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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tun Dr.Mahathir -Too bloody late to try heal the nation!

When I watch this videoclip of Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad speak about 'sending signals to the rotten government', I wonder if he realizes that the signal will bounce back to him?

This 'rotten government' that he speaks of is his legacy left to us Malaysians as a result of his 22 long years of cooking up and serving us as the main dish of his premiership.

Who appointed Abdullah Ahmad Badawi? Who anointed Najib Tun Razak and made sure that the Deputy Premiership went to his chosen one instead of Muhyiddin Haji Yassin?

Abdullah Badawi had no choice. Tun Dr.Mahathir saw to it that the chain of command was to be as we have it now.

Only thing Mahathir didn't foresee was that there were certain forces beyond his control that today have brought things to a stage where many of his pet projects came to an early grave and were cancelled by Abdullah Badawi's Cabinet.

Looking at him speaking the way he does in this Malaysiakini interview , brings forth his dissatisfaction at the way Abdullah Badawi has sidestepped him and denying him the access to pull strings anymore as he was so used to all those long 22 years in being the Top Gun in the government.

When he says that the people must use their brain and vote smartly, he forgets that it was him who had been schooling the citizens of Malaysia to be what they are today, programmed to just submit and remain subservient to whoever is in charge of the government of the day.

Tun Dr.Mahathir did not allow anyone to speak up and voice out their opinions freely during his watch and those who did were soon sought out and sent packing to Kamunting.

Such dictatorial commandeering of the people of Malaysia slowly but surely destroyed any sense of willpower in the majority of the Malaysians as a whole and they became afraid.

Only a small number of Malaysians had the courage to oppose him and they were tracked and kept tabs on by the Special Branch, our nation's own Intelligence Team of the Royal Malaysian Police.

Operation Lalang which Mahathir ordered to be carried out saw many of those brave citizens of Malaysia arrested ; consisting of many Opposition leaders, newspaper editors and those deemed to be a danger to the Prime Minister and his government.

Today, when he speaks like this, asking the cuckolded and defanged ordinary citizens of this nation to 'send a signal to the 'rotten government' ; who is he kidding?
The BN Government through the years under him has effectively turned the majority of the Malaysians into a 'couldn't care less society' who fear retribution from the authorities if they were even to go stage a picket or protest against it!
People get bashed up by the FRU even if they were to gather by the roadsides brandishing a banner or poster denouncing anything they feel is not right and injust!

Blood has been shed and limbs broken by the truncheons and boots of the FRU just for some folks who tried to 'send just a few signals to the ones in Putrajaya'!

The recent Machap and Ijok 'buy elections' saw the voters threatened and forced to submit to intimidating threats and shows of force by the overbearing BN machinery bulldozing away any minute chances of the people to even affect any change in the political representation in those rural areas ; what more of any urban constituencies throughout the nation in the coming GE?

If the present BN 'rotten government' that Tun Dr.Mahathir has left for us will give no quarter to the people to send any small signal to the powers that be in those two recent 'buy elections', what is he talking about 'using your brain' to vote whom you will?

We all know that the present state of affairs in this country gives no room for dissent or a level ground for a gentlemanly contest 'democratically'.

Results can be rigged and voters can be traced back to their ballot papers and found out as to whom they cast their votes for?

How can I say this?

Well, as being a voter myself and once being one of the 'Ketua Pusat Pengundian' back in Penang, I know that the ballot papers given out are marked and issued according to the electoral roll. I am sure that the ballot papers can be traced back to their casters.

Hence, the notion that Tun is speaking of sending signals to the 'rotten government' that he himself groomed and turned into the menacing behemoth that it is now today, is just a wasted opinion that would not change anything even if he was to broadcast it live to the entire nation.

The damage has already been done, dear Tun. Malaysians simply have lost that 'Semangat Perjuangan' that used to be prevalent during the times of the Tunku and Tun Razak.

'Under Mahathir No Opposition' that UMNO came to be known by has really seeped too deeply into the hearts and minds of the very people whom you are asking to 'vote responsibly' today.

Today, your precious Barisan Nasional threatens to disconnect the Bloggers from cyberspace for daring to ill speak your successors. Who do you think taught them to be so? Is it not you?

Citizens of Malaysia today so wish to engage and take part in the democratic process and forge a better future for all but again, your legacy is simply too well entrenched and formidable that it's comparable to the general Malaysians as being fragile 'cucumbers' trying to make a run against the BN Government 'durians' !

Guess who gets skewered?

So dear Tun, there's not much room for any brave Malaysian to stand up and state his or her mind freely, thanks to you and your legacy of all the draconian ISA, OSA, AUKU, etcetera effectively stifling any attempts at sending any such signals that you ask for today.

Malaysians are where they are today as a result of your brilliant leadership and will remain so for the next century or so unless someone along the years running the country decides to do a drastic turnabout in government policies and get rid of all that you have set up and being carried on by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his team.

Till that moment comes , if it ever does, here's wishing you a nice day!

Malaysians won't forget what you have made them to be. Really. You have dispensed them the wrong medications during your 22 long years of practice.

Too late to try prescribe them any placebos. They simply can't get it up ; thanks to you! :)


Kata Tak Nak said...

100 percent my sentiments on this matter. BTW I am diabetic too with high blood pressure to add.

mahaguru58 said...


We just need to say it as it is bro.

Mahathir screwed the Malaysian's ability to stand up and speak for their rights by imposing all those oppressive laws and bequeathed the present Abdullah Badawi government his dictatorial legacy to continue stifle the people's attempts to reclaim their voice and freedom to choose!

Today, he speaks as if he is innocent of all sins and wants to further beguile the people to think that he's their bloody saviour!

We must not be fooled by such talk.

Fault must be attributed to the one responsible for the current state of affairs in Malaysia where we have a sham democracy where the people are threatened with arrest without trial if they so dare to illspeak against the ruling government!

Malaysia is being ruled by 'wolves' in sheep's clothing and the wolves snap so very often at the flock that none dares to even bleat!


Sorry to know you are a diabetic too. Watch your diet, take your medicines without fail and exercise.

I just started swimming again and hope to control my blood sugar level.

I have stopped drinking all those softdrinks, especially Coca Cola.

No more sweets and chocolates.

I drink plain coffee with Equal no calories sugar.

Try boiling 'daun sup' @ Chinese Celery and drink it to reduce your high blood pressure.

Insya Allah, you'll be alright.

Got to rush. Friday prayers.

Wassalamualaikum Cikgu. Stay cool.