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Monday, June 11, 2007

Abdullah Badawi shows some mettle at last!

I see a drastic change take place in our Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after his remarriage!

There is an extra zest in the man and shows his new energy when he made a surprise visit to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and demanded explanations from the befuddled local authorities over the devastating flooding of the nation's capital metropolitan city with a stern serious look on his face!

Well, this is what the people have been waiting for all these while for the nation's # 1 public servant to kick ass and do what he needs to do to see to it that all the useless talk a lot do nothing idiots do something effective to earn their keep and not give cock and bull excuses or blame it all on Allah as one cabinet minister is infamous for!

DBKL is notorious for its inefficiency and so are all the other local authorities of this nation!

I for one hope that Datin Seri Jeanne will do us a favor and make the Prime Minister happy at home and turn him into a growling tiger! He has been a pussycat far too long and the nation needs him to be a real man now and he needs to take care of business!

We don't need him to be a 'nice guy' and achieve nothing. Abdullah Badawi needs to get tough and wield a big stick as he walks in to all the corrupt government departments and smashes those rats out of the woodwork and rids this nation of the termites and deadwoods screwing up Malaysia.

The Public Works Ministry should be his next stop after DBKL! Go get them 'tiger'!


mooiness said...

If this is a sign of a changed and reinvigorated man as a result of his second marriage, then I'm very happy. And I hope to see this new attitude continue.

mahaguru58 said...

Yeah, I for one wish that this is not a flash in the pan thingy with our newlywed big boy.

Abdullah Badawi has no excuse not to be able to direct or order those who have been neglecting their duties and responsibilities in the local, state and federal governments.

His report card has not been something that he can be proud of since he was appointed by Mahathir way back in 2003.

If Abdullah Badawi wants to see this nation improve and move forward, then as the PM, he needs to be tough and shake up the sleep from his self.

He has now got himself a new wife and she seems a good influence on him if his taking the DBKL by surprise is anything to measure his capability by?

The people need a firm PM to lead them not a flip flop. Hope he gets better from now on.