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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Depraved Malay Main Media -Root Cause of Moral Rot

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims and May Peace be with the rest.

I would like to touch on something that has been gnawing at my heartstrings all these while.

It concerns the rising spate of crimes especially those perpetrated by the Malays who are supposed to be Muslims and amongst those who submit to Allah the Almighty and are to stay away from committing sin especially against their own family members and society in general.

A major factor contributing to this rising crime is the lack of social consciousness amongst us.

The Director General of the Social Welfare Department of Malaysia Datuk Rafek Reshidullah calls for our society to be vigilant and report to the authorities if they suspect any abuse taking part in their neighborhood.

Malays are the worst culprits as far as crimes involving abhorable cases such as incest and other violations against womenfolk and children are concerned.

Why is this happening in the Malay community when as Muslims they are supposed to be protective towards their wife's and children especially their daughters and female relatives?

Could this be the result of gradual exposure to the main media's hedonistic feed through the various entertainment publications and events featuring scantily clad female artistes and singers over time?

I browsed through the internet and checked on Utusan Malaysia's online website and what do I see?

Here, better let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is nothing, some might say! There are even no holds barred images showing the Malay girls and young adults exposing themselves and their acts for the whole wide world to ogle at and modesty takes a flying leap into the sewers of the minds!

All these loss of shame didn't happen overnight! It has been going on from the early days of newspapers printing and publications and then with the coming of the television.

The authorities of Malaysia speak as if they have done all they can to preserve and protect the family institutions by enacting so many laws and rules that there's not much standing room left if we were to check up on them one by one.

The problem is these highly visible but ignored so far media violations of pimping the sexual attributes of clueless and impressionable young artistes and starlets to go pose as they do for the media photographers and their morally bankrupt editors.

Would the photographers and the editors publish such pictures of their own wife and daughters as they do with these young people?

The media whether they realize it or not are responsible for molding public opinion and they do so through the way they report news and events and promote any one or anything in their publications and television broadcasts. Same way with films shown in the cinemas.

Our society is known to be great imitators. Children from very tender ages ape the ways and mannerisms of the popular singers, artistes and comedians.

Parents nowadays shameless tout their offspring's to gyrate before the public as in the Macam Macam Aznil Astro Prima Tv Program where they exploit young kids to do all sorts of silly antics just to boost their tv ratings and draw viewers and sponsors for such programs.

Magazines such as Mangga, an Utusan publication highlights the cleavage of the teenage Malays and the more skin and flesh they get to show , the more sales their magazines will see.

All this takes place in the Land of Islam Hadhari.

As I have said before and I repeat again, all the Mufti's and the Ulamaks of this nation somehow get severe cataracts in their eyes and a state of brain dysfunction where they become oblivious to all these going on's.

Must have something to do with power and position or connections and cables running underground and all over to at last plugging in to wallets or bank accounts. I don't quite know where to put it but it's there somewhere. Need to be a master in this sleuth thingy but I'll leave that to my brother in arms, KTemoc.

Now, that's a real sleuth if you ask me but the man's a bit of media shy ( pun intended).

Malays aren't as they were before. Today, a growing number of Malays don't give a shit to matters as shameful and as destructive as committing incest with their daughters or sisters.

Some might ask what is the correlation between what the Malay media are dishing out to the public and fathers committing incest with their daughters?

Well, to me, it's all a matter of those sickos amidst us who are somewhat subjected to all those viewing of exposed flesh, out of control nafs and passions, middle age crisis, lack of religious knowledge or even when well informed succumb to their base animal instincts, forgetting to know how to differentiate between right and wrong and also fueled by the continued build up of emotions channeled to the wrong targets of their lusts.

It's a reality and those who feel outraged by this statement of mine can go take a flying leap into the nearest Indah Water treatment pond.

Those who think that this is all nonsense can just think whatever they like and lay the blame elsewhere but to me as a bloody conservative fundamentalist in your face cyber jihadist or whatever you want to bloody well think, I don't give a hoot to your philosophies or points of view!

This is the realities of our times. The Ulamaks are stifled whenever they want to speak up or voice out against the ills plaguing society and like in the case of the previous Selangor Mufti who spoke against the scantily clad Malay females frolicking in the Zouk discotheque and got flamed from all quarters and at last it was the scholar who got sidelined and eventually replaced and not the culprits who had to face the music!

What the hell is our gone crazy society coming to? Astaghfirullah hal azim. Tch tch tch tch :(

It's high time we nip this problem in the bud and weed out the contributors to our society's moral rot and social decline!

Form neighborhood watches in your area and be the saviors of the future generations of this nation. If you know something's going on, inform the authorities and stop the abuse.

We are responsible to stop these louts before they harm any other child or woman.

It's so bloody frustrating to see the inaction of our authorities that I long for the day when the true Laws of Allah are going to be upheld and all these vicious criminals be brought to justice and given the death penalty for their crimes!

Yes, nothing but capital punishments for those who go and commit such crimes as reported here.

Let the bastards die! No point in wasting the taxpayers money to feed and keep them alive in jail whilst their victims suffer in shame for the rest of their life's on Earth!

Well, that's what I think.

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