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Monday, June 18, 2007

Metro Kajang's Faux Pas explained by What a Lulu!

Fellow Malaysian blogger What a Lulu helped to clear the situation and shared with me as to the faux pas committed by the HR Department folks of the Metro Kajang Holding Berhad with regard to that 'discriminatory ad' that they put up stating 'Muslims need not apply' line!

She referred to the clarification by Josh Hong, a contributor to Malaysiakini who took the trouble to call up Metro Kajang at 03 - 8737 2323 to ask the HR why they put up such an ad and shared his findings with the Promuda Yahoogroup here ?

I would like to thank Lulu for being responsible enough as a fellow Malaysian blogger who upon coming to know the truth regarding the Metro Kajang boo boo , promptly updated me about it.

This is what bloggers need to do. We must help to share important news with our fellow bloggers and care for one another by updating each other if we come to know info such as these and help clear the air and be socially proactive.

I am happy to know that this is the reasons why those dimwits worded their ad's in such a way and I hope that they will be more careful in the future before posting such insensitive ads again.

Thanks Lulu! You've saved us a lot of unnecessary heartaches! Xie xie nee !

1 comment:

Friend from Texas said...

"Undeclared racism" aside (as opposed to institutionalized racism...*snicker!*), I must admit these guys could've been more tactful in the verbiage for that ad.