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Monday, May 07, 2007

Uptrend Network's Marketing Plan

There are many out there who are now eager to invest in and start their own Uptrend Network marketing business after realizing that Uptrend has been doing a terrific job of providing an additional income for it's members free from any scam or scandal and a 100% legitimate in it's operations from both the laws and regulations of this country and Uptrend's member nations and also from the religious aspects of Islam.

It is just natural that ignorants and misguided folks spew untruths and ill will towards something that they themselves know nothing about what more when we take into consideration the background and past experiences of the mischief mongers?

Usually, those who speak bad about any businesses or issues are the ones who failed in their attempts to make a living out of similar enterprises.

It is a fact that losers will always try to validate their claims and assertions that this and that is a scam, that fellow is like this and this fellow is like that! Don't you agree with me?

There are many businesses out there today where the successful ones are usually those who stayed the course, built up their businesses, acquired the correct skills and know how's of their businesses and put them to practice!

Then, we also see those who put half hearted efforts into their businesses and ended up in the 'doldrums' of their attempts. They might have recouped their initial business capital and investments but then ran out of 'steam' and enthusiasm.

Next, we have the 'failures' and the losers who threw in the towel after failing to get into gear and do what they needed to do in the first place which is to adopt and adapt their respective businesses Marketing Plans.

These are the ones who usually make a scene and cry foul when in reality they are the ones who failed to follow their respective business systems.

The one who crashes a vehicle into anything for sheer reason of not knowing how to handle the automobile shouldn't be crying out loud that the vehicle is lousy and useless!

Same thing goes for those who screwed up their business attempts out of sheer stupidity and unwilling to follow their company's Marketing Plans.

"If one wants to look for faults in anything, I can guarantee you that one can and will find a thousand and one faults with whatever ; but if one was to look for plus points in anything, those plus points would shine forth like a bright star enlightening one with whatever one was looking for in the first place!"
Mankind has been known to always look for scapegoats to hide the truth of one's own failures!

To set the records straight and to clear the allegations about Uptrend Network, here I am sharing with you all that you need to know about Uptrend and how we do our business.

Uptrend Network operates on a 'Hybrid System' that incorporates a 'Fast Start Plan', a 'Master Plan' and a 'Loyal Customer Account'.

The 'Fast Start Plan' offers 'Daily Income' based on daily activity and the 'Master Plan' offers a monthly income that runs simultaneously and is easy as A+B+C+D.

A = Registering as a Lifetime member
= Paying a one time fee of RM38.00 @ USD$10.00

B = Buying a Product Package

C = Look for Business Partners -
Those who are active Business Builders
= a minimum of 2 Business Partners ( more would be much better)

D = Duplication of Business Building
as many as possible - Networking till infinity

Fast Start Plan

There are two types of memberships. They are known as the IBP or the GBE.

IBP Business Package.

Only Malaysians aged 18 and above can register as an IBP member. IBP stands for Internet Business Partner.

The member can access their Business Account online 24 hours and register their new business partners, check their E-Wallet, edit their profile, update bank accounts, transfer funds, purchase products, redeem their E-points,learn English and other Business skills through Uptrend's E-Knowledge portal, etcetera.

The business package that they can start with is a minimum of RM304.00 for the IBP package.

The IBP Business Packages pays 2 types of incomes as Bonuses.

They are the Introducer Bonus and the Business Pairing Bonus.

The member can sign up new businesses and grow his or her network as big as he or she wants.

The member will not get a Virtual Product Package.

The member will only be paid RM15.20 @ USD$4.00 as their 'Introducer Bonus' for every new business they sign up under their business.

For every new pair of businesses they sign up under their business, they will be paid RM57.00 @ USD$15.00 as their Business Pairing Bonus.

GBE Business Package

The GBE Business Package @ Global Business Entrepreneur is open to all local and international adults aged above 18.

The GBE Business Package pays 4 types of income as Bonuses.

1. Introducer Bonus.

The GBE member gets paid RM15.20 @ USD$4.00 for every new IBP Business they sign up under them and RM38.00 @ USD$10.00 for every new GBE business they bring in to their network.

2. Pairing Bonus.
For every new pair of Business signed up under them, the member gets paid RM57.00 @ USD$15.00 into their E-Wallet account.

3. Car Fund.

4. Leadership Development Bonus.

More details will be made available to those of you who are serious in wanting to know more of what you stand to gain when you come in to the best E-Commerce based Network Marketing Business here in Malaysia and fast expanding throughout our member countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong (China) and in Nevada (the USA).

The rewards come to those who put in their fair share of efforts and are willing to work for it. Uptrend is helping more than a 150,000 members throughout our member countries earn extra income through active business building and has produced 25 over multi millionaires since it started its operations in 2004.

We are a fully licensed direct selling company with both physical and virtual products. GBE members get a dynamic website with many state of the art systems that help them to expand their business network on a global scale and is very effective.

Those who are interested to be with me in my Team Zainking are most welcome to email me and correspond with me as to how best to start your own Uptrend2u Global Business Network.

I will teach you how to do this business both online and offline. We can meet up if you are here in KL and in the Klang Valley.

Those staying elsewhere can communicate with me through my Yahoo Messenger ID - mahaguru58.

You can also chat with me through Gmail Chat. Same ID - mahaguru58 or zainolabideen.

You can reach me at 6-016-3969881. Where there's a will ; there's a way.

We do need good halal legitimate money to support our needs here on Earth, don't we?

Well, let's do something to earn it! Through Uptrend, we can do just that and more!

Let's go make money! I have and am making money through Uptrend! Come join me!