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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Judgmental Muslims in Malaysia- Reason why we are so screwed!

This is what a person who has yet to know me implies and commits fitnah against me for being civil to a Christian who came up to me and shared his problems at the recent DAP interfaith dialogue.
I hope that Muslims here in Malaysia do not end up like this case. Instead of us living in peace and harmony amongst our multi ethnic, multi faithed fellow Malaysians, feelings and snide insulting words like these will be the root cause of how this nation can go to the dogs if we fail to nip such thoughts and insulting minds in the bud!

Wise up and grow up please. Don't sow what you can't afford to reap later!

If you have yet to know who the hell is this blogger in the real sense, please kindly keep your warped feelings to yourself.

I am a Muslim who knows where I stand and what I was and who I now am. You know nuts about me and have the audacity and cheek to libel me like that!

It is for these kind of commentors that I for one support the registration of bloggers so that they can be held responsible and bloody well sued for being so idiotic in their comments!

Trashed said...

Forums like these need participants to leave emotions behind and address issues. At the end of the day, at least agree to disagree and we can all remain friendly.

MG58, the area of Jln Gasing that you ventured into has a high density of churches but that is due to historical reasons. Basically, they have been there for decades and I think that a couple of them may even appear "new" as they have been recently re-modelled. But essentially, they have been there for a long time and there has not been a new church or temple in that area for years.

Perhaps church/temple organisations can learn from you how to go about getting approvals ?

New line of business for you :)

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum brother,

Your earlier parts of commenting is quite reasonable and sound thus I accept it.

Let me ask you, what are we humans without emotions?

Being who we are, it is our emotions and passions that give credence and meaning to our existence failing which we might as well not be.

The dialogue was a start to improving relations between us Muslims and others.

The Chinese Christian was just sharing the same news with me about the problems that they are facing there.

He was saying that the local authority there wasn't approving any renovation applications for their church and that they are reduced to renting shoplots to accommodate their needs.

We all understand that land is not in abundance there and that's their current problems.

I object to your last sentence about me doing business with them and helping them out as you imply!

If you are a Muslim sir, you have just committed FITNAH against me!

Why the hell do you say that?

Wake up to the reality that we as Muslims aren't exactly FORBIDDEN to interact and liase with our fellow mankind!

Hell, our forefathers here in Malaysia were all HINDUS a few centuries ago until the coming of the traders from Yemen and India bringing to the Malaccan Hindu Sultanate, the trust and Light of Islam!

It is comments such as yours here that destroys the goodwill that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala asks us to build and carry out as per the Surah An Nahl Verse 125!

" Invite ALL to the Way of thy Lord with Wisdom and Beautiful Preaching and reason with them in ways that are best and most gracious!"

We are all Malaysians sir and we must help each other with whatever we can.

When I say that I can help him in going about his affairs with the local authority there, I was going to share with him how to seek help according to what the laws of this country has in store.

That is what a true Malaysian should do.

All your nice comments about the state of affairs concerning the situation in PJ for those churches bombed with your last sentence!

This is what I say being an example of committing fitnah against me without you knowing exactly what kind of help I intend to give to that man.

A few Muslims here in Malaysia have a severe case of screwing up our faith and reputation by succumbing to base racist ideals and bloated egos thinking that we are to avoid helping one another here in Malaysia to live in relative peace and harmony. I say that you are one.

Wise up brother and please do not judge me without due cause or know who I am.

I am a Muslim and I know my do's and don'ts. Seems like you don't.

For you have just libeled against me without knowing exactly what I intended to help him out with?

Why are folks like you so bloody judgmental and like to spew out words as you please?

Is it in the genes or some malady affecting rational thought and general common sense?


May Allah SWT forgive you for I have.

If you have yet to know me sir, please don't go shooting off your mouth as you just did.

'Terlajak perahu boleh di undur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya!'



Trashed said...

Brother MG58,

If I have offended you, I apologise with all sincerity. It was meant to be some humour to inject but as pointed out by you, it is not. That last sentence is therefore retracted as you have taken offence to it.

It also shows that even in attempts to bridge gaps through humour, it can be a minefield.

In my mind, I thought that as a successful businessperson that you seem to be, the use of your skills in this area could be garnered to your benefit but as pointed out by you, it would appear to trangress a line.

Once again, no malice intended. And we are learning all the time.

mahaguru58 said...

Apology accepted and case closed! :)

Let's learn to think before we type for sometimes what we originally meant to say might just end up inferring the wrong meanings in the choice of expression.

Hope that this doesn't happen again for the sake of mutual respect and understanding between us.

I welcome constructive comments and criticisms but would take to task any wrongful assumptions against anything that I write without knowing exactly what I meant by my posts.

Have a nice day. :)