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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Marimuthu - Raimah Bibi (Hindu -Muslim Tragedy )

When I watch this clip of the unfortunate couple from Malaysiakini, I feel a deep sadness to see them suffering like this unnecessarily.

Ignorance about the tenets of the faith of Islam caused this Indian Muslim lady to marry Marimuthu, the Hindu rubber tapper.

I learn that Marimuthu had married her in a temple and the temple authorities had acted irresponsibly in officiating the marriage between the two.

From the clip, I can see no sense of being a Muslim on the part of the lady. She doesn't come across as one who even has an inkling of what her duties as a Muslim should be hence she got married in that way.

Blame it on ignorance? Well, one might be excused to say just that.

Now, let's look at Marimuthu's perspective. He ain't that aware of what he did either. They being simple folks didn't think too much of their actions.

I do however wonder how the hospitals registered those 6 children of this couple?

Didn't the Registrar of Births notice the discrepancy that states so clearly that the name of the mother being that of a Muslim and the father a Hindu?
Whoever it was that registered and continued to register the births of the consequentive offsprings born to this mixed up couple had seriously lacked the awareness that something is seriously wrong with the status of that mixed couple!

The failure of the temple authorities to stop the couple from marrying in the first place for the union was going against the laws of this land is the utmost severe crime that they went ahead and solemnized the marriage between Raimah Bibi and Marimuthu without going through the proper procedures.

Even if the lady in question wasn't a practicing Muslim, the folks responsible to have married this poor unfortunate couple must be held responsible for creating this tragedy where this poor Indian Muslim lady and her naive Hindu husband are now the victims of this legal and religious quandary brought about by nothing but sheer ignorance of both the laws of this land and the religious principles of Islam and that of Hinduism.

I do not claim to know much about Hinduism but I am sure that in that belief, they have no qualms about such a union!

There's no doubt howsoever that in Islam it is haram to conduct such a marriage between one who is born as a Muslim to go marry someone who is not!

Today, we have 8 suffering souls who are caught between the legal and religious tussle as a result of sheer ignorance between the unfortunate naive couple who have now been rendered asunder and the mother deprived of custody of her children because she says she didn't know that she was signing away her rights to her children when the lawyers asked her to sign those papers!!!

This is the sorry state of affairs in this country where there live many ignorant folks who do not know a jot about the do's and don't's of the faith they are born into and become hapless pawns in the manipulations of those who have vested interests and hidden agendas.

As usual, the Islamic Religious authorities who failed to sense and nip such problems in the bud, will only come in to impose the rules and regulations on these unfortunates when the situation has gone from bad to worse as in this case!

It saddens my heart to see them suffering like this! The law needs to go after those responsible for this unholy union between the two and haul them to court! Which court?

Now, that's another problem!!! Damn!