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Monday, June 18, 2007

Metro Kajang's Religious Discrimination against Muslims!

This has to really be the most blatant act of religious discrimination against Muslims here in Malaysia lately!

Thanks to Brother Bakaq for his newsflash on this.

I can understand if the Malaysian Chinese running businesses here were to subtly carry out their preference for Chinese employees in administrative positions by imposing the requirements for Mandarin speaking job applicants for any vacancies they have in their companies.

It's understood that by doing so, the Malays and other ethnicities will naturally be not qualified to apply for the advertised openings in such Chinese owned companies. Undeclared racism.

It's something that drew the Deputy Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak's ire last year and he called for such requirements to be abolished.

I on the other hand called for those Malay unemployed graduates to go learn Mandarin and master that language in order to add value to themselves and stand a better chance to be employed by such discriminating companies.

This outrageous move by Metro Kajang Holdings Berhad should however not be allowed to stand!

It clearly goes against the social contract we have going on here in Malaysia!

Despite all other discriminating methods practiced by each and every ethnicity in their own undeclared ways, this blatant discrimination by a departmental store that does business with all Malaysians, must not be left unchallenged!

I call upon all folks in Kajang to protest against this store and ask the government to step in and teach those idiots of Metro Kajang Holdings management a lesson!

What a bloody shameful act by this company when we are just reaching our nation's golden anniversary of achieving Independence?

Looks like some folks aren't fit to do business here in Malaysia! Revoke their business license!

Or is our nation going to see more religious discrimination by the others from now?

Are we going to nip this clear discrimination in the bud and slap those idiots awake or are they going to get away scotfree with this 'kurang ajar' move against the Muslims of this nation?

What if the major Malaysian Muslim owned corporations and companies start a tit for tat measure?

I want to see what the Islam Hadhari Government of Abdullah Badawi is gonna do about this?

Does Abdullah Badawi have it in him to act against Metro Kajang?


A Voice said...

Saya pernah menulis mengenai diskriminasi terhadap kaum bukan cina yang diamalkan oleh FAX, anak syarikat MAS dan sebuah syarikat GLC kerajaan.

politikus said...

don't need to get your panties in a twist so fast :)

Read this before jumping the gun.

BrightEyes said...

I didn't know its ok for Muslims to work with pigs...

And you also see what happens when you hire Human Resources personnel with a poor grasp of English.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear tikus,

Hahahahaha...yours truly doesn't wear panties lah...underwear yes, panties strictly no no!!!:P

Anyway, thanks for updating me on the faux pas committed by Metro Kajang's HR folks!

Will update my posting accordingly!

Kam sia aa siu chier! @};-

mahaguru58 said...

Dear Bright Eyes,

Thou art really bright enough to share the faux pas that Metro Kajang HR did when they failed to state clearly as to the intended place of occupation as you have stated above.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Will update my posting on the matter.

Xie xie nee. :D

Li Tsin said...

no probs my underwear-wearing friend :) always glad to share!


Friend from Texas said...

Mahaguru said:
....not qualified to apply for the advertised openings in such Chinese owned companies. Undeclared racism.

Undeclared racism?

As opposed to institutionalized racism?

LOL! You walked into that one old chap; I couldn't resist!