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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

DAP Forum on the Lina Joy Verdict Tomorrow in PJ

The DAP @ Democratic Action Party of Malaysia is organizing a dialogue titled ' MALAYSIA, AFTER LINA JOY'
at the Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya.

Date : Thursday, 7th June, 2007

Time : 7.30 pm.

Sorry, no lamb roasts or 'yam sengs' provided. DAP not rich maa.

Bring your own mineral waters for there will be no BN branded bottles of such pristine liquids thrown to you or at you by the organizers.

Bar Council President Ambiga Sreenivasan
Legal Advisor of the MCCBCHS Leonard Teoh
Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia President Yusri Muhammad
DAP Chairman YB Lim Kit Siang
DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng

Free Admission to the public.

Well, this is just a natural follow up of what many concerned Malaysians feel about the verdict of the Highest Court in Malaysia on the apostate @ Azlina Jailani @ Lina Joy's failing to get the National Registration Department to delete the word ' ISLAM' from her My Kad as she had applied for.

I mean, to me personally her method in pursuing her wishes were carried out in the wrong manner. There are certain legal steps that she should have taken to get certification as to her change of status in her faith.

Since this nation is having two systems of Laws for Muslims and Non Muslims, she as a citizen of this country can't expect the authorities to just kowtow to her wishes and not follow the proper procedures in going about her affairs.

As a born Muslim, she was registered and filed into the NRD's system as a Muslim.

Following her apostasy, she thought it would just be a simple procedure of going to any Commissioner of Oaths and make a sworn declaration that she no longer practices Islam and is now a baptized Christian.

When she went to the National Registration Department of Malaysia and applied to have the classification of being a Muslim removed, naturally the Registration Department have to follow their set procedures.

To affirm the status of faith from not being a Muslim, the only legal body authorized to judge on her case is not your local kopitiam or internet political forum or any Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy, right? It is none other than the Syariah Courts of Malaysia.

We all know that we are living here in Malaysia, not in Papua New Guinea or Christmas Island to do as we please, jumping from one faith or religious status to another at just our whims and pleasure.

Malaysia has it's own legal systems. Although we have a Civil Court for ALL Malaysians,
we also have a Syariah Court to judge over Muslims or those who want to be ex-Muslims affairs.

So, the apostate screwed up by trying to fast track her way to be a certified Christian.

The Federal Court which is this nation's highest court saw fit to overrule her appeal to 'potong queue'.

The Chief Justice is not your 'kampong pakcik' to judge as he pleases over a cup of 'teh tarik' or 'nescafe kow kow'.

He didn't just come to his decision in a split second or in a day or two.

Certainly, the Learned Chief Justice of Malaysia must have gone through all the standing rules and laws of this country as this being also the first Malaysian 'Muslim' to officially apply to apostate and have the legal system certify such an application.

When the Chief Justice read out his verdict, he stated it crystal clear that this is a matter that falls under the jurisdiction of the Syariah courts as it concerns verifying the status of belief or disbelief of the said person.

Now, all she has to do is to go file her case in the Syariah Courts of this nation and plead her case.

She is not short of lawyers and advocates who are all rallying behind her in this landmark case which will decide all future cases that concern the same category. Free legal services? Could be!

The next step is hers. This forum as I see it, is just gonna be a letting off steam session where all of the apostate's supporters are gonna be speaking for her or ranting as they feel like it.

Yusri Muhammad is the sole Muslim leader scheduled to speak on the matter from the Muslims perspective.

He is grossly outnumbered by the Non Muslims who surely will be out to maul the heroic fellow as in the coliseum of ancient Rome. Only difference is that the one seeming to be led to the 'slaughter' is no ordinary lamb.

Yusri Muhammad is the President of the Malaysian Muslim Youth Brigade and leader of this nation's largest group of Muslim youths.

He is an excellent example of how Muslims are in the real sense when it concerns matters as sensitive and equally important as this case.

All Muslims reading this should be there to show your support to Brother Yusri and to state our stand on this important after verdict forum.

I ask that there be none who loses control over themselves and sparks off any unnecessary confrontations or instigate anyone else to disrupt this supposed to be an 'interfaith dialogue' among responsible and concerned citizens of our beloved Malaysia.

Be there tomorrow. May Almighty Allah grant us the wisdom and rationality to solve this issue.

May Peace reign in our hearts and minds. Ameen.

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