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Friday, June 01, 2007

Syariah Court Rulez! That's what I was rejoicing about!

Greetings to all!

Let me make it clear that I was not rooting for Lina Joy being forced to retain her status as a Muslim when we all know clearly that she is an Apostate and deserves to be treated as one!

I was more relieved as a Muslim that the Syariah Court (with all it's diluted man made laws) was allowed it's proper jurisdiction to decide and judge over this matter which is clearly one to do with affirming the status of belief or disbelief of a Muslim.

This is what I was praising God about! When we Muslims praise the Lord Almighty, that's how we do it. We shout the Takbir -'Allahu Akbar' meaning 'Allah is the Greatest!'

You don't expect us to sing 'Hallelujah' do you?

So, don't go all crappy and worked up saying that Malaysia is intolerant of Christians, Hindu's, Buddhists, Sikhs, whatsoever!

We have yet to go burn down a church or a temple here in this land as you folks (Non Muslims) imply or insinuate -especially those of you in the West!

Such things happened in the US Southern States when your grand daddies used to go lynch the Afro Americans @ Blacks and hanged them from the trees -even though they were Christians just like yourselves!

We may have our differences here in Malaysia about the attempts by certain quarters here who so love to interfere into the Malaysian Muslims affairs unlike us Muslims who couldn't care less about the beliefs and practices of our fellow Malaysians who just happen to be Kaffir's.

Now, don't get excited about my usage about that word too. Kaffir is an Arabic word meaning 'Disbeliever' in Allah. The Believers are called 'Mukmins' or 'Muslims'. Straight forward. No insulting terms or mislabellings.

I for one don't give a hoot about this Azalina binti Jailani if she so wants to be a Kaffir. It's her life ; it's her soul. She wants to go to hell? By all means, proceed!

Why should we bother about one apostate when we have millions of other people embracing Islam by the day all over the world?

Here in Malaysia, we have exemplary Muslim converts like the distinguished Datuk Hj.Mustapha Ma, President and Chairman of the Malaysian Chinese Muslims Association, Haji Ridhuan Tee, Ustaz Farid Abdullah, Brother Shah Kirit Kokulal Govindji, Ustaz Hussein Yee, Haji Kamarudin Abdullah Santanasamy, President of the Islamic Propagation Centre International (Malaysia) and so many others who are worth so much more to me as a fellow Muslim than worry about Lina Joy, who wants to apostate herself from the Mercy of God?

Lina Joy can go fly kite as far as I am concerned! We don't need hypocrites and munafiqs in Islam , bringing God's Faith into question and disrepute! Good riddance I say!

Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi spoke so wisely yesterday when some dumb reporter insinuated that there was political pressure exerted on the judiciary to have judged as they did?

PM Abdullah Badawi pooh poohed that idiotic statement and replied that 'if Malaysia is truly intolerant of Christians as you say, there will be no more Christians allowed to be here in this land!'

Those of you living outside Malaysia and have yet to set foot here in our land, please do us a favor.

Stop assuming anything about how things are over here in Malaysia and do not make up your minds just based upon one or two biased Malaysians blog postings or hearsay.

If you want to know whether we are intolerant of other faiths, then just wait for my post that will contain photos and proof of all the various establishments of faiths being allowed to operate and flourish here in this Malaysian paradise!

I am not much of a trumpet blower but I am proud to know that there do exist good natured Malaysians from all walks of life and am glad to have so many friends from all the faiths and ethnicities here in Malaysia.

Lina Joy is just one isolated case of an individual who went about her affairs in the wrong manner and screwed herself in the judicial process.

We all know that there are many cases of similar apostates who have emigrated and settled down abroad with no fanfare in the media and press.

Let's not pretend that such cases do not exist. Malaysia is unique in the sense that the government has to assure it's Muslim population that their affairs won't be left to the whims and fancies of the civil courts and that they will be judged according to the Syariah Courts.

The affairs of the Muslims must be justly managed by the Syariah system and the matter of the IC is just an official process.

If the authorities really want to impose the Hudud Laws on Azalina Jailani (which they won't -for they do not really follow the Hudud laws to the letter) , then her case would be a matter of life or death.

The reality is that however , over here in Malaysia, the Syariah Laws are just limited to fines and imprisonment unlike what the real deal calls for.

So, please do not make a mountain out of a molehill and go accusing us Malaysians to be 'intolerant' of Christians and others.

If you do come to visit us here in Malaysia, take a drive around Petaling Jaya and count the number of churches you can see.

Don't forget to stop by at Batu Caves and see the largest statue of the Hindu deity 'Lord Muruga' which towers above all the surrounding areas. Intolerance in Muslim Malaysia? Yeah...right!

Go take a tour of the Kek Lok Si Temple in Ayer Itam , Penang and see if we are really intolerant of all the pagodas and temples plus another humongous statue of the 'Goddess of Mercy -Kuan Yin' Taoist Chinese complex straddling the foothills of this 'intolerant' nation.

I mean, you guys who just know how to nitpick and zoom in onto our affairs are real hypocrites!

You just do not know how to appreciate the fairness and justice we have here in Malaysia.

