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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Malaysia's BN Government promotes Hedonism. Why?

If there is one thing that the BN Government of Malaysia can be proud of and lay claim to is the record breaking achievements of promoting Hedonism to a level that leaves many nations in the world trailing so very far behind.

You name it, they have done it and now are bending over backwards to out do the West in holding as many concerts and reality shows as they possibly can!

For all the 'Islamic Nation' bullshit that they dish out over the media and proclaim to champion the concept of 'Islam Hadhari', this nation is so very far away from even remotely resembling the model Islamic nation that the spin masters broadcast every now and then to the world.

RTM's TV1 used to broadcast the 'Azan' for every prayer time interrupting the entertainment programs that sort of reminds those so engaged in going gaga over the artistes and singers bellowing out their songs and gigs over the national television.

Not anymore. Even as I type this post, there is a live telecast of 'Suara Emas Bintang RTM Akhir'. This is Malaysia for you. A hypocritical do as I say , not do as I do government that seems to be so grossly involved in promoting hedonism to it's easily influenced population.

They even have the audacity to ask the 'ulamaks' to recite the opening prayers for such hedonistic programs. The irony is that those ulamaks are spineless to protest and they do so at every behest for a few measly ringgits. So much for leadership by example!

The way they mix and match religious practices with hedonistic activities is just so bloody sickening to stomach what more watch all those idiots try to 'out glamor' each other and end up wasting away their life's in a pursuit that only incurs the wrath of Allah!

Parents are more inclined to approve and smile broadly seeing their kids emulate the singers and artistes doing their song and dance routine than groom their offsprings to become useful citizens who might be able to lead the nation in the future.

Is the BN Government of the opinion that singers and artistes will make superb leaders of this nation and be able to spearhead development of this nation to be on par if not better than our neighbours?

Would this country be a developed nation by 2020 looking at the way the BN led Government of Malaysia is keeping the people fixated by all its hedonistic programs?

I don't think so. Malaysians are being distracted by a hidden agenda of drawing attention away from governmental affairs and as a result, the hedonistic loving Malays are largely going down the drain so to speak in terms of educational excellence and they are amongst the worst performing students save for one or two exemptions.

Look at the qualities of the average Malaysian student. Who do you think is better equipped with all the necessary skills and aptitude?

Which particular ethnicity amongst the Malaysian population who excels in their educational achievements?

Which ethnicity comes up tops in truancy, dropping out from school, being involved in sex related offenses, out of wedlock pregnancies, juvenile delinquency, criminal activities, etc?

No prizes for guessing but you are right. It's a shame and a sham for this BN Government to claim that the nation as a whole is so much better under their 5 decades of autocratic rule!

The Opposition on the other hand is a disunited , constantly squabbling disorganized loose hodge podge coalition of the unwilling and they have yet to even come close to toppling the BN in the next GE or any other after that.

Malaysians ought to wake up and return to the basics of raising their children properly and equip them with all necessary skills and expertise that will come handy to them in their future than just know how to croak horribly at a karaoke session.

We don't need that many 'artistes' so to speak! The BN better wise up and stop fooling around with the future of this country!

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala won't spare us if this hedonistic trend does not stop soon enough or catastrophes will be our gain as a result of the way this nation is heading. Na'uzubillah!

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