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Thursday, June 07, 2007

An Email from a friend regarding the Malays Dilemma

Assalamu'alaikum Sdra Zainol,

It has been quite some time since I last e-mailed you. Just a combination of work and family commitments. I have also recommended your blog to my friends who feel the same way too and have become your regular visitors.

Nevertheless, I have been periodically visiting your blog to keep up with your writings.

I am sure that not only me but a lot of other people especially Muslims feel the same way as you do on the issues you highlight.

The one on your experience in Singapore and your early days in Penang brought back some nostalgic feelings of days gone by.

I was in Penang with the family for holidays last week and had a great time, especially having the Nasi Kandar and Cucur Udang near the Chowrasta Market.

However, it saddens me to see the state of Penang Road and Komtar, once the 'in place to be seen at' has now been deteriorated with dirty vagabonds and beggars.

I could not agree more on your topic about the Malay media depravation.

Not being pessimistic but I do not see things getting any better.

With the plethora of "live" entertainment events, numerous Anugerah (Sri Angkasa, Planet Muzik, TV3, Bintang Popular etc) we (the Malays) seem very happy to emulate or even outclass the Mat Sallehs when it comes to entertainment and living a hedonistic lifestyle.

On a bigger picture, it probably reflects the Malay society in general who have an insatiable appetite in entertainment and gossip.

Those days, if you wanted to see a concert, you would have to go to the city, but nowadays the concerts have invaded our kampongs.

What hope is there when even our kampong brethren now behave in an uncouth manner?

Seeing the Malays today, it saddens me to see that we are heading in the wrong direction.

As proof, I was at a book store quite recently where there were two groups of students, one Malay and one Chinese.

The Malay students were hogging the entertainment magazines, you know the URTV's , Hai etc. while the Chinese students were browsing the Edge, Business Times and Science Today magazines.

The Malays are so engrossed in entertainment which I feel is the "natijah" of our life.

I wish that this was just an aberration, but I have seen this scenario at many other locations.

Even when some of the "celebrities" perform ibadah, they make a story out of it. Think of those who make press releases that they went for umrah, donate to charities etc.

But not all of them are like this, I for one know a well known actor who donates large sums to an orphanage monthly and does not even want the administrators of the orphanage to know.

He just sends the cash through his friends who says that it is from a "Hamba Allah". Perhaps there still is hope.

Anyway, do keep posting the topics and I wish you well in your endeavors in Team Zainking and your Pinyin classes.

I will be e-mailing you from time to time.