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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blogophobia - Severe case affecting powers that be!

I am concerned to see a severe case of 'Blogophobia' affecting and further confusing those amongst this nation's ruling government leaders, who are issuing negative statements against Bloggers in general.

It bewilders me to read the kind of statements being reported by the mass media quoting chief ministers and top cabinet senior ministers condemning whole scale the entity of Bloggers without pinpointing the culprits responsible for the current 'Blogophobia' running wild in this nation especially amongst the authorities.

Why is this so?

Is it because the ones making such statements are not IT savvy or don't know the difference between actual responsible Bloggers and those anonymous spineless cowards who are the real menace in Blogosphere?

Well, I for one call for all those amongst the nation's ruling elite to please learn to differentiate between the criminals messing up the Blogosphere and those of us who are blogging with a purpose.

I blog about all things that matter to me as a citizen of this country which I so love and cherish with all my heart and I do so in a manner as clear and upfront as possible.

As my blog header states, I write about my faith of Islam, my nation @ Malaysia and all that takes place in it and general matters that are worth writing about.

I call upon the Cyber Crimes Division and the National Security Council to update our government ministers as to what Blogging stands for and not to let them remain clueless as to what the whole thing is about?

There is certainly an obvious difference between those of us who identify ourselves upfront and reveal our true identities and blog sincerely to provide info and feedback to our readers which may well include all the relevant Intelligence Agencies of the whole wide world especially of our nation about matters that are important and worth our attention.

Please cure yourselves of this 'Blogophobia' once and for all and if possible, come join us in seminars and events such as the one held recently at the Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam by The Centre for Media and Information Warfare Studies @ CMIWS of the Faculty of Mass Communications and Media Studies of the Universiti Teknologi MARA last Tuesday.

I ask that our nation's top leaders not to embarrass themselves with issuance of such unfounded statements akin to wanting to burn down the whole house because of a few annoying mosquitoes!

With the technological advancement we have amidst us today, especially in the field of Internet Forensics which I am sure that our experts in the Cyber Crimes Division are well equipped with and know how to trace even the anonymiser using cyber snipers out there who are the root cause of all the latest incidents of victimizing Bloggers and Webmasters of this nation's blogs and websites.

Naturally, the onus and responsibility of monitoring what goes on in our individual weblogs fall on us but for someone who gets hits in the millions as Raja Petra Kamarudin in Malaysia Today, just do the maths yourselves!

There is none who can devote their entire day and night just in deleting all those trashy comments on their own.

We are talking about 600 over useless spam comments flooding his web portal as he stated to the press upon leaving the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters after being interrogated for 8 hours about comments left in his website.

I am not suggesting anything to my fellow Blogger Raja Petra as he very well knows as to how best to run his website but to hear of comments such as the one I read today from one of our nation's top leaders condemning bloggers in general, I feel that its not a wise thing to say as amongst those who voted the government into power are those of us who are Bloggers and Webmasters.

Responsibility in either Blogging or issuing statements to newspapers is incumbent on all of us, both bloggers and government leaders.

Let's be rational about things and lay the blame on the anonymous blog commenter's instead of badmouthing just about anyone else but ourselves.

By that I refer to those making comments and statements such as what we have before us in both the print media and online.

Do not lump all bloggers as one. We are individuals. Some have the integrity to be upfront as to who we are and then , there are those spineless scum who hide behind anonymity.

Wise up and learn to differentiate between right and wrong. That's my take on this.

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