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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knowing to differentiate between Bloggers and Libellers.

I refer to the way some stupid jokers and idiots keep badmouthing the Muslims online who for the matter never ever go and write anything offensive against any person of other faiths or even fellow 'Muslim's or those who are in name only unless provoked in the first place by such kind.

The Blogosphere is full of such people who are without principles and blaspheme Islam and ridicule the Muslims without cause. I am not saying that all Non Muslims are as such.

Some folks write from their conscience and share with us what they exactly feel about any subject or topic that they want to share or discuss with their readers.

These are those whom I would categorize as true Bloggers. Writers who deserve to be accorded certain respect and treated with proper decorum as they rightfully deserve.

Then there are those whom we should refer to as nothing but mere libelers and online snipers, spewing rubbish and nonsense against legitimate writers and bloggers, hiding behind a pseudonym and no blog or website of their own to speak of.

Such kind cowardly lambaste and ridicule those of us who are Muslim bloggers with all kinds of nasties and think that they are better than us.

Swine such as those cowards give their respective faiths a bad name and deserve to be castigated by each and every respectable blogger worth his or her name.

Blog owners and webmasters who are true to their conscience ought to know the difference between allowing reasonable comment in their sites to true commentors and also be wise enough to remove and ban such vermin from fouling up their spaces with such filth and venom.

The irony is that in the name of freedom of speech, many webmasters and blog owners sacrifice goodwill and harmony online by allowing such travesties to go on hurting us without an iota of remorse on their parts.

It is evident in the manner of crude gutter language they allow to be present in their websites and blogs , clearly announcing to the whole wide world as to their lack of standards and social etiquette. So much for free speech!

I'd rather stay away from such hypocrites than soil my heart and mind with such likes. I suggest you to do the same. Really!

Who gets dirty but us when and if we have to wrestle online with such swine? No thanks!

We shall all know who's the riff raff and who are the righteous when this life comes to a close for each and everyone of us!

As for now, let the sons and daughters of Lucifer spew as they cowardly please unless of course they have the backbone to face up to us and try saying such things to our face!

As proven many times before, such scum of the world never have it in them to do so! Really!

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