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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Malaysian MP's. Mimosa Pudica's or Mediocre Perspectives?

I refer to the manner by which our Malaysian Parliamentarians behave in the nation's highest institution of legal authority and platform where the laws of this country is tabled, debated and passed or amended.

We all know how a majority of the Members of Parliament behave in a manner that is ungentlemanly, rude, uncouth and expose their base natures of being uncultured and at times so vulgar in both their speech, mannerisms and attitudes in that 'august' house where the affairs of this nation are put to discussion.

I am ashamed to see the way our nation's supposedly top leaders and elected representatives of the Malaysian people every now and then reduced to being mere village idiots by the crass mannerisms where they hurl abuses, insults, challenges to one another especially where we see Cabinet Ministers and Opposition leaders behave like uneducated gangsters and common hoodlums except that these people are dressed in suits and label themselves as 'Yang Berhormat's' @ 'Respectable One's.

Frankly speaking, I believe that most Malaysians who are unfortunate to be witnesses to the tantrums and name callings taking place in the Malaysian Parliament have shaken their heads in disbelief and hung their heads in shame after looking at the manner by which their MP's behave or in this case 'misbehave' in the country's Parliament!

I have seen schoolchildren conduct themselves in a much more civilized manner and proper decorum in school debates compared to the MP's whom I wish to label as 'Mimosa Pudica's who have failed us in their pledge to conduct the affairs of representing the citizens who voted them into office and power in a responsible manner during their tenure in government.

There are also cases where the antics of these politicians are featured in the You in cleverly edited videoclips highlighting the crude language and unparliamentary attitudes of those who are elected to be Chief Minister's and Cabinet Minister's.

This is the original clip of the MB Pahang's outburst in the Pahang State Assembly.

Do we even wonder why a growing number of the impressionable youth of today in this country behave as they do? Follow the leaders?

I sure wish that they don't! We don't need to see such types polluting the hearts and minds of our nation's population.

Sometimes, one wonders just what is in store for this country? Fistfights in Parliament like what we see take place in Taiwan, India and other countries?

May Allah SWT save us all from such a tragedy! Our nation's MP's are clearly a sorry example of how similar they are to the Mimosa Pudica. 'Touch me not's!'

I wish that anyone who wants to run for government be a graduate of the School of Good Manners, which is sadly, not the case anymore as this nation slowly but surely edges towards a social meltdown due to an incompetent and apathetic 'what can I do?' misleadership.

I know it, you know it, every Malaysian knows it but as usual it will just get from bad to worse from now till the Doomsday!

May Allah save the Malaysians from such kind that we have masquerading as the 'Yang Berhormat's' of our unfortunate Parliament. Ameen.

I long for the day when we can see them conduct themselves in a manner befitting their posts.

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