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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Uptrend -The 'Get Rich by Effort' Business Network

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all Muslims reading this and May Peace be upon all others with the Mercy, Blessings and Guidance of Allah the Almighty! Ameen.

By now, those who had been responsible for creating the false alarm about Uptrend being amongst the 'Get Rich Quick' scams listed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia ought to have apologized to us Uptrenders for being so bloody wrong about their 'diarrhea of their lips' blanket 'fatwa' but 'Hell No!' ; tis beneath them who are so 'sin free' to issue forth to us such an apology!

Well, the general public now know that we Uptrenders have nothing to do with all those 'fly by night' 'illegal deposit takers' now biting the dust or doomed to early online graves.

Whatever it is , Uptrend has been proved innocent of all such insinuations and we still persevere and grow from strength to strength by the day all over our member countries. Alhamdulillah.

The world needs to know that Uptrend is a straightforward networking business utilizing the Internet as a communications and business tool or platform.

It has it's bona fide Health Supplement physical products for sale and also includes a Virtual Online Business Systems package.

Those who are IT literate will be able to know and understand that by purchasing a VPP @ Virtual Product Package, the Uptrender will come to own and be able to operate their own online business system just like having their own office operating around the clock and accessible from all over the world unlike a conventional office.

You can check out my virtual office and business system here.

It is a dynamic online Flash Business Preview that is accessible 24 / 7. Even while I am asleep, people can come and view my business preview and in doing so, will have to leave their names and contact details in order to get to watch the business presentation in full.

This constitutes a 'Lead Generating Presentation' whereby I get to later log in to my administrator account and view the list of all those who have visited my site.

I will then contact them either by email or call /sms them to inquire as to whether they would like to join my team and start earning additional income themselves?

Those who leave fictitious details will get deleted from my system and I will only liaise with the genuine business opportunity seekers.

Uptrend is a 'Get Rich by Effort' E-Commerce and Networking Hybrid dynamic fully licensed legitimate business that has proven itself and continues to deliver success stories as shown in the newspaper report above.

These multi millionaires didn't get to become rich overnight by just investing their capital and sit on their big fat asses but they sloughed like hell and went through the numbers to attain their rightful rewards and get financially free in a year or two of hard work and efforts.

If you want to be amongst them, then come and make contact with me and discover how you too can make good money by working with me in starting your own business network.

It's not gonna be a walk in the park but if you keep to the path laid out for you by the business, you will reach the 'Garden of Success' that myself and my team plus all other Uptrenders of the World are heading to.

Call me at 6-016-3969881 to learn more. May Allah SWT make it easier for us . Ameen.

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