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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Malaysian Muslims Have a Choice! No more excuses!

I refer to the Berita Harian report about banning Muslims from working in bars and related to the posting I did regarding Malay Muslim bartenders recently!

All these while, what have the Islamic Affairs Department @ JAKIM been doing about this?

Why is it that in this country, no one government agency or department has the initiative to carry out preemptive actions against anyone who goes against the tenets of the faith and only wait till someone else raises the alarm or lodges a report against anything before they get their fat butts off their cushy seats in their airconditioned offices and go do something concrete about it as they have been paid or obliged to do so?

Is it some kind of a disease or malady that afflicts all those who are supposed to be the ones in charge of the Islamic affairs of this nation?

Can we blame it on their genes or DNA structure? Or is it a plain case of sheer apathy towards the fate or state of affairs concerning the ignorants amongst the Malay masses of Malaysia?

This problem however is not just affecting the Malaysian Malay Muslims. It is a major affliction that corrodes and corrupts all other nationalities and even those from Arab nations are guilty of such tendencies to look the other way and ignore the various 'maksiat' that takes place before their very eyes!

Muslims just do not give a damn anymore about the fate of their fellow Muslims, what more go out on a limb to try stop any of the sins being perpetrated by all those ignorant fools out there in the world.

Everyone thinks, ' Eleh...Why should I trouble myself advising so and so? Not that they are my kith and kin? To hell with them!'

What if each and every Muslim here in Malaysia starts thinking the same? Hell, the nation's Muslims would slowly but surely be phased out from their position here in this 'Golden Chersonese' blessed land.

Last night, I was taking the escalator up in Suria KLCC. Before me was a young Malay couple. The woman was wearing a tudung and the man she was with was wearing the 'hip hop' baggy jeans with spiky gelled hair. The woman was the one who was overwhelmingly 'itchy' and having her hands roaming all over the fella's butt and elsewhere.

This was taking place right before me and hundreds of others taking the jampacked escalator. The couple were behaving as if they were all alone and 'married' which obviously they were not!

I sounded them off right there and then :

'Assalamualaikum saudara! Ini tempat awam! Awak berdua ni orang Islam , kan? Beradab lah sikit! Bukan begini cara orang Mukmin berkelakuan!

Dah kahwin ke belum? ( To which he shook his head - I sounded like those infamous JAIS raids on the khalwat couples- but which I just couldn't stomach seeing the vulgar behavior of the two in public)

Kalau dah kahwin, buat le ikut sesuka hati kamu -tapi didalam bilik- bukan di-khalayak umum macam ni!'

He apologized and both stopped misbehaving there and then. Both sheepishly lopped off in a hurry and disappeared into the crowd.

Several people nodded to me in acknowledgment and supported my action.

The thing is, how many of us are willing to speak up against such social and moral misbehaviors?

Not many. Some of us might ask, hello..why become moral police? I say 'why not '?

Our indifference all these while is the root cause of all the social ills plaguing this nation.

The nation is progressing in terms of infrastructure ( despite all the ceiling collapses and caving in's in the government buildings, highway crackups, etc.) but deteriorating rapidly in terms of the social and moral apathy fast spreading throughout our lands.

We need to nip the problems in the bud before it grows too big and devours all of us with a ferocity that will see this country be a cesspit of evil and anarchy!

Malaysia's Muslims do have a choice. We need to do what is compulsory upon us in forbidding evil and enjoining the good with whatever capacity we have within us. There is no more excuses!

Every passing second, every passing minute, we look the other way, we are burdened with unnecessary sins of becoming accomplices of those amongst us who do not give a damn anymore about the do's and don'ts of our glorious faith, Islam Ad Deenul Haqq.

Don't wait till it's too late. We are held responsible by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to look after each other and to protect our brethren from the harm of being ignorant of our religious tenets and principles!

Such ignorance leads them to commit maksiat and sins which will throw them and us ( if we do nothing to advise and correct them ) into the pits of hellfire.

Apathy on our part will drag us together with them into Narr al Jahannam! Na'uzubillah!

Are we ready to go to hell with them? If we aren't that stupid, then please ...please help those amongst us who are committing sins and living a life that isn't befitting a Muslim, by advising them.

Show them that they are not alone in this world. Care for them by being kind to them and lead them back to the right ways of Islam. They need us to guide them. We in turn need to lead them by example.

Do not wallow in sins. Realize that we are all heading towards our ultimate end of our life here on Earth by each passing second, by each breath we take and let out. We are each held accountable for each and everything that we do.

The past is just that. There is nothing much we can do except to learn from our past mistakes and do our best to not repeat the same in our tomorrows. That is, if we still live to the next second, next minute, next hour, next day, week, month or year.

Choose Allah. Choose Islam. Help our Muslim Ummah before it's too late. Insya Allah.