mathematics. Young people today have access to a staggering amount of information, and it is and has never been in the interest of any child to deny him knowledge and truth. Science is not against religion. Philosophy is not against religion. Education is not against Islam. Teach children about the history of all faiths and about all theories of today's scientists. Let them grow up as strong, intelligent individuals who embrace their background and do not forget where they came from. The same should be said for all individuals, regardless of their beliefs. There are many in the world who do not believe in the supernatural and cannot simply accept the existence of a higher power on faith alone. To these people, would you say, "I wish you to die"? or would you say "leave my country you are a bad person or are evil"? No you would not. You would say, "come learn about my life before you criticize me" "Come learn what my parents taught me" and then you might teach them what you can. Then that person may say "Thank you for teaching me what you know and how you live your life, no come with ME and see what I have learned and what MY parents taught ME." And you can learn as well about a different way of living and a different way of viewing the world. You both may eventually go back to your own families, but with a greater understanding of the world and of the way that others live.