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Monday, June 04, 2007

Alleycats - My Sincere Condolences to David Arumugam!

In Memoriam ~ Loganathan Arumugam (1953 -2007)

From Allah we come, to Allah we return.

My heartfelt condolences to David Arumugam, on the passing away of his brother Loganathan Arumugam, his partner in Alleycats, one of this country's legendary pop group from my home island State of Penang.

The late Loga passed away this morning at 10.50am in Mount Miriam Hospital, Penang due to complications arising from lung cancer.

Loga and his brother David are famous for their Afro hairstyles and their Malay songs repertoire which are amongst the all time karaoke favorites and have been many top of the charts hits since the early 70s till now.

Malaysia has lost one of it's illustrious sons and a major partner of the Alleycats who have entertained millions of us with their catchy songs and unique style.

Thanks for the memories Loga!