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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Only 90 sens for a hearty breakfast in Alor Star

I applaud the proprietors of Restaurant Nasi Kandar Aina in Pekan Simpang Kuala, Alor Star, Kedah for proving to the nation that prices of the basic Malaysian food being sold today does not have to be as expensive as most restaurants here charge!

For just 90 sens, one can enjoy a piece of roti canai (normal size), a piece of roti jala and a glass of plain tea.

This is simply very good news and the restaurant owners all over this nation ought to be ashamed of their fleecing Malaysians of their money so unscrupulously as many of the Malaysian eateries and bistros do without the fear of God in them.

I read the report here where the restaurant owner Abdul Nasir Abdul Ghaffar, says that his restaurant is responding to the call from the government to reduce prices of food and drinks so as not to overburden the people just because the civil servants are going to get a salary increment soon.

If only more restaurant owners were like him, we Malaysians will not have to suffer that much when eating out. A simple meal nowadays costs us more than RM5.00 and some places even charge up to 30 sens for a glass of warm water!

Lower prices will bring in more and more customers and the restaurants can make a good profit from the increased volume of customers.

I say 'Syabas' to Restaurant Nasi Kandar Aina for taking the first step to make this a reality!

May their business improve and many more new customers throng their place! Ameen.


A Voice said...

I remembered in my early days workign that breakfast is 65 sen roti canai and teh tarik is 35 sen.

Gone are those days ....

mahaguru58 said...

The culprits are those who are just too greedy and heartless in wanting to make as much profit as they can from the customers.

They don't care whether the people have to suffer in the long run.

Instead of getting returning customers, their's is more like a one time slaughter every time a new customer walks in.

This is why I applaud the restaurant owner here who dares to defy the current trend of others who don't think twice about raising the food prices.

There are many laws passed out by the various agencies of the government but the glaring lack of enforcement of those laws is what sickens me in my heart!

No wonder restaurant owners hike up prices as they please!

They know no one will come to fine them or shut them down.

As long as some ringgits change hands, everything is okay!