We may not be perfect but ..hello!!!!...when it comes to religious harmony and tolerance, we are so much better than many other countries of the world, including those of you in the USA, UK, and the entire European countries!

Malaysia is just being misreported by the likes of the BBC and its counterparts because that's what you guys do best! Screw the truth and fair comment!

As for those of you here in Malaysia who love saying that this nation is all nuts, go take off to where you feel will lay down the red carpet for you and embrace you with so much love, it's gonna ooze all over you!

By all means, go to where life will be so much better for you! Really!

We'll beat the kompangs, garland you with all the flowers you want and send you off with much fanfare!

'Bisa di atur!' @ 'Can be arranged' :)

All the best to you and have a nice day! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!


Kucing Mafia said...

Day by day, whenever I read non muslim blog on this Lina Joy issue, my heart pump with adrenaline - there's no word can describe my anger toward these ungrateful people. I wanted to comment but I not good with words. Having read your post, I knew right away, this is what I felt and others should understand.

If you don't mind, I would like to use part of your post on their comment system. I'll make a link back to your post.

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum kucing mafia!

Jazakallah for your comments. I can understand exactly what you and millions of other true Muslims feel and as one who has no problems in expressing my thoughts in English, Malay and soon in Romanised 'Tamil', I am honored to be able to speak on your behalf and others to state it clearly that we don't give a shit about the likes of Lina Joy!

We were only rejoicing over the judgment that the Syariah Courts are being allowed to rule over us Muslims about our affairs.

that's all there is and we will be with the Chief Justice a 100 and 1 percent on this!

Allahu Akbar!

Sagaladoola said...

Hi hi,

So, mahaguru, what do you think about this Lina Joy leaving Islam. Should she be allowed, or not allowed?

Just want to get some opinions. Does not matter what the answer would be.


Nazli said...

What ever holds for Lina Joy during the Judgement Day is between her and God Himself and I have no say.

Yes, Lina Joy renounced Islam and yess she is an apostate but I do not think conviction and punishment is the solution.

Is the Malaysian Muslim community doing its duty in providing conducive environment for her to be nutured in the religion?

Does the Malaysian Muslim community realise their weaknesses that resulted in producing an apostate?

Why are we just looking and the unfortunate end instead of re-evaluating the whole process of why did she renounce Islam?

I believe that if a Muslim is taught and nutured in a conducive environment that the thought of renouncing Islam would never arise.

And with the "emergence" of an apostate, there is a clear indication that the Malaysian Muslim community is lacking them, one or the other.

I also believe flaming each other would divide Malaysians into two frighteningly warring factions of Muslims and non-Muslims. It is an end that I do not want to occur.

Do you?

A friend told me,

To uphold justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God...

mahaguru58 said...

Hi bro sagaladoola,

By all means. Let the apostate go.

No point in holding on to someone who wants to go be a Kaffir.

The Syariah Courts here do not judge according to the Quran and the Hadith.

No point in letting her stay. Good riddance, I say.

Have said my piece so clearly in my posting here.

That's my point and view sir.

Have a nice day. :)

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum Nazli,

Visit my posting at the link above to read about what I had said about the points you are raising about the murtad.

Get back to me after that.

Insya Allah.


Nazli said...


I've read your the post and I'm glad to find another who looks at the bigger picture.

All the fiasco over Lina Joy is turning into a big bore really.

Like you said, let her go and good riddance.

Cheers ;)

Trashed said...

I think all Malaysians agree that jurisdiction of matters pertaining to the Islamic faith are put to the Syariah Court.

The ambiguity is in matters which transcend the nexus between religions (or non-religions) and administration, as the case may be).

There are a number of cases that tread on this fine line - the Zulhaidi Omar case is going to be interesting ... does he need to go to the Syariah Court even though biologically, it has been proven that he was not born to Muslims ?

I am confident that the Syariah Court will rule that he is not a Muslim, if such a case was brought to it. But if this is brought to the Federal Court, can the FC abdicate its responsibility over an adminstrative matter and direct it to the Syariah Court?

Lina Joy's case should not have even gone to the courts if the NRD had been efficient. Lina had applied for a change in IC name in 1997, 3 years before the requirement of stating a religion in your MyKad.

Kaki Bangku said...

Wah, mamu... this is brilliantly written.

*long time no see aye?

mahaguru58 said...


Jazakallah Brother kaki,

Just telling it as it is bro!

Muslims don't have to beat around the bush.

Who cares about one apostate when hundreds and thousands from all other walks of life testify that 'There's No Other God but Allah!'

The truth has to be told!

Take care bro. Fee amanillah!

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

Cody Cole said...

Hi Mahaguru,

I just have questions.

’Isa, or Jesus, is holy; ’Isa has power over death; and ’Isa knows the way to heaven according to the Koran

Is this true?

45th verse of Imran addresses Jesus as Masih ’Isa

The 49th verse of Imran says ’Isa, or Jesus, can “bring dead to life.”

verse 55 says that Allah will cause ’Isa to die and then will exalt him. It goes on to say that those who deny the truth that ’Isa proclaims will be far below those who follow his truth.

Are these true ?

If these are in the Koran, then what are we bitter about when things like this happen?