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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Christians and Muslims! Be aware of instigative reports.

I came across this Asia News website that is run by P.I.M.E. the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, an organization run by the Roman Catholic Pope.

I can understand that being the Pope, naturally, the Head of the Catholic Christians of the world will just do what he needs to in order to further his faith's interests.

The Asia News website carries news and views that champions their Christian belief and I am all fine with that.

What I am not that happy about is the blatant lie that the website publishes as a matter of fact about how things are here in Malaysia.

Those who do not know the reality here will just swallow each and every word that the Christian news site publishes and accepts it as the absolute truth as it is coming from the Pope's office, no less. Read an excerpt of the misleading offensive paragraph from the page.

" Under Malaysia’s current constitution, Malaysian citizens who are ethnic Malays are ipso facto Muslim, speak the national language and practice its culture. Hence, anyone who renounces Islam is no longer considered Malay."

This is the kind of misreporting that damages the reality of how things are and how such blatant lying by an organization as important as one which represents the Pope of the Christians fuels the ongoing mistrusts and cold war raging between the Christians and the Muslims of this world.

How the hell can a Malay be another ethnicity by just apostatizing from Islam? Unless of course the particular Malay goes forth and does a 'Michael Jackson'!

You know, change the facial features and skin color and all the usual run of the mill stuff?

Anyone can go embrace anything and change this and that but he or she can't change who they are.

The argument might be that the Malaysian Government has that clause in the Federal Constitution but in reality the Malays have not been so bloody strict in vetting the entrance into their fold of various native citizens of Malaysia and those from the Indian Muslim fold to pass themselves off as Malays.

Such blatant misreporting further adds to the hatred brought about by similar irresponsible reporting by certain quarters exactly as this one from the Pope's media outlet.

I ask that all Christians and Muslims of the world and especially those of us living here in Malaysia to speak up and condemn these kind of misreporting that will only go towards driving the wedge between us deeper and drive us further from religious tolerance and understanding between us all, no matter where we are in this world.

'El Papa', you have some serious repentance to do, sir! Shame on you for allowing these to be!

8 comments: said...


...the truth usually hurts. Therefore, if you choose NOT to publish my last comment, I take it that you agree with my remark. But if you DO (publish it) then I'd consider
your faith in your own belief as sound (but not necessary in agreement with other faiths)......pls read my comment carefully before responding. Tks

mahaguru58 said...

Well timo,

Coming from a Christian bloke, I can understand your sentiments sir.

But if you come in and make statements to the tune of saying that Islam is not perfect and not the answer to the world's problems, that is YOUR personal point of view and I won't bother to try prove it to you otherwise.

Folks come in anonymously, spew forth statements as you did, then hide your true identity as you are doing, doesn't make those two judges 'ball less' as you state in your postings.

Be man enough to reveal who you are before expecting anyone to take your words and yourself seriously.

Umran Kadir said...

Dude, I don't quite agree with the logic either but none other than Tun Dr. M has said something similar.

It was reported in Malaysiakini a week or two ago.

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum umran,

As a fellow Muslim, u seem to have forgotten our duty to greet one another with the Salam, young man.

No matter how learned one is or becomes, do remember the basics of being a Muslim.

Insya Allah, our being here on Earth will be a blessed one, dude! :)

I wish you all the best in your studies and pray that Insya Allah, you will be an asset to Islam and Mankind too.

Tun Dr.Mahathir is only now seeing things as the rest of us do.

If only during his watch, he had listened to the voices of the people, the scenario for the Muslims and the world would have been much more better than what he has left us with.

Nevertheless, I still respect the former PM for what he's trying to correct now, while he still is alive.

May Allah SWT guide us all, Ameen.

ehon said...

As true as you make it sounds, it is your way of interpreting the sentence. The way I see it is, literally speaking, the person is not considered a Malay, as in, practising the Muslim religion, cultures, and so on.

Words can be interpreted in a thousand million words, and I think that you've made it into a drama based solely on your (mis)interpretion. :)

Well, I'd love to see your comments on Nik Aziz's statement. Does he mean that we, who are not Muslim, are 'sesat'? Is it fair to label non Muslim that way as a Muslim himself? :)

mahaguru58 said...


I am stating it as I see it.

U don't have to agree with my views as u r a Christian and naturally won't see things as I do.

I don't care and won't lose sleep over your objections.


Tuan Guru Nik Aziz is absolutely correct when he says that you Non Muslims are 'sesat'.

What do you expect me as a fellow Muslim to say?

Young man, you have a lot to learn about Islam and about the other faiths.

I won't deny u your right to be as u are.

As u grow older, I hope u will be able to learn more about your faith and others especially Islam, which is the birthright of all mankind.

It is up to you to choose your path.

As one who believes in Allah, God Almighty, I will acknowledge none other as My Lord. This is my right and the rights of all Muslims worldwide.

I am a 100% with TG Nik Aziz on this and with all other true leaders of Islam.

We won't stop you from being whatever you want to be.

Why waste your time worrying about things that don't concern you?

Just do your thing ehon. Live as you wish. Study well and excel.

Have a nice day, Take care.

Billy said...

Hi Brother MG: Have not been posting much here since your website was removed from RPK's MT list. Happy to be able to locate you again.

Anyway coming to the church report on the Malay Muslim thingy, I guess in a way, technically speaking they could be right (er no offense since I am a Catholic myself). Since the constitution says that a Malay is a Muslim and vice versa, so technically if you are no longer a Muslim, wouldn't that no longer make you a Malay? Now this is very hard to comprehend as a Malay is still a Malay no matter what. The ancestry and the culture still go with the person. But of course it would have to take a provocative statement from oe Dr MM to say so, and perhaps, this was used as a quote by the media?

Before I sign off, glad to note that you are doing well, and do keep blogging.