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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Modern Day Slavery in the Oil palm Estates of Malaysia?

I felt like I was reading the movie script of a Tamil tearjerker movie when I came across the cases being reported by Lawyer P.Uthayakumar of the Police Watch

Modern day slavery right in the midst of this nation! This is totally outrageous , criminally insane and so very bloody unacceptable!

What the hell are the Briged Pemuda MIC who were all so bloody aggressive in the by-elections in Ijok doing about this gross injustice on their fellow Indians?

Why are these heart wrenching atrocities being left to go on unchallenged by the Royal Malaysian Police Force, the Malaysian Indian Congress, the Democratic Action Party and all other parties which speak and trumpet about human rights and all such stuff?

Are the Indians of Malaysia damned to suffer like these? What are their leaders doing?

This is something that no self respecting government or authority should ignore and not go save those poor souls who have been tortured, raped, bonded in modern day slavery amidst all the development that the rest of the country seems to enjoy but apparently can't see, hear or even bother to listen to their cries for help and pleas to be rescued from the thugs and gangsters terrorizing the poor family!

How can this atrocity be left unattended to all these years despite the many police reports lodged by the lawyer P. Uthayakumar on behalf of the family of
Mr. Avadiar a/l V. Malayandi of No.8, Rumah Kilang Sawit Tementi, Triang, 23600, Pahang Darul Makmur?

This is simply too outrageous and a gross dereliction of duty by the Polis Di-Raja Malaysia and that of the MIC if what is being reported by lawyer Uthayakumar is the truth of the situation reported to be taking place there amidst the oil palms in the said estate!!!

This nation can't allow such evil savagery to go on like that! I call upon my fellow Malaysian Bloggers who might be living around Triang, to see if this is true and write up about it and publish it in your blogs for the authorities to take note and respond to this serious crime against those poor souls!

Ya Allah! I can't believe such atrocities taking place here in my nation! What a bloody miscarriage of justice is this?

Samy Vellu and Lim Kit Siang! Is what lawyer P.Uthayakumar is saying true?

That both you 'leaders' of this country have turned a blind eye to his pleas for assistance to that family who have been enslaved by such vicious criminals and rapists?

I am gonna ask Uncle Kit about this when I see him! In the meantime, dear Bloggers of Malaysia, check out this site and read for yourselves!

Be warned! It's just too damn sickening ! What the hell is happening here?

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A Voice said...

50 years independence and yet the plantation workers that build this nation still could not secure a minimum wage.