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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Malay Muslim Bartenders - It's okay in Malaysia ?


I received an email from a fellow Muslim who tipped me off about the state of affairs now with our Malay 'Muslim' brethren who do not care anymore about the halal and haram aspects of earning a living when there are just so many other choices of jobs in our nation.

Click here to see these Malay bartenders who are featured as champions in their chosen profession.

Do their parents know what kind of jobs these young men do? Or are they closing one eye as is now becoming the norm in 'Malaysia Boleh'land?

I wonder if they are just so bloody ignorant of what is allowed and what is forbidden in Islam ; that there are just hundreds of thousands of such ignorants amongst the Muslims here in this so called 'Islamic Nation' and currently the Chairman country of the OIC @ Organization of Islamic Countries?

No wonder the nation's Muslims are so screwed when it comes to such things! Tidak apa!!!

Didn't anyone teach such folks who are 'Muslims' that it is HARAM to be involved in such an occupation?

Don't even start to think of all the other 'jobs' in the service industry! 'Baik punya'?

Tch..tch..tch.. What the hell is wrong with this country's Muslims?

We have so many millions of Malaysian Muslims who get so riled up about Lina Joy and get so pissed off at the attempts by one misled lady from their kind but sort of become blind, deaf and dumb about all the other major maksiat that is taking place right before their very eyes?

Where the heck is our keris wielding heroes when we need them?
Aiyaaa...I forgot!

We are treading on dangerous grounds here....touchy ..touchy...sensitive oooo! Don't disturb!

Lest we awaken all the 'Malaysia Boleh' advocates and 'touch me not's within the society!

You know, those who champion personal freedoms and 'do as we please' shit!

The kind who forget that Muslims are a brotherhood or sisterhood and that we are to watch out for one another thingy! Or could we just not bother and let them all go to hell? Should we? Nahh!

That's not what my faith tells me. My Prophet tells me to support my brother when he is doing wrong!

How do I do that? By stopping him from doing so...hence this outpouring of my feelings!

It's not like the highest Islamic religious authorities here in the Kingdom of Malaysia do not know what is going on in all the service and hospitality industry! They bloody well know this!

Even the Imam of 'Islam Hadhari Malaysia' knows very well about this sorry state of affairs where there are millions of his fellow Muslims caught up in this sinful situation of working in such establishments and engaged in clearly a haram profession as laid out so clearly in the hadith below!

"Truly Allah has cursed khamr and has cursed:
  • the one who produces it,
  • the one for whom it is produced,
  • the one who drinks it,
  • the one who serves it,
  • the one who carries it,
  • the one for whom it is carried,
  • the one who sells it,
  • the one who earns from the sale of it,
  • the one who buys it,
  • and the one for whom it is bought."
(Tirmidhi & Ibn Majah).

Umar (r.a.) narrated that he heard the Mesessenger of Allah (pbuh) saying,

"Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day must not sit at a table at which khamr is consumed." (Ahmad; Tirmidhi has a slightly different version of it also).

Yusuf al-Qaradawi states in his book [i]The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam[/i] that "Caliph Umar ibn Abdul Aziz used to flog not only those who drank but those who sat with them as well, even if they wre not themselves drinking.

When once he was told of a group of people who were at a drinking party, he ordered that all of them be flogged..." ("Avoiding Drinking Parties" p. 74).

Wow! I guess that as far as the 'authorities' here are concerned 'It's okay in Malaysia!' Is it?


Rauff said...

What to do? It's a sad state but actually there is a lot that can be done. But someone has to do something. Hey why not letter to the PM? I would gladly sign it.

mahaguru58 said...

Will let you know if we get to do that.

For now, I am sure that his 'blog watchers team' are doing all they can to share it with him about this and all other stuff that gets posted here in Blogosphere.

Let's see what the 'learned but not doing their job' Mufti's have to say about this?

Kris said...

am not a malay, but when I was at the clubbing age about 10 years ago, i did wonder whenever I see malay bartenders..well, hey its none of my biz. perhaps they are chindian or Kadazan etc who knows

mahaguru58 said...


We all know that there are so many Malays who work as bartenders, waiters, waitresses, GRO's, etc.

If asked, they'd say well, it's all they can do.

The Islamic Authorities here are actually caught in a quandary!

They can't do nothing much because the minute they try to do their job as entrusted, they'd get bombarded left right up and down by all those who have vested interests!

Remember the former Mufti of Selangor's fate?

When he condemned the Malay females caught by JAWI, he was the one who got screwed by almost everyone and subsequently got himself phased out from office!

This is the hypocritical Islamic nation we have here in Malaysia.

Those who are titled and from the high society almost always get away scotfree with their shenanigans!

Don't we all know that this is the case here in Bolehland?

Terang Bulan said...

They choose the job mainly because of the money. Plus, it is very easy job though.

Enough with Penguatkuasa!
If takde disco, pub... definitely no bartender, GRO and whatsoever...

Kesian kat mufti, asyik dia je yg kena